Videos: Ultrarunner Adam Campbell on being struck by lightning in race and finishing third

Adam Campbell as seen at the Hardrock 100 in a photo tweeted by Ian MacNairn. Videos and more below.
Canada's Adam Campbell is an elite ultrarunner who decided to challenge himself by competing in the Silverton area's Hardrock 100, an incredibly difficult one-hundred-mile course featuring "33,992 feet of climb and 33,992 feet of descent for a total elevation change of 67,984 feet and an average elevation of 11,186 feet," according to the event's website.

Campbell finished third in the race. That's an impressive accomplishment under any circumstances, but especially so in his case -- since he was struck by lightning during his run.

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An image from the Hardrock 100 website.
When tweeting about the race in its aftermath, Campbell didn't even mention the getting-struck-by-lightning part of the story. Instead, he offered observations like this one:

Nonetheless, news got around quickly about what happened thanks in part to an interview with Trail Runner Nation on view below.

Campbell tells TRN that he and a companion, crew member Aaron Heidt, were swept up in a sudden summer storm. Upon seeing lightning strike a nearby summit, he remembered thinking, "This is not good." With strikes about five minutes apart, the pair "tried to book it across the summit," he continued. But then another bolt arrived, with Campbell and Heidt falling to the ground. "My headlight blew up," he notes. "There's a battery pack on the back and the battery pack exploded."

Most of us would have responded to such an incident by deciding to call it quits for the day. But not Campbell. "After some serious profanity...we both agreed that we had to get out of there as quickly as possible," he told Trail Runner Nation. Thanks to assistance from Heidt's still functioning headlight, the two of them were able to find their way out of the strike zone.

These moments were "absolutely terrifying -- really, really scary," Campbell condeded. But somehow, he managed to keep going and was able to place in the money.

This achievement quickly gained attention in the ultrarunning press, as Campbell pointed out in this tweet....

Since then, the news has migrated to sports sites such as Deadspin and mainstream outlets like CBS4. The results represent a literally shocking turn of events for a man whose toughness and resolve will never be questioned again.

Look below to see the aforementioned Trail Runner Nation clip, supplemented by another post-race interview with an astonishingly unfazed Campbell.

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Lindsey Lansford
Lindsey Lansford

Kyle Cutter Nickerson you have to keep racing even after being struck by lightning....sorry?

Chris Squier
Chris Squier

Wrek Em'all - not only ran 40 miles, but was struck by m-f'ing lighting? The modern day Thor lol.

Wrek Em'all
Wrek Em'all

Holy shit balls ...Waylan Gandy Chris Squier

Che Weller
Che Weller

In silverton.... was he related to joe dirt?

fishingblues topcommenter

The downside of being an ironman.  

Kacy Thompson
Kacy Thompson

Two people died this week in Rocky Mountain National Park after being struck by lightening. Nothing to play around about.

Gina Ricciardi
Gina Ricciardi

Amanda...thunk you would still finish? Lol whatta nut

Josh Bradley
Josh Bradley

An incredible story about stupidity maybe. ;)

GuestWho topcommenter

Agreed...adrenaline junkies unnecessarily put themselves in dangerous situations repeatedly and often push their bodies to the point of permanent damage because they are addicted to adrenaline and other chemicals the brain produces in life threatening situations.

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