Colorado Rapids make peanuts compared to Manchester United, AS Roma counterparts

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Will the Rapids ever be able to afford a player like Wayne Rooney in his prime?
Tomorrow, two top-flight European football clubs -- AS Roma (Serie A, Italy) and Manchester United (Premiere League, England) -- square off at Mile High Stadium in the 2014 International Champions Cup.

How would the hometown Colorado Rapids stack up against either of these touring powerhouses? Salary-wise, we know the answer: not well.

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Does higher pay equate to better play? Well, in a round of five exhibition games between MLS and Premiere League teams played last Wednesday, Premiere League teams went 4-0-1 with a combined score of 17-5. The honeymoon period after the World Cup has a lot of us high on soccer, but the Colorado Rapids still have a long way to go before the team can legitimately compete with teams like Man U and Roma.

The Rapids play home games at Dick's Sporting Goods Park, which has a capacity of around 18,000 seats. Compare that to the 70,000+ people expected to attend Saturday's game and it's hard to question the European dominance of professional soccer. Although the Rapids have a solid fan base and 2010 MLS Cup to its credit, the franchise is a financial flea next to professional teams in England and Italy.

Let's look at the team salaries to put it in perspective.

Valued at over $2.8 billion by Forbes, Manchester United is paying over $240,000,000 in salaries during 2014, according to British sporting-news website

In contrast, Tsmplug reported AS Roma's total player salary output at a little under $124,000,000. That may look like small potatoes compared to Man U's massive payroll -- but consider the low seven-figure payroll for the 2014 Rapids released by the MLS players association, and it's hard to see the MLS putting together a team that can play with the big kids any time soon.

2014 Rapids Total Base Salary- $3,015,558 (not counting player bonuses)
  • Berner, John -- $36,500
  • Brown, Deshorn -- $75,000
  • Buddle, Edson -- $325,000
  • Burch, Marc -- $85,000
  • Chavez, Marvin -- $200,000
  • Eloundou, Charles -- $48,825
  • Griffiths, Brenton -- $36,500
  • Hairston, Marlon -- $70,000
  • Hill, Kamani -- $48,825
  • Irwin, Clint -- $75,000
  • Klute, Chris -- $75,000
  • LaBrocca, Nick -- $135,000
  • Mari, Jose -- $230,000
  • Moor, Drew -- $235,000
  • Mullan, Brian -- $48,500
  • Mwanga, Danny -- $130,000
  • Nasco, Joe -- $50,000
  • O'Neill, Shane -- $56,250
  • Piermayr, Thomas -- $70,008
  • Powers, Dillon -- $95,150
  • Sanchez, Vincente -- $210,000
  • Serna, Dillon -- $52,500
  • Sturgis, Nathan -- $114,000
  • Torres, Gabriel -- $250,000
  • Van de Casteele, Grant -- $48,500
  • Watts, Jared -- $36,500
  • Wynne, Marvell -- $200,000

Continue to see how poor the Rapids are compared to Man U and Roma.

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Thanks for the crack exposé, Captain Obvious!

Aaron Betcher
Aaron Betcher

yeah no shit, and their is a huge difference in talent also.

Benjamin  Gaylord
Benjamin Gaylord

This is literally like comparing a-rod's salary to a minor league baseball team

Ted Campbell
Ted Campbell

well... duh, right? I mean, i'm not even a sports guy, but it's not like the Rapids are a huge revenue stream.

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