Photos: Fourteen most wanted sex offenders in Boulder

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Joshua Winkler. Photos and more information below.
Earlier this month, we checked to see how many of those listed in a 2012 post featuring Denver's nineteen most wanted murder suspects had been caught in the succeeding two years. The answer: zero.

Boulder County did a little better when it came to our fifteen most wanted sex offenders post about the area from July 2010. Of the original fifteen suspects, a grand total of one (Mark Skinner) is no longer listed, and the person who replaced him (Dustin Harmon) has been arrested. But that means the other fourteen remain at large nearly four years later. See their photos and get details about their alleged crimes below -- and if you have any information about their whereabouts, you're encouraged to contact the Boulder County Sheriff's Office.

2 boulder county failure to register as a sex offender marvin louis johnson.JPG
Marvin Louis Johnson.

3 boulder county failure to register as a sex offender Raymond Alain Bayoud.JPG
Raymond Alain Bayoud.

4 boulder county failure to register as a sex offender Fabian Botello Longoria.JPG
Fabian Botello Longoria.
Continue to see more of the fourteen most wanted sex offenders in Boulder.

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Ryan Patrick Logan
Ryan Patrick Logan

I saw a couple indecent exposures in there. And what exactly is aggravated prostitution?

Joslyn Larned
Joslyn Larned

Put a bounty dead or alive on these sick freaks. I swear they will come out!!

Christina Ostdiek
Christina Ostdiek

Umm Ashley Hermes pretty sure I have interviewed a client or two on this list :-/

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