Update: Gordon Moench allegedly lured cops to ambush with threat to "kill a bunch of people"

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A 7News image from the crime scene. Additional photos, videos and more below.
Update: Yesterday, we shared information from a Lakewood Police Department spokesman about a Saturday night incident during which an apparently suicidal Gordon Moench shot two LPD officers before being taken down by one of their colleagues; see our previous coverage below.

We've now obtained Moench's arrest affidavit, on view here, in which we learn that the suspect himself called 911 not once but twice -- first to say he was "ready to kill a bunch of people" and secondly to request help for his victims.

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At 9:41 p.m. on July 5, according to the affidavit, Moench's wife phoned 911 to say she and her husband were in the process of separating -- and his response was to declare he no longer wanted to live. He also allegedly told her that if she called police, "there was going to 'be a battle.'" But she did so anyhow -- and phoned a second time after Gordon is said to have sent his son a text message "stating he was going to kill him."

Gordon Moench. His full-sized booking photo is included in our previous coverage below.
Minutes later, at about 9:55 p.m., another 911 call came in, this time from someone identifying himself as "Gordon." The police report quotes him as saying there was a "guy out front" of a home on the 9700 block of West Jewell Place "with a gun ready to kill a bunch of people" -- and that guy was him. He revealed that he was hiding in his truck and had three guns, which he figured was "enough to hurt a lot of people."

When the dispatcher asked him why he wanted to injure anyone, he replied: "Good question. I tell you what, you'll find out when you get here."

Officers Jonathan Key and Kimberly Collins were sent to the area to deal with Moench's threat. As Key drove onto the street, he switched off the lights of his cruiser in an attempt to make his approach more stealthy, but it didn't help. Bullets smashed into and through the vehicle's windshield, with Key struck by gunfire in the arm and chest.

At that point, the affidavit continues, Key bailed out of the car, which continued rolling until it hit a pickup and a Subaru parked nearby. He subsequently radioed about shots fired and tied a tourniquet to his arm.

Meanwhile, Collins reportedly parked her car and moved toward Moench's house on foot. But within seconds, a gunshot struck her in the leg and she collapsed onto the sidewalk.

Afterward, Moench seems to have felt pangs of remorse. He abandoned the truck and called 911 again, telling the operator, "God, I apologize. I hit that cop and now it's too far." He noted that he was walking down the middle of the road and "has to die now." Asked if he would talk to officers on the way, he replied, "They're going to have to kill me."

On the subject of the injured cops, he added, "Can you get them some help?"

At around that time, another law enforcer, ID'd as Agent Luke Godrey, arrived at the scene and spotted Moench. After taking cover, the report says Godfrey ordered Moench to drop his gun, and when he refused to comply and instead pointed it in the agent's direction, he opened fire. Moench was hit in the chest.

The next morning, Moench was hospitalized but in stable condition and able to speak with an investigator. The affidavit quotes him as saying he'd used guns since age twelve and had taken numerous hunters safety courses over the years -- but he allegedly acknowledged several times that he'd "shot two cops," was evil and deserved to go to hell.

As for what started his downhill spiral, he explained that he and his wife had been arguing about their son, among other things, and he'd grown so despondent that he decided to kill himself by overdosing on insulin; he's a diabetic. He spent the previous night in the family trailer so his wife wouldn't wake up to find his dead body, he told the affidavit's author, but woke up to discover he'd failed to take his own life.

On the evening of the 5th, Moench said he'd argued with his wife, as well as his son and some of the latter's friends. Once the group left, he told his wife he intended to commit "suicide by cop" and "knew exactly" what he was doing.

Not quite. Yesterday, he was in a wheelchair but well enough to make his first court appearance. He's being held on two counts apiece of attempted first-degree murder and first-degree assault on a police officer plus felony menacing. Formal charges are pending.

Look below to see 7News' most recent report about Moench, followed by the arrest affidavit and our previous coverage.

Gordon Moench Arrest Affidavit

Continue for our previous coverage of the Gordon Moench shootings, including photos and a video.

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Ambush? I thought he personally called them on the phone and told them he wanted to kill people? This doesn't seem to fit the definition of an ambush...It does sound a lot more 'heroic' when worded this way, though...My hero is the 79 year old woman who walks through Five Points every night carrying her groceries home. Unarmed. And without a gang of thugs to come to her aid. Scared to carry a defensive weapon for fear of the risk of arrest...Or being killed by the cops.....

muhutdafuga topcommenter

Police need more non-lethal interventions.  Both children and the mentally ill have been shot when non lethal options would have been better.  Police need to be safe, but we need to expect to be safe from the police as will.  Their job is to apprehend (et al), not to execute without trial.

Virginia Lee
Virginia Lee

Ambush? The reports says the guy stated who is he, where he is, what he's going to do, & walking in the middle of the road when police arrived. That's not an ambush at all, it's an exaggerated description of facts by reporters. I expect denver post to be deceiving in their articles because they always are. However, I expect Any spokesperson for the police department to describe facts, not an opinion.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

This suicidal guy lived ??

Lakewood cops can't do ANYTHING right.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

... Cops are lying self-aggrandizing cowards.

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