Update: See all 88 retail pot shops Denver has licensed in six months since sales began

Additional photos and more below.
Today marks six months since recreational marijuana sales began in Colorado, still the only state where such purchases can be made. (The first licensed retail shops in Washington are expected to open on July 7.) By the January 1 launch, eighteen stores had been licensed in Denver, and since then, the total has grown steadily. Some outlets have come and some have gone, but the latest total, as vetted by Westword's Amber Taufen, stands at a whopping 88 -- fifteen more than our previous update in April.

All the licensed shops are included here, along with photos, videos, links and excerpts from reviews of the ones visited by Westword marijuana critic William Breathes. Count them down below.

Number 88:

Advanced Medical Alternatives Facebook page
Advanced Medical Alternatives

4283 West Florida Avenue
Denver, CO

Number 87:

Back to the Garden Health & Wellness

1755 South Broadway
Denver, CO

An excerpt from William Breathes's October 2012 review: "The storefront is in an old strip center on South Broadway, and it's among the smallest shops I've visited. The entryway/lobby/reception desk area has just enough room for three or four people, and that's assuming you've all become comfortable enough to sit hip to hip on the antique-style fainting couch across from the reception window."

Number 86:

Cannabis Station

1201 20th Street
Denver, CO

An excerpt from William Breathes's July 2012 review: "I've always been impressed with the way the Cannabis Station took over an old automobile service station without forgetting its past. For example, the old sign out front that once displayed prices for gallons of diesel now shows prices for ounces of Sour Diesel. And an artist has incorporated a few red Mobil Pegasuses (Pegasi?) and old-school red script lettering of its painted name above the two old garage bays."

Number 85:

Colorado Wellness Inc. Facebook page
Colorado Wellness Inc.

2057 South Broadway
Denver, CO

An excerpt from William Breathes's May 2012 review: "Compared to nearby shops, Colorado Wellness looks surprisingly simple from the outside, lacking the dozens of signs advertising cheap weed that so many neighbors have. Parking was easy between the MMC and the usually busy Famous Pizza joint next door. The waiting area is a huge, high-celienged room that reminded me of the foyers of modern suburban elementary schools, where all the kids and classrooms are locked away behind security doors manned by a receptionist in a glassed-in booth."

Number 84:

Medicinal Wellness Center Facebook page

5430 West 44th Avenue
Denver, CO

An excerpt from William Breathes's June 2014 review: "The name of Medicinal Wellness Center sounded so generic that after I noticed it the other day online, I couldn't recall if I had been there before, a long time ago, or hadn't been there at all. Turns out I was right on both fronts, sort of."

Number 83:

Fox Street Wellness Facebook page
Fox Street Wellness

4773 North Fox Street
Denver, CO

An excerpt from William Breathes's December 2012 review: "Fox Street Wellness is in a Bermuda triangle of a location, just southeast of Sunnyside in a warehouse district cornered by I-25 on the east, 48th Avenue to the north and I-70 to the south. Unless you know the area well, you'll likely end up driving around in circles, cursing former city planners for creating such a clusterfuck."

Number 82:

Frosted Leaf Facebook page
Frosted Leaf

445 North Federal Boulevard
Denver, CO

An excerpt of William Breathes's October 2012 review: "The stools in front are the same low-back, Sharper Image-style ones from Serentity Moon. Opposite the bud bar on the other side of the shop are office spaces for management. Across from the entrance and receptionist desk is where the shop keeps the edibles -- although, as usual, I didn't do much browsing for food."

Number 81:


380 Quivas Street
Denver, CO

An excerpt from William Breathes's July 2013 review: "Unless you work for Xcel or one of the handful of other industrial businesses along the railroad tracks in the area, you probably haven't ever set foot in the corner of Denver that L'Eagle Services calls home -- though you've driven past it thousands of times on I-25. The shop's warehouse-front location stands out for it's surroundings not because of the industrially artistic orange corrugated tin siding, but due to the immaculate flower garden out front. First thought: The petunias and sage look good enough to smoke."

Continue to keep counting down the 88 recreational marijuana shops Denver has licensed so far.

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John Scruggs
John Scruggs

The price still sucks! Hey Market, wake up! No one wants to pay $70 for an eighth. Welcome to the black market where I can buy it for $30.

RobertChase topcommenter

GuestWho and Hot.Sauce,

Neither of you are Donkey, but you ape his habit of constantly harping about a political decision the People made eighteen months ago.  Do you have any political aspiration for people who use cannabis?  Do you suppose they could organize, fight to end felonies or overbearing regulations?  There are far more people who use cannabis than are gay in Colorado; gay people have achieved their political goals and have many representatives in government -- does it occur to you that if people who used cannabis were to act in their collective self interest, we could change the law, or even the Constitution?

P.S.  It has occurred to me.

Kedhrin Gonzalez
Kedhrin Gonzalez

itd be helpful if you guys just had a map right at the top of the article... tracking down retail shops is still a pain in the ass.

Rob Payne
Rob Payne

Saw a warehouse lose their plants yesterday in Denver, heard it was for non-compliance with occupancy and electrical codes.

Shain Bowman
Shain Bowman

Why not do a real story. About how they need to change the nanogram limit for medical patients. This 5 nanogram DUI limit is ridiculous. All because I got caught driving with a little bit of weed and they knew they could test me for it and I'd be over the 5 limit I'm stuck with a DUI and now 2 years probation and not allowed to smoke. But I can go to the doctor and get vicodin or Oxys all day long. Proven habit forming DRUGS. This whole "legal" weed thing is a joke. Make it illegal again. I used to get this good of weed from the dude down the street. Do a real story about the negative effects this is having on people instead of glorifying how great it is. People need to know what's really going on... not how many recreational Marijuana shops we have.

RobertChase topcommenter

We pay far too much tax.

RobertChase topcommenter

There can be little doubt that Denver is bringing major regulatory pressure to bear against cannabis-businesses.  Twenty-one new inspectors in Excise and Licensing will have a lot of time to kill, but they may also find a host of trifling violations of various regulations.  Dispensary owners should inform their customers that the high taxes they pay are being used to harass dispensaries and urge them to complain to Mayor Hancock.  There are two great travesties underway:  that cannabis is now five kinds of felony in Colorado, and that all the hefty taxes voters were duped into approving go to counterproductive ends, to undercut the regulated market and to support Prohibition.

RobertChase topcommenter

I am sorry that you are a victim of our unjust DUID-THC law; it is at least possible to contest the false claim of driving impairment -- did you fight it?

fishingblues topcommenter


I thought you were a socialist bobbie.  High taxes are how your stupid ideas are funded, remember.

GuestWho topcommenter

@RobertChase <<< Voted for A64 and now complains continually about the provisions he helped implement


@RobertChase <== promoted and voted for amendment 64 which declared that dui marijuana shall remain illegal.

RobertChase topcommenter

@GuestWho  You are an ignoramus who freely conflates constitutional provisions with the recommendations of prohibitionists on the Task Force which sabotaged its implementation and the unconstitutional enactments of prohibitionists in the General Assembly.  Since you can't keep these very different things separate in what passes for your mind, why not STFU?

RobertChase topcommenter

@Hot.Sauce You cannot read; that is a major impediment to helping end Prohibition.  Article XVIII, Section 16 of the Constitution  does not prevent the removal of DUID-THC from the statutes or directly perpetuate its illegality.

RobertChase topcommenter

P.S.  I testified against DUID-THC each time it came up during the legislative session from 2011 to 2013;  where were you?

RobertChase topcommenter

@DonkeyHotay  It has no legal effect -- the difference between "the People of Colorado find and declare that marijuana [sic] should be regulated in a manner similar to alcohol" and the "so that"s which follow is that the former gives guidance as to the form and nature of the regulations concerning cannabis, and makes sense -- many do not agree that the use of cannabis impairs driving to any significant degree and science bears out our point of view.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@RobertChase "It has no legal effect"

You're a demonstrable legal imbecile.

The preamble and purpose you keep reciting has NO LEGAL POWER, it's the Enumerated PROVISIONS of the Amendment that have the full force and authority of LAW of the Land.

The flaws and problems with that festering turd A64 lie with the illiterate and legislatively incompetent morons like you who attempted to play "lawyer" while failing to write a clear, concise, cogent and functional amendment.

"Driving Under the INFLUENCE of Marijuana SHALL REMAIN ILLEGAL" **is** "similar to alcohol" you stump-stupid stammering retard.

YOU promoted and voted for that piece of shit, now you can EAT IT for the next 20+ years. Enjoy every putrid mouthful.

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