Photos: Tour Caribou Ranch, legendary studio in Nederland just sold for $32 million

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More photos below.
In July 2013, we reported about Caribou Ranch, a legendary recording studio in Nederland, being put on sale for an asking price of $45 million. A year later, the property has reportedly been sold for a mere $32.5 million -- a bargain!

Buyer Indian Peaks Holdings LLC gets a lot more than a gorgeous 1,600 acre slice of Colorado. There are also memories of the days when a who's who of superstars trekked to the area to cut records -- a roster that includes Elton John, Michael Jackson and more. Look below to see photos from the Mountain Marketing Associates listing interspersed with classic shots from the Caribou Ranch Recording Studio Facebook page.

Mountain Marketing Associates
Caribou Ranch Recording Studio Facebook page

Mountain Marketing Associates
Caribou Ranch Recording Studio Facebook page
Continue for more photos of Caribou Ranch, which can be yours for $45 million.

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Scott Raile
Scott Raile

Don't forget John Lennon, who helped Elton record "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" there!

KathleenChippi topcommenter

Too bad for Ned:

"Sources said the buyer — described in real estate transaction documents as Indian Peaks Holdings LLC — is part of the Walton family, descendents of the founders of Walmart.

Additionally, the principal office of Indian Peaks Holdings listed in the company's registration documents with the Colorado secretary of state's office shares a Bentonville, Ark., address with Walton Enterprises and several other businesses, nonprofits and organizations connected to the Walton family."

Ron Howard
Ron Howard

Really cool piece of music history.

Joel Matthews
Joel Matthews

Michael Jackson and Elton John were both pop artists that sound nothing like Mumford and Sons... I'm curious as to why Westword cares.

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