Photos: See why this year's Colorado Springs PrideFest was the city's biggest ever

More photos below.
Against the backdrop of court rulings striking down same-sex marriage bans comes another indication of change in Colorado: The PrideFest celebration in Colorado Springs was reportedly the city's largest by a very wide margin; police estimate 50,000 attendees this weekend, as opposed to 35,000 last year. To get a sense of the event, check out the following images, culled from KXRM-TV coverage.

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Continue for more images from Colorado Springs' largest-ever PrideFest event, held over the weekend.

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Robbie Ratay
Robbie Ratay

Bunch of homos dressing up like women...

Jessica Gonzalez
Jessica Gonzalez

Pretty surprising... they seem to be a devote Christian town with a church instead of a liquor store on every corner... good for them!

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