Denver Water pulls Putin-like image from new campaign after Ukrainian plane-crash tragedy

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More photos below.
Denver Water is known for its wacky conservation campaigns -- and its latest, dubbed "Don't Be That Guy," is definitely an attention-getter thanks to its portrayal of assorted comic archetypes as water-wasting doofuses.

Problem is, one of the images was inspired by photos of Russian leader Vladimir Putin riding a horse shirtless. Given Putin's alleged connection to the downing of a Malaysian aircraft over the Ukraine in which 298 people were killed, however, the pic no longer seems particularly hilarious -- so Denver Water has now pulled it. See that photo and more below.

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When we first contacted Denver Water spokesman Travis Thompson about the campaign last week, the ad that had caught our attention depicted a water-wasting hipster:

Was Denver Water implying that hipsters are so self-involved that they don't even notice when they're committing an environmental sin? Absolutely not, Thompson stressed. After all, the campaign wasn't entirely hipster-centric, with other comedic targets including a Jersey Shore wannabe....

...a dorky couple in matching outfits....

...and a clueless 1-percenter:
"Our intent is not to make fun of anyone," Thompson told us. "The funny characters are just a visual way to show that wasting water is ridiculous. It was just our attempt to find these pop-culture characters that people recognize, but almost make them so over-the-top that hopefully no one will be offended."

But then, current events threw Denver Water a curve ball.

Continue for more about the change in Denver Water's conservation campaign, including additional photos and a video.

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