Home Invasion Suspects Confronted by Owner Fled in His Vehicle, Still at Large

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A photo from the scene tweeted by Fox31's Chris Jose. Additional images and more below.
Within the hour, the Denver Police Department tweeted about a home invasion on the 7000 block of East Exposition.

The home's owner is said to have confronted the suspects, who allegedly fled the scene in the owner's vehicle. Continue for the details shared to date.

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The area in which the crime took place can be seen in the following interactive graphic. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

View Larger Map

Denver cops' first blast of info about the crime is encompassed in a two-part tweet. Here's part one....

...and here's part two:

Even before the DPD weighed in, Fox31's Chris Jose was already on the scene. Below, see one of his Twitpic dispatches....

...and another:

"PIO" stands for public-information officer -- meaning that the Denver Police Department deems what went down as sufficiently alarming that it's sending a spokesperson to address it. In the meantime, we're betting those nearby residents mentioned by Jose are already wide awake -- and have already double-checked the locks on their doors.

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Nancy Balsach
Nancy Balsach

Yea right..I very recently reported a suv cruiser with two officers being inappropriate with me and refusing to assist me after almost getting ran over (intersection of east side Park ave and 16th ave) ..needless to say I reported them to internal affairs and asking for extra patrol in the area..hello we are either seniors and disabled, handicap and fed up with snobby yuppie driver's taxing and cell talking! No respect!!! As well as the Denver Officers..A - holes and disrespectful to our community!!

Tim Hoover
Tim Hoover

Why is this being called a "home invasion" when the police refer to it as a "burglary"? Confronting burglars in your home is not the same thing as a home invasion, a particular type of robbery/assault where suspects knowingly enter a home with occupants and terrorize them. "Robbery" stealing by use of force or threat of force. "Burglary" is breaking into a home, business or car and stealing with no force or threat of force against occupants. Was this actually a home invasion?

Steven M Palmer
Steven M Palmer

Home invaders = Free targets for gun owners. Be the first kid on your block with a confirmed kill. ;)

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