Donald Shores busted in ultra-disturbing cold case sex assault

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Donald Shores. More images and an arrest affidavit below.
We've documented plenty of shocking acts in our Colorado Crimes archive over the years, including a brutal cold-case sex assault arrest from earlier this year that could earn Eddie Simon a life sentence.

But few of the allegations we've shared over the years have been as disturbing as the ones documented in the arrest warrant on view below for Donald Ray Shores, who's accused of raping two at-risk women nearly twenty years apart. Warning: The details may disturb some readers.

At about 5:35 a.m. on September 6, 1994, according to the police report, officers were called to the 2000 block of Colorado Boulevard.

Not far from this location, they found a 67-year-old female assault victim. She was lying in a grassy area being assisted by two elderly men and the clothes she was wearing were "torn and misplaced," the document states.

A grassy area on the 2200 block of Colorado Boulevard, near where the victim was found.
The victim, who'd walked away from an unnamed "personal care boarding house" a couple of days earlier, was given a sex-assault exam at University Hospital in addition to treatment for "closed fractures of facial bones, abrasions and friction burns." She didn't have any teeth, either, but investigators subsequently learned that was normal for her.

Efforts to interview the woman about the person who hurt her so badly went for naught. The police report blots out her diagnosis, but it notes that she was transferred to the facility's psychiatric wing. She was subsequently placed in a Grand Junction-area nursing home and passed away in December 2000 from colon cancer unrelated to the attack on her.

Over the intervening years, no arrest was made for the woman's attacker. But this past January, a break came after a forensic scientist with the Denver Police Crime Lab ran a sample from the woman's rape kit through a national DNA database and scored a hit with Donald Shores, described as "an over-the-road truck driver for a Michigan-based transport company." He'd been busted in Texas for conspiracy to distribute meth -- and he was also a suspect in an alleged sex assault on another disabled victim in Temple, the Texas community where he'd most recently been living.

The woman in question was only 48, but she more than fit the qualifications for being "at risk."

Continue for more about the cold-case sex assault arrest of Donald Shores, including additional photos and the arrest warrant.

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The "POS Rapist" was our neighbor growing up. we all knew he was no good after he got thrown out of the Navy! we saw him destroy some women he dated by lying to them all the time and them coming to us asking if things that Shores said were true. What a creepy Sick Liar! We all here in Temple, Texas hope he stays in Prison for the rest of his life in Colorado!


All  the tax dollars to defend a meth dealer who has probably never paid any taxes in his miserable, pointless life... makes you really sad about the crime and the fact he's the most valuable he's ever been in his life due to the cost the state will pay to defend him. He's a true predator and there could be hundreds of other victims, met in a hospital? Hangs around bordering facilities for the mentally disabled, yeah colorado police there a a bunch more victims out there.

RL Walking Encyclopedia
RL Walking Encyclopedia

Why can't we just put a bullet in his skull and be done with it? These people obviously can't be rehabilitated.

Todd Bruns
Todd Bruns

U know we can see this depressing shot on the news. Sick of seeing criminals everyday on this site.

whateveryousay topcommenter

There isn't any redemption here.  Once a sexual offender always a sexual offender.  

Lock him up for life.  

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Did you enjoy writing this story, eh Michael?

Was it necessary for the Wasteword community to know?


@zandraiii Could any of us stop for like.. one second.. and not bitch about tax dollars and criminals and think about the systematic victimization of the girls and women, boy and men, disabled, young, elderly,  and anything else that could make anyone an victim for these predators- Should we just not go after them because money is such an issue? They technically *are* legally obligated to a public service attorney since it's innocent until proven guilty (that's what we like to say). My whole point is- when someone who has victimized multiple people over many years and is finally caught- why are we complaining about how much money it'll cost our system? Why aren't we celebrating how many lives won't be ruined once the trial is over? Your tax dollars aren't on overdraft. Those who will suffer because of overcrowding and lengthy trials are those employed by the prison systems and possibly the public service attorney.

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