A New Record Store Just Opened -- and Yes, It Is 2014

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Denver blog posts love taking new places out for a spin.

At our Backbeat blog, Mark Masters introduces us to Chain Reaction, a new record store (!) in Lakewood.

Big Media's Jason Salzman introduces us to the Republican rep who thinks John Hickenlooper treats us like "his abused spouse."

Denver Infill's Ken Schroeppel offers update number 1 about Z block in LoDo.

See also: Do you Want a Robot Decorating Your Cake?

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John Scruggs
John Scruggs

Time for a gut check. Do we support local sound and artists, or Walmart? Take a look at what the new record store has to offer. I am poor but would gladly donate to make local music available.

Jason Romo
Jason Romo

Hopefully it will be like double e!

Alden Condict
Alden Condict

That may be strange for Colorado but in the Pacific Northwest record stores are plentiful and doing well!

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