Photos: Robin Williams as a Broncos Cheerleader
More photos below.
The world continues to mourn the tragic death of Robin Williams, as well as to recall and celebrate his comedic gifts, which burst fully formed onto the entertainment scene thanks to his breakout sitcom, Mork and Mindy. But while the show was set in Boulder, Williams's alien from the planet Ork occasionally ventured to other parts of Colorado, including Mile High Stadium, where a 1980 episode found him debuting as a member of the Pony Express -- the Broncos cheerleading squad. The bit proved he could rock a skirt many years before Mrs. Doubtfire.

Below, see screen captures and a clip from the program. We expect they'll demonstrate that Williams's ability to put smiles on faces lives on.

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Courtesy of TMZ



Continue for more photos, plus a video, of Robin Williams as a Broncos cheerleader.

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Zach Knight
Zach Knight

Not to make light of undoubtedly dark and sorrowful situation. I was just making an observation and couldn't help but think isn't that around the time we lost our cheerleaders because all them turned out to be prostitutes .

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