Jody and Jacky Allard: Twins in coaching and (allegedly) child porn

Jacky and Jody Allard. More photos below.
Twins Jody and Jacky Allard recently spent some time in Colorado -- although presumably not as much as they'd like. In recent days, they were extradited from Broomfield to Oregon to face twenty charges related to child pornography -- accusations made even creepier by their status as coaches in a youth baseball league, not to mention Jody's decade-plus teaching at a middle school. More photos and videos below.

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Shasta Middle School, as seen in KEZI-TV coverage.
According to the Register-Guard, a newspaper serving the Eugene, Oregon, area, Jody has taught math and physical education at Shasta Middle School for the past sixteen years. But he was placed on administrative leave in March, around the time the house he shared with Jacky was searched, and his employment was terminated in June.

Likewise, the Allards are no longer formally associated with youth baseball, previously a huge part of their lives. Jody reportedly owned and operated Willamette Valley Sports Academy in Eugene and served as president of the Sheldon Babe Ruth League. Both men also coached youth baseballers, many of whom are featured in a series of videos shared by Jody on a YouTube channel under his name. We're not including any of those clips, but here's a commercial for the Williamette Valley Babe Ruth League that he posted:

Both men resigned from their baseball responsibilities shortly after the aforementioned home search, during which computers and other electronic devices were seized.

As for what the men are accused of having done, that remains vague. The Register-Guard dates the investigation to December, when the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children told cops about pornographic images of boys thought to be between ten and fifteen. By April, a grand jury had indicted the Allards on ten counts apiece of first-degree encouragement of child sexual abuse and second-degree encouragement of child sexual abuse and arrest warrants were issued in their name.

A KEZI-TV image of the Eugene-area home the Allards shared.
The pair didn't stick around waiting for this to happen. Instead, they left the state, winding up in Colorado, where they were arrested by members of the Broomfield Police Department and jailed on May 11. They initially fought extradition, but wound up being shipped back to Oregon anyhow, with the transfer process completed on Wednesday afternoon.

Their fates are intertwined in a particularly schmucky way.

Look below to see larger versions of the Allards' mug shots, followed by a report from KEZI-TV in Oregon.

Jacky Allard.

Jody Allard.

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