Fifty states' favorite 4th of July songs according to Spotify -- including Colorado's uncool pick

Lee Greenwood. Videos below.
A couple of week's back, we shared Ranker's list of the twenty best state songs -- and had to admit that even though Colorado's finished pretty high, it was hardly a standout.

Now, Spotify has assembled a roster of each state's favorite July 4th song, and unfortunately, Colorado's is among the uncoolest of the batch -- although at least it's original, unlike a certain Lee Greenwood tune that tops the charts in more than twenty places. See videos of each Spotify-certified favorite below, as well as which states love the tune best.

"Star Spangled Banner:" Lee Greenwood

State: Michigan

"R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.:" John Mellencamp

States: Washington, Mississippi, Illinois

"Everyday America:" Sugarland

State: Oregon

"America F*ck Yeah:" Team America Tribute

States: California, Florida, Rhode Island:

Continue to see more of the fifty states' favorite 4th of July songs according to Spotify.

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You know Westword is scraping the barrel when we get shit like this. Well said Bob. 

Rich Law
Rich Law

So a beautiful rendition of our country's national anthem is uncool? Good job westword. Perhaps you would've preferred Springsteen? Or maybe Bon Jovi? Schmucks.

Russell Lott
Russell Lott

I hate paged stories that have pop up adds ... they stink of lameness

Bob Armstrong
Bob Armstrong

you guys must have nothing...this isn't even remotely interesting...if you got nothing, take a break until you have something worthwhile

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