What Google Thinks About Twenty of Colorado's Biggest Celebrities

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We know what Google thinks about Lindsey Vonn and plenty of other local notables. More photos below.
What does Google think about certain celebrities? A quick way to find out to ask: Type in the word "is" and a famous name in the query box and you'll be offered a list of the most popular searches for that person.

We tried this trick with twenty of the best known Coloradans in entertainment, sports and politics (including a special guest non-human), and the results are often weird and frequently hilarious. Check out the photo-illustrated results below.

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Troy Tulowitzki

Google wants to know...if he's an asshole.


Adele Arakawa

Google wants to know...about her ethnicity -- and her lungs.


The Lumineers

Google wants to know...if the bandmembers look like the Quaker Oats guy when they're offstage.

Peyton Manning

Google wants to know...if Manning votes the right way.

Continue to find out what Google thinks about more of Colorado's biggest celebrities.

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Don Heldenbrand
Don Heldenbrand

Lawrence Sena, how do you know what the devil looks like?

Ben Brennan
Ben Brennan

Kathy Sabine is a super sweet lady fuck all yall... sorry Will....

Phyllis Strauss
Phyllis Strauss

I can't stand Kathy Sabine. Just do the weather and quit with the immature crap.

Heather Doozer
Heather Doozer

uh, pretty sure google doesn't have independent thought. yet

Dan Scott
Dan Scott

Ever seen Kathy Sabine in person? She walks around with her on-air makeup on. Looks like a clown! So gross.


Don't buck the Broncos... buck the system.

Chris Weis
Chris Weis

Now this is some hard hitting journalism.

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