Phil Lucero, In-Demand Video Producer, ID'd as Man Shot Dead on MLK Boulevard (11)

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Phil Lucero in a photo from his Facebook page. More images and a video below.
Phil Lucero's production company has worked on plenty of high-profile projects over the years. In April, for instance, he worked with actor Harrison Ford, and other recent efforts featured the likes of Governor John Hickenlooper and former Denver Mayor Federico Pena -- all of which makes his death even harder to process. He was found shot to death in a car parked on Martin Luther King Boulevard, and police are sharing little about the circumstances or possible suspects. Details and more photos below.

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Lucero was reportedly a freelance producer for 9News from 1998 to 2001. But in recent years, he's devoted himself to Phil Lucero Productions and Transmission Studio. Here's a promotional video for the latter that sports a glimpse of former Denver Bronco and current ESPN personality Mark Schlereth:

Another former Bronco, tight end Daniel Graham, is seen posing with Lucero in a photo from the latter's Facebook page....

...and images from the production company site find him sharing the frame with notables such as Pena....

Phil Lucero is on the far right in this image.

This shoot took place in the governor's office circa May 2012.
...and Ford, who starred in a clip to promote the Exploration of Flight education center at Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum:
These pics stand in stark contrast to those captured by 7News at the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard and East Bellaire Street:

Courtesy of 7News
Lucero's body was discovered in a silver sedan near the intersection and he was pronounced dead at 3:23 a.m. on Sunday, August 24..

Courtesy of 7News
A Denver coroner's office release acknowledges that authorities aren't certain at this point if Lucero died that morning or late on the 23rd. But there's no doubt about how his life ended. The aforementioned release reads in part: "The cause of death is a gunshot wound. The manner of death is homicide."

Courtesy of 7News
If the Denver Police Department has information about the person who pulled the trigger, reps are keeping it to themselves at this point. Meanwhile, Lucero's family is grappling with the brutal reality. One relative writes on Facebook, "Still just trying to wake up from this bad dream," adding that Lucero was "one of the most kind humans I've ever met. Such a great role model and person to look up to. Taken way too soon."

Our condolences to Lucero's friends, family and loved ones.

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