Reader: There's Something Beautiful About Turning a Prison Into a Marijuana Farm
A proposal to transform a shuttered women's prison into a marijuana grow was embraced by many of our readers -- particularly those who recall the days when smoking a joint could get someone tossed into a cell lickety-split. Here's an example.

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Greg Jabuki DeRuckus writes:

Prison-turns-marijuana farm is poetic justice.

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Leon Wilcox
Leon Wilcox

Its perfect for a grow op security and space besides using an empty building

Leon Wilcox
Leon Wilcox

Have you ever been in this prison. Your completely wrong. Also I'm betting your house isn't so sanitary and perfect. This is perfect use for an eyesore

Sean Gronbeck
Sean Gronbeck

Gross, if you have ever been in one of these places you would find it sickening. Bad vibes and energies and unsanitary. This use to be the old juvenile prison for boys, BTW. I wouldnt smoke anything grown in that asbestos dump. Rich people tend to be senseless about a lot of stuff, and their advisers even more senseless.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

About as "poetic" as turning Buchenwald into a Bagel Bakery.

Fucking idiots.


It is very poetic to grow plants in a jail, but not much justice.

The more laws we make, the more cannabis remains caged in a prison.

Some might say growing weed in a former prison, and paying too much for it in a store is progress, but I call it a scam. Police may have stopped writing tickets for the pipe in your pocket, but they still put people in jail for weed, they still charge people with felonies for weed, and they still collect money from people possessing weed, not in the form of a ticket if they catch you, but in the form of taxes anytime you buy it. 

More profit for local weed dealers/investors, more profit for police/government, more profit for lawyers, more profit for property owners.....All paid for by the consumers willing to pay for it. 

In a free market, weed would be worth around $10 an ounce, and an old prison would never be considered a good place to grow. But in a heavily regulated market, weed's worth what the corporations and government say it's worth. That's why weed will never be legalized like other crops, and that's why cannabis will always be caged in bureaucracy. Like any war the people disagree with, the war on weed is stronger than ever, while the people have been fooled into thinking it's almost over.

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