Check Out the Forty New Denver Restaurants to Open in July

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Denver blog posts know that variety is the spice of life.

Our Cafe Society blog lists more than forty new Denver dining spots that opened in July alone.

Colorado Pols asks: "Can we admit the economy is doing better now?"

Mile High Report's Kyle Montgomery on the misdemeanor assault charge against the Broncos' T.J. Ward (for allegedly throwing a glass at a female bartender) being dropped.

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Briana Sims
Briana Sims

Why can I only ski and eat in Colorado.. GIVE ME SOMETHING ELSE TO DO wait.. Now I guess I can smoke pot. Cool.

Erin Vigil
Erin Vigil

The NICKEL on 14th and Arapahoe is AMAZING!

Alex Langer
Alex Langer

Corey and Drew - I think there may be some opportunity here :)

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