Don't Bend Over: Michael Schwairy Busted for Taking Photo Up Teen's Skirt

Michael Schwairy. More photos below.
When we told the disgusting story of Joshua Vohs, whose crimes included using a shoe camera to take photos up women's skirts, we hoped we'd heard the last of this particular offense. But no: Michael Schwairy, 27, has been charged with doing the same thing, albeit using a higher-tech device: an iPhone. And to make the alleged crime that much creepier, the victim was a seventeen-year-old girl.

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Joshua Vohs.
As we've reported, Vohs was convicted earlier this year of planting a camera in a porta-potty. But he'd previously been caught on two separate occasions for what's become known as upskirting -- the first time at a Crested Butte bar in 2006 and again in 2011 at a City Market in Grand Junction.

We don't know if Vohs inspired Schwairy, but the two men chose similar locales for their shutterbuggery. According to 9News, Schwairy's upskirting also took place at a grocery store -- the King Soopers branch near Sheridan and Hampden.

The scene of the crime, from 9News coverage.
A police report obtained by the station notes that Schwairy, an employee at the store, allegedly followed a seventeen-year-old girl into an aisle, and when she bent over, he whipped out his iPhone and snapped a photo of her nether regions.

And he didn't stop there. A security guard told investigators he'd witnessed this happening via the wonders of surveillance video four separate times.

Shortly thereafter, the guard nabbed Schwairy, who's said to have not only admitted taking the shots but acknowledged that he'd previously done something similar at an area casino.

A vintage shot of a younger Schwairy from his long-inactive Facebook page.
The casino patrons were presumably older than his King Soopers victim, whose underage status increases the possible punishment. Schwairy was busted on suspicion of sexually exploiting a minor -- a felony.

King Soopers certainly wasn't thrilled by the Schwairy-related publicity. A statement provided by the company to 9News reads:

The safety of our customers and associates is our first priority. This isolated incident was reported by our internal security team who completed a thorough investigation that resulted in King Soopers immediately contacting local authorities. The actions of this associate clearly represent gross misconduct for which we have a zero tolerance policy.
Oh yeah: In case you hadn't already guessed, Schwairy is no longer a King Soopers employee.

Here's a larger look at Schwairy's mug shot.

Michael Schwairy.

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