Woman killed near West 14th and Knox Court involved in Fatal Attraction relationship? (7)

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The Denver Police Department hasn't exactly issued a gusher of information about a weekend homicide near the intersection of West 14th Avenue and Knox Court. But reports suggest that the victim is a woman in her thirties who had been involved in what one neighbor characterizes as a Fatal Attraction-style relationship.

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Here's an interactive graphic capturing the area; if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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Courtesy of 9News
To date, however, the Denver Police Department has only issued this tweet about what happened.

Courtesy of 9News
A follow-up tweet noted that an update will be provided once more information is available. But thus far, nothing else has been officially released. As such, we don't even know for certain when the incident took place beyond the time stamp on the tweet: 9:42 p.m. on July 19.

That means the most thorough info to date is coming from Fox31, whose report says the victim is a woman in her thirties whose body was found on Saturday night -- and while it wasn't immediately clear how she died, preliminary testing prior to an autopsy planned for today has convinced investigators that a homicide took place.

Additionally, a friend who spoke with the station says the woman had been stuck in a bad relationship that she likened to the movie Fatal Attraction. The victim apparently got out of this situation, but the neighbor clearly has her suspicions about whether she managed to do so successfully.

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I'm guessing this writer doesn't know what domestic violence is because he sure doesn't recognize it when he sees it.

Gloriia Mendoza
Gloriia Mendoza

it is a women in her 30's I live 5 houses from her its sad.

Bill Wood
Bill Wood

Knox Court, you claim another... We on 14th and Newton watch cautiously.

Jessie Lynn
Jessie Lynn

Yep... 1/2 block off. I'm seriously considering getting a German Shepherd. I need a body guard!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

In Fatal Attraction, the female stalker -- Glenn Close --  gets killed in by Michael Douglas's wife -- Ann Archer -- acting in self-defense.

But don't let FACTS get in the way of another false and misleading headline, Michael.

Mason Whitener
Mason Whitener

Jessie Lynn Jake DiRe is this right by your house???

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