Did Riot Fest's name get it kicked out of original location?

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Photo by Aaron Thackeray
Denver blog posts are feeling festive.

At our Backbeat blog, Kiernan Maletsky writes about a new location for Riot Fest and its founder's contention that "if we were named Good Ole Country Riot Fest, we would have never been in this situation."

South Stands Denver's Jennifer Eakins spotlights a Mile High-style easy rider.

Colorado Pols: Democrats call out Bob Beauprez's "47 percent moment."

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Jeremy Coss
Jeremy Coss

Country fans use drugs also, and have been known to trash venues. There was an article recently about banning country shows for that reason

Michele Glover
Michele Glover

I think they should have called it "Good Ole Country Riot Fest", and did the show

Brandon Malone
Brandon Malone

Wannabe martyr... Grow up! They are probably tired of all the drug use and trash left behind.

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