Fatal Shooting on Clinton Street in Aurora Being Investigated as Homicide (12)

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A photo from the scene tweeted by 7News photojournalist Pete Burd. Another image and more below.
As investigators in Denver seek the person or persons who killed in-demand video producer Phil Lucero, their colleagues in Aurora are hard at work on another homicide -- one that took place late last night. Here's what we know thus far.

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Confirmation of gunplay came courtesy of the Aurora Police Department, which tweeted the following after midnight:

Here's a look at the area near the crime scene. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

View Larger Map

Supplementary tweets from the APD (with the last two sent out minutes ago at this writing) add the following:

This crime scene photo comes courtesy of 9News' Noel Brennan.
To say that additional details are scarce is to understate the situation considerably. Thus far, there isn't even confirmation of the victim's gender, let alone any other pertinent information about the wheres and the whys of the shooting. But no matter how everything went down, you can bet there are friends, family and loved ones shaken by the incident in Aurora and beyond.

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Josh Wise
Josh Wise

This should be linked with the 10 reasons why Aurorans know their city is Colorado's hidden gem

Latifah Abdul'laah
Latifah Abdul'laah

Jame, please slitger back under the rock from which you came. This page has been reporting this stuff all summer long, or did you just get here? The city may not be for you, there's a lot of lovely militia towns that better match your ignorance level.

Latisha Lala Acklin
Latisha Lala Acklin

That makes perfect sense Jame Koopman. We are all animals after all. *yawn* *rolls eyes*

Jame Koopman
Jame Koopman

Somebody's probably going around shooting people because they are pissed about that thing in Ferguson. That is is probably the only reason why Phil Lucero got killed


not a whole lot of cctv cameras in the neighborhoods themselves, YET. don't worry, there will be soon.


muhutdafuga topcommenter

That or a gun freak shouldn't have had a gun.

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