Photos: Planet Bluegrass before, during and after the worst flood in Colorado's history

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The stage at Planet Bluegrass.
Last fall, the largest flood (by total rainfall) in Colorado's history led the federal government to declare a state of emergency in fourteen counties. None were hit harder than Boulder County, where the two swollen branches of St. Vrain Creek decimated Lyons, driving thousands of people from their homes and causing millions of dollars' worth of damage.

This week's cover story explains how the town's incredibly fertile music scene was impacted by the flood. That scene centers on Planet Bluegrass, an organization that operates Telluride Bluegrass and hosts two other festivals on its property in Lyons. That property is situated on the creek and was buried in several feet of water and debris. This weekend, after $1 million and months of construction, the ranch will re-open for its annual RockyGrass festival. Here's what it looked like during previous festivals and throughout the flood and recovery process.

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Benko Photographics
The aerial view of a previous RockyGrass festival.

Benko Photographics
A previous Folks Festival at Planet Bluegrass in Lyons.

Russell Bramlett
Tubers on the St. Vrain during a previous RockyGrass festival at Planet Bluegrass.

Continue for photos taken during the flood.

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