Photos: Pikes Peak Area's 28 Most Wanted for July and August (So Far)

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For what alleged crime is Misty Dawn Masterson wanted? Find out below.
Pikes Peak Area Crime Stoppers updates its most wanted list on a weekly basis. The technique seems to be working: A recent visit to the site showed six recent arrests. But that still leaves 28 men and women on the roster for July and August -- so far.

The good news: Most of the suspects are being sought for relatively minor offenses, such as providing false information to a pawn broker. But there are some serious crimes listed as well. See photos and information about the great 28 below. If you have information about their whereabouts, you're encouraged to phone 719-634-STOP (7867) -- and there may be a reward if your tip pays off.

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Continue to see more of Pikes Peak Area Crimes Stoppers' 28 most wanted for July and August.

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muhutdafuga topcommenter

The real criminals in Colorado Springs run the temples of hypocrisy, the corporate mega "churches," along with their politicians. 

Lani Rupp
Lani Rupp

Keep posting up to date most wanted's!! Very interesting!

Nikki Biggs
Nikki Biggs

I don't understand, "It doesn't take a lot to get listed among the Pikes Peak areas most wanted." These people are wanted for some very serious crimes! So wth do you mean???

Christopher D. Ortiz
Christopher D. Ortiz

its funny how many escape charges there are did the cops forget to lock the jail. the dumb truth is they most likely just cut off their ankle bracelet.

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