Reader: I'm calling bullsh*t on getting ticketed for saying f*ck!
Melanie Asmar's report about a man who received a disorderly conduct citation for saying "Fuck it" at a Sam's Club in Aurora incited a passionate response that's definitely giving the First Amendment a workout. Here's a case in point.

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Justin Kershman writes:

An off-duty cop grew balls on an old man for saying fuck! The pig refused to show his proper credentials as a law enforcement officer...the cop was in clear violation of the man's rights...I told a cop yesterday and I quote "I hope you get hit on that bike leaving me you piece of know I wasn't speeding fucktard" abd he didn't do shit! Cops are turning into sensitive little bitches with a Napoleon syndrome! The cop was outta line period! I've straight up cussed out cops and never got a ticket for foul language. I'm calling BULLSHIT!

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Osiris Jay Wilson
Osiris Jay Wilson

Step one dont say shit say poo like bull poo poo head and this poo is cold

Paige Donnelly
Paige Donnelly

The grammar DEFINITELY helps make his case.... not

Joslyn Larned
Joslyn Larned

First ammendment right to freedom of speech. If it's not posted and the cop was off duty Fuck Him. If citizens can write tickets I need a few books.

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