Best College Reviews' 15 Top College Towns and the Two Colorado Places That Made the Grade

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Photos and more below.
Best College Reviews has come up with its list of the fifty best college towns in America, and two from Colorado made the top fifteen -- something matched only by a couple of other states, Iowa and Pennsylvania. Sorry, New York and Cali.

Which Colorado towns made the grade? And where did they finish? Count down the top fifteen below -- they feature photos and excerpts from Best College Reviews text and include the methodology -- and click here to check out the original post.

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Number 15: Blacksburg, Virginia

Blacksburg is home to Virginia Tech, Radford University, and a number of large employers. With close to two students for every non-student, Blacksburg is definitely centered around college life. Though small, the town is forward thinking, as the home to Blacksburg Electronic Village (BEV) since 1991. BEV and close proximity to high quality graduates make Blacksburg an ideal location for tech firms....

Number 14: Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins is home to Colorado State University and on Money magazine's Best Place to Live in the US list since 2006. A great homegrown music and microbrewery scene complement the town's collegiate vibes, with one of it's most attended events hosted by New Belgium Brewery; "Tour de Fat" as the event is called, draws over 20,000 people riding bikes and dressing in costume....

Number 13: Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

Champaign-Urbana is one of the greenest cities in the US. However, it also offers a more urban feel than similarly-sized cities. Without many traditional suburbs, Champaign-Urbana is home to a developed urban setting surrounded by farmland and small farming villages. If you want the cultural offerings of a world class university town without the traffic, urban sprawl, and high cost of living, Champaign-Urbana is the place for you....

Continue to keep counting down Best College Reviews' fifteen top college towns.

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Jonah Menzies
Jonah Menzies

Suppose someone couldn't fit in with the rest of the Cool Kids

Jace Burton
Jace Burton

Couldn't agree more with Boulder being ranked #1. Only downfall of Boulder is affordability.

Henry Kelsey
Henry Kelsey

Lol biggest load of shit. Boulder and ft Collins both suck ass both as a college and as cities. There are much much better schools in Colorado. This must have been written by a pot head.

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