Photos: Ten strangest Boulder Craigslist "Rants and Raves," summer 2014 edition

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Our last trip to the Boulder Craiglist "Rants and Raves" page, back in October 2013, was plenty weird. But our most recent visit revealed strangeness on a truly impressive scale, with screeds aimed at targets like "Bicyclist Idiot," "The dick in the BMW" and plenty of other inspirations for posts that are sometimes funny, sometimes bizarre and frequently indescribable, including a top pick that only uses three words but would probably make a great lyrics for a punk-rock song anyhow.

Count down the ten most memorable posts below.

Number 10: Bicyclist idiot (Right off 63rd and jay road)

To the douchebag bicyclist who doesn't know how to use a bike lane properly, I enjoyed the refreshing water in my face from your now most likely empty water bottle. I thought you might've wanted to save it for the hot ride up such a steep hill but I appreciate you sacrificing yourself for me. Also in regards to my back windshield wiper, I'm not sure what kind of retard magic you used but somehow you fixed my trunks lock mechanism that I had been worrying about somewhat. I hope your hand doesn't hurt from punching my mirror either (which you didn't damage at all lol), you sure looked like a pussy trying to put on a show of strength. Either way thanks for fixing my car I hope you enjoyed my moldy buns.
Number 9: the dick in the bmw on 19th St
I really enjoyed watching you throw a fit like a junior high school girl, as you had no choice but to drive the speed limit. You looked hilarious. Especially that douchey mustache. That shit on your lip doesn't make you look tough at all. Neither does your fat beer gut. You know, you just look plain fucking stupid and dumpy. That car is an obvious attempt at some sort of compensation for your manhood. Anyway, I'll never go over the speed limit for you. If you were drowning, I wouldn't help you. I would sit there and watch you and your fucktard mustache drown.
Continue to keep counting down the ten strangest Boulder Craigslist "Rants and Raves," summer 2014 edition.

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muhutdafuga topcommenter

If you want strange, look at the political posts.  If that wasn't crazy enough, look at Denver's political posts in the community section.  Some are funny but some are.....well, judge for yourself.

Shawn Van Horn
Shawn Van Horn

Boulder, somehow not part of Colorado. Just some expensive school they send kids to to become assholes with degrees. I hate to say it but I'm with Brian Burridge on this one and say STFU...

Bryan Moberg
Bryan Moberg

jesus fuck westword, post some real goddamn news once in a fucking while!

Robin Craig
Robin Craig

9 is hilarious ... spit my coffee :)


#5 - Said like a true 'east coast aggressive, arrogant, douche bag who thinks Coloradans owe him something for breathing HIS air'. Geesh, give Colorado a chance. Maybe check out a few different cities and regions, it's beautiful and the people are fun!

Mark J Pastika
Mark J Pastika

I like " Wuss Liberal Governor Hook-in-lipper!" myself.

Ivan Gomez
Ivan Gomez

To all the people that rant and bitch about living in colorado and how wakado we all are. go back to where you came from and quit your whining. perhaps people are reacting to your out of state intolerant douch-bagger. Go back to Texas go back to Cali go back to Jersey and shut the fuck up.

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