Santiago Adame-Melchor and Anahit Conejo-Galicoa: Nebraska Cops Find 99 Pounds of Pot

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Santiago Adame-Melchor in a photo from his Facebook page. More images below.
Over the past several years, we've told you about alleged marijuana profiling -- drivers of cars with Colorado plates being pulled over by troopers in other states for what are often extremely minor infractions as an excuse to search for cannabis.

A lot of these stops come to nothing -- but every once in a while, cops hit the jackpot, as it were. Take this week's arrest of Aurora's Santiago Adame-Melchor and Anahit Conejo-Galicoa, who were allegedly caught with 99-plus pounds of weed.

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Adame-Melchor's Facebook page features plenty of self-portraits, including this one....

...and this one....

...not to mention several marijuana-centric images. Examples of the latter include this pic....

...and the following graphic:

Adame-Melchor's luck seems to have run out after he and Conejo-Galicoa crossed the border into Nebraska, where, as we've noted, many law enforcement agencies appear to have made Colorado pot a priority. Indeed, some authorities have even suggested asking Colorado to pay extra for marijuana enforcement due to the volume of weed coming from the state.

A Nebraska highway checkpoint.
What did Adame-Melchor do to attract the attention of the Nebraska State Patrol while traveling east on Interstate 80 in Seward County, not far from Lincoln? He was reportedly pulled over for "following too close." That's not quite as teensy an offense as failing to signal for five seconds before changing lanes, a favorite rationale in Idaho, but in the ballpark.

When troopers asked if they could search Adame-Melchor's 2005 Hyundai, he is said to have consented -- and before long, they found a suitcase containing 99.6 pounds of ganja. The pair were subsequently booked into Seward County jail on suspicion of marijuana possession with intent to deliver.

Will this big score inspire more stops of Colorado cars? We can't say for certain, but we do offer this piece of advice: Don't follow too close when you're traveling through Nebraska.

Here are booking photos of Adame-Melchor and Conejo-Galicoa as seen in Fox31 coverage.

Santiago Adame-Melchor and Anahit Conejo-Galicoa.

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Oh well. If you're stupid enough to drive through Nebraska with 100 lbs then you're asking for trouble.


Also if/when carrying through NE do not: speed...especially near the Lincoln airport where the speed on I-80 drops to 65 mpi and where MANY drug stops are made.  Have license plates properly displayed front and back, don't bobble the fog line, signal every lane change, of course to not "follow to close" and if you see one of those fake drug checkpoint signs, don't abruptly take the next exit.  If asked to consent to a search, tell the officer if your traffic and safety business is completed that you'd rather head on down the road!

GuestWho topcommenter

Lots of people making jokes about a couple of people that will be going to jail for a very long time for what looks like a victimless crime...something that "caregivers" likely do in Colorado "legally" every day.  I don't think it's funny America.

Where's the victim?

"victimless crime is a term used to refer to actions that have been ruled illegal but which are argued not to directly violate or threaten the rights of any other individual. It often involves consensual acts in which one or more persons commit a criminal offence in which no other person is involved. For example, in the United States, current victimless crimes include prostitution, gambling, and illicit drug use."

Scott R. Shriver
Scott R. Shriver

Got 99 problems, but a blunt aint one of them. (some one had to... sorry)

Mona Trujillo
Mona Trujillo

My goodness...its weed....who cares....seriously. smh

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

99 pounds of pot in the trunk, 99 pounds of pot

take one out and pass it about, 98 pounds of pot

98 pounds of pot in the trunk, 98 pounds of pot

take one out and pass it about, 97 pounds of pot

 97 pounds of pot in the trunk, 97 pounds of pot

take one out and pass it about, 96 pounds of pot

 96 pounds of pot in the trunk, 96 pounds of pot

take one out and pass it about, 95 pounds of pot

 95 pounds of pot in the trunk, 95 pounds of pot

take one out and pass it about, 95 pounds of pot ...

Lynn Stiles
Lynn Stiles

Just a guess here but I don't think all that came from a trip to the dispensery, aren't these bust the kind they are suppose to make? 99 lbs? Seems odd.


Word to the wise: If you drive out of the state of Colorado with CO plates, don't take any herb with you!

Joe Cherry
Joe Cherry

My wife's friend just got pulled over. A mile across the border she got pulled over by a dick cop. She asked why he pulled her over and he was like, uh speeding, and she said, really how fast was I going? (She had cruise set) and he said well you know why I pulled you over and she was like no why. Well do you have any drugs in the car? And she was like no. He said then can I search? She said yea as soon as you get a warrant.

Skye Cameron
Skye Cameron

….at officer Dudley Do-Rite's house. Everybody's in charge of bringing a dish for the 'pot' luck dinner by the pool.

Devin DeSimone
Devin DeSimone

The F-ed up part is, I bet they actually found 100 lbs The missing pound will be disposed of in a "controled burn" over the weekend............

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

... so you support arresting and imprisoning people for marijuana?

Go fuck yourself, you prohibitionist bitch!

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

That's quite a story, Joe. We're going to feature it as an upcoming Comment of the Day. Thanks.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

... if so, lucky for them, since 100+ pounds is a sentencing enhancement threshold for severe minimum mandatory prison time.

muhutdafuga topcommenter

@DonkeyHotay On the "positive" side, that would be a big bonus for a corporate crony private prison owner.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@muhutdafuga ... they're still going to prison ... they're minorities ... in white-bread red-neck conservatard Nebraska.

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