Are Westword writers so stoned the only things they can think about are doughnuts?

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Denver blog posts don't have a hole in the middle.

At our Cafe Society blog, Patricia Calhoun shares the opinion of a reader who sees a connection between Westword's coverage of two topics: marijuana and doughnuts.

Colorado Peak Politics notes that neither the Tea Party nor the establishment dominated in primary wins by the likes of Bob Beauprez, Ken Buck and Scott Tipton.

Denver PR Blog on a bad stretch for airlines and social media.

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Latifah Abdul'laah
Latifah Abdul'laah

Evidently they're so high at Westword, that they don't even bother to read the comments here, because if they did, they'd realize we're all tired of the bullshit, regurgitated the way, the rest of "stoners" aren't so high that we can't recognize bad writing when we see it.

Naomi Wolinsky
Naomi Wolinsky

Poor peeps at westword, they smoke bad weed and eat shit food. Ya'all should try stepping it up a little bit. Some of us pot smokers have a little bit of class, and like to spend money on good food when we get the munchies.

Sher Quintana
Sher Quintana

Dont blame good weed for dumb questions ....over and over writting at westword..

Nicholas Richter
Nicholas Richter

I'm not even going to justify this as journalism by clicking the link to see what the only thing westword writers think about. Plus, there isn't a strain strong enough on this planet that could make the writing of westword articles as bad as they are.

davebarnes topcommenter

As a famous American from Springfield would say: Donuts.

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