Cherry Robertson Charged After Shooting Teen Girl She Says Was Bullying Her Daughter

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Cherry Robertson. Photos, a video and an original document below.
Cherry Robertson says fourteen-year-old Niela Coleman was bullying her daughter -- a claim Coleman denies. But even if Robertson is right, prosecutors still feel she could have handled the situation better...since she allegedly responded by shooting the girl.

Continue for photos, a video, the police report and details about a charge that's different from the one for which Robertson was originally arrested.

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Robertson's Facebook page lists her as "Cherry CaramelDippin Robertson." Here's a cropped version of a photo shared there:

The incident that resulted in the circulation of another image -- her mug shot -- took place on the evening of August 3 at her home on the 1100 block of North Rosemary Street. According to the probable cause statement shared here, Robertson's daughter was outside the residence when Coleman "came over into her back yard and began to pick on her trying to start a fight."

In response, Robertson is said to have came out of the home with a handgun and fired it, striking Coleman in the shoulder. After that, she allegedly "attempted to fire the gun again and chased Coleman with it back to the front of the building."

The shooting scene, from 7News coverage.
After Robertson was arrested, the claims and counterclaims began to fly. Robertson's daughter told 7News that Coleman was a bully and would hit her every time she came outside. For her part, Coleman told members of the media: "She hit my brother and I went over there to ask her a question and she didn't want to answer it and her mom shot me."

Here's a 7News photo of Coleman:

Meanwhile, Robertson made her first court appearance after being reportedly busted on suspicion of attempted murder. But the Denver District Attorney's Office ultimately chose to accuse her of a lesser offense: second-degree assault.

Does this suggest that prosecutors think Robertson was mainly trying to frighten Coleman? After all, she apparently squeezed off three rounds, but only one found flesh -- and not in a spot likely to lead to death.

Whatever the case, Tia Collins, Coleman's mom, offered a rhetorical question that definitely resonated. "Who's the adult?" she asked, before answering, "The mother. The mother should have come to the mother instead of taking a gun to a child."

Here's a larger version of Robertson's booking photo, followed by the aforementioned 7News report, a charging document and the probable cause statement.

Cherry Robertson.

Cherry Robertson Probable Cause Statement and Charging Document

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