Video: Helen Thorpe, Ex-Colorado First Lady, Lauded on The Daily Show for Soldier Girls

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Helen Thorpe with Jon Stewart on last night's episode of "The Daily Show." Video below.
UPDATE: The accolades just keep rolling in for Thorpe. After People highlighted Soldier Girls as its book of the week in August, Time named the volume its non-fiction book of the year in December.

Plenty of people associate Helen Thorpe with her time as Colorado's first lady; she and Governor John Hickenlooper separated in 2012. But Westword readers also know her as a journalist and the author of the 2004 feature article "Head of the Class," which led to the best-seller Just Like Us.

Thorpe's latest book, Soldier Girls, is a profile of three military women that earned major spotlight time on last night's episode of The Daily Show, with host Jon Stewart not even bothering to mention her previous role in Colorado. After all, there was too much else of importance to discuss. Check out their conversation below.

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Sandra Doran
Sandra Doran

Having met Helen several times, I am happy that news coming out of Colorado is intelligent, thoughtful and insightful. A refreshing change from all the cannabis news, crime and issue driver licenses to illegals. Go Helen! Great success with your book, I for one will read it.

Kate Honas
Kate Honas

Probably because the rest of the country doesn't care and she's there to talk about a book that doesn't have anything to do with CO.

Matt Keleher
Matt Keleher

I can think of other, non-bias-confirming reasons for that. Such as the fact that Owens had a more terse relationship with local media than Hickenlooper.

Matt Loomis
Matt Loomis

It's really funny that when Bill Owens separated from his wife while in office, we knew what their agreement was as far as child visitation, there was speculation about affairs, and many other details. When it comes to the democrat, nothing. Yeah, no such thing as the liberal media.


Aren't you a vindictive one? I never heard anything about Owen's divorce. Maybe it was more turbulent than Hicks?  Also, I'm pretty sure Hick doesn't run around spewing about "family values," like Owens did. When a politician is hypocritical, it is probably more likely to make news.

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