Marijuana: Nine new Colorado recreational dispensaries open in July

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We're more than halfway through our first year of legal adult-use marijuana -- and the pot stores just keep on openin'. There were nine new locations selling recreational marijuana in July throughout Colorado. Here they are:

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Native Roots, 1146 Pearl Street, 720-726-5126


The Center, 60 North 3rd Street, 970-510-5229

Crested Butte

Crested Butte Wellness Center, 329 Belleview Avenue, 970-349-7350


The Clinic Capitol Hill, 745 East 6th Avenue, 720-536-5229

Denver Relief, 1 Broadway, Suite A-150, 303-420-6337

Fort Collins

Organic Alternatives, 346 East Mountain Avenue, 970-482-7100


Earl's, 115 Harrison Avenue, 719-293-2770 (license transfer from Cloud City Compassionate Care)


High Valley Retail Cannabis, 60250 County Road T, 719-480-7477


Maggie's Farm, 74 North Component Drive, 719-547-8345

Location Info


Organic Alternatives

346 E. Mountain Ave., Fort Collins, CO

Category: General


115 Harrison Ave., Leadville, CO

Category: General

Crested Butte Wellness Center

329 Belleview Ave., Crested Butte, CO

Category: General

The Clinic Capitol Hill

745 E. 6th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: General

Denver Relief

1 Broadway, Denver, CO

Category: General

The Center - CLOSED

259 Main St., Carbondale, CO

Category: General

High Valley Retail Cannabis

60250 County Road T, Moffat, CO

Category: General

Maggie's Farm

74 N. Component Dr., Pueblo, CO

Category: General

Crested Butte Wellness Center

329 Belleview Ave., Crested Butte, CO

Category: General

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So how come all the prices will still be the same across the board? When are rec shops going to be exposed for price fixing. When is someone going to mention that the black market down the street is still cheaper? How are they able to keep charging twenty for a gram at most places instead of five?

Roger Castro
Roger Castro

If they are "good" i will find them in coupon section. ;)

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