Ten best Colorado inventions -- from weird to wise

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Birthplace of the cheeseburger -- in north Denver, Colorado.
From its rolling prairies to its purple mountains majesty, Colorado is full of natural beauty. But this state is also home to many manmade marvels, too. In addition to some of the country's best craft beer, Colorado is the birthplace of numerous inventions, from wacky to wise. Here are the ten best:

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10) Teddy Bear
The popular toy was reportedly invented in 1905 when maids at the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs presented a small bear made out of scraps of material to President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, who was on a hunting trip in the area. The toy was quickly dubbed a Teddy Bear, and became a national craze.

Photo courtesy of the Jolly Rancher Facebook page
9) Jolly Ranchers
The hard candies we all know and love were created right here in Colorado, by Bill and Dorothy Harmsen, who'd originally attempted to market ice cream. Their hard candy worked much better, and the couple ran a factory in Wheat Ridge for decades. The brand is now owned by The Hershey Company.

8) Root Beer Float
There are several stories about the invention of the root-beer float floating around, but most people credit Frank Wisner with the creation of the popular ice cream drink. He was looking out of his window at Cow Mountain, and decided that the snow on top looked like ice cream floating in a dark drink. The next day he dropped a scoop of ice cream in some root beer, and the famous concoction was born.

7) Cheeseburger
Although numerous cooks have claimed credit for being the first to put cheese on a burger, Louis Ballast was awarded the "cheeseburger" trademark in 1935. Today a monument stands at 2755 Speer Boulevard, where the Humpty-Dumpty once flipped burgers.

Keep reading for more Colorado inventions.

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Virgil Dunn
Virgil Dunn

Pedobear surely has put on a lot of weight

Daron Fritz
Daron Fritz

Actually it was invented in NY by Morris Mitchdom in 1903.

Henry Kelsey
Henry Kelsey

Lol no it wasn't. It was invented in Germany. Lol

Jacob Edward
Jacob Edward

Adding cheese to something doesn't make it an entirely new thing. A Denver omelet is just a Spanish omelet with cheese added to it. A cheeseburger is just a hamburger with cheese added to it.

Patricia Martinez
Patricia Martinez

Cheeseburger I love when I. Can say it comes from Colorado whoot, whoot!

Jason Wood
Jason Wood

First to copyright doesn't equate to inventing in the situation, in my opinion. We'll let you have Kong instead

James Aragon
James Aragon

How about the corner to corner crosswalk and the good old denver boot (the one that goes on your car)?

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