Update: Nancy Styler affidavit suggests William Styler needed help killing Nancy Pfister

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A Facebook photo of William and Nancy Styler. Additional images, videos and documents below.
Update: In our most recent coverage of the investigation into Aspen socialite Nancy Pfister's murder (see it below), we noted that the conviction of frail-looking 66-year-old William Styler as the sole person responsible for the killing -- and prosecutors' decision to drop charges against Styler's wife Nancy and a friend, Kathy Carpenter -- had raised questions in part because "the physical actions William described seem to be beyond his capabilities." Now, with the release of Nancy's arrests affidavits, we know law enforcers felt the same way. Continue for more details and the complete document.

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As we've reported, Pfister was renting her home to William, a former Denver doctor, and his wife -- but earlier this year, she shared a Facebook post implying that the Stylers weren't keeping up with payments. Then, in late February, Carpenter discovered Pfister's battered body in the closet of the home.

A portrait of Nancy Pfister.
After the Stylers and Carpenter were arrested for the crime, William told authorities that he'd acted alone in taking Pfister's life. He said he pounded her with a hammer as she slept, then removed her dead body from the bed, wrapped her remains in sheets and trash bags and dragged them to the aforementioned closet.

The affidavit, released by the court at the request of numerous media organizations, notes doubt from the beginning in William's account. The report's author writes, "Based on my experience, I believe it would be very difficult for one person to place a dead body in a trash bag alone. I know how difficult it can be to move a dead body with four grown men."

Granted, William is said to have had a bad temper, continually cursing under his breath about his dispute with Pfister. But he wasn't alone in his antipathy for their landlord. Kathy Carpenter's mom told investigators she heard Nancy say of Pfister, "I'll kill her."

Moreover, William's condition was shaky in the days after the body's discovery, as opposed to deteriorating while he was in custody. The affidavit recounts an exchange that began with Styler under the covers of a bed in a room he and Nancy were renting at an area lodge. Some excerpts from what followed:

A look at William and Nancy Styler in custody courtesy of a CBS4 image.
"William Styler had a very difficult time standing."

"I was barely able to help him into a standing position."

"I learned through both Stylers that William Styler had a medical condition akin to Lou Gehrig's disease."

"Starting about fourteen years ago, William Styler began breaking his feet consistently."

Sherry Caloia.
Given these physical infirmities, authorities clearly felt William had help in killing Pfister -- and the more they learned about the murder scene, the firmer they became in this belief. For instance, the mattress had been flipped in order to hide a blood stain, and the report's author writes, "Knowing the physical and medical state of William Styler, it is difficult to believe that he could flip a queen-sized mattress from one side to the other."

The affidavit contains much more damning info, including details of William's failed polygraph test and the author's conclusion that "I have probable cause to believe that Nancy Styler conspired to and was complicit in the murder of Nancy Pfister."

Nonetheless, 9th Judicial District DA Sherry Caloia ultimately dropped charges against Nancy Styler and accepted William's guilty plea. She also cleared Carpenter in the murder and isn't pursuing theft allegations against her related to Pfister. Read more about those accusations below, following the Nancy Styler arrest affidavits.

Nancy Styler Arrest Affidavits

Continue for our most recent coverage of the Nancy Pfister murder, including additional photos and videos.

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RobertChase topcommenter

Decisions regarding the prosecution and punishment of serious crimes turn not on the truth, but on prosecutorial and juridical whim.

Jose Montoya
Jose Montoya

This is how the system works, all they want is a conviction. They don't care how they get it. In this case, yes he was involved. And like a man, he stepped up and took the rap. I just hope she hold this old dude down.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Let hope these two innocent women bring civil action for False Arrest.

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