Photos: Denver Cruisers' Road Warrior Riders Enjoy the Apocalypse

Photo by Jake Shane. More pics below.
This week's Denver Cruiser Ride theme was "Road Warriors," and that was appropriate, since the weather was positively apocalyptic -- or at least it rained a bit. That didn't stop the Cruisers, though, and as a bonus, their end-of-the-world costumes helped repel the moisture. Check out Jake Shane's photos of the fun below.

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Photo by Jake Shane

Photo by Jake Shane

Photo by Jake Shane

Photo by Jake Shane
Continue to see more photos from the Denver Cruisers' Road Warrior Ride.

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Peter Handler
Peter Handler

Denver pd needs to crack down on these Bui pieces of crap. hoping denver cruisers become Denver roadkill!

Dan Scott
Dan Scott

Wow. Hipsters on bikes in costumes. How original!

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