Forbes' Top 13 Colorado Colleges and Their (Mostly Unimpressive) National Rankings

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Additional photos and more below.
Forbes has just released its list of the top colleges in America -- a roster that includes 650 institutions. And while thirteen Colorado colleges are included, none of them made the top ten...or the top twenty...or the top thirty.

Below, see our photo-illustrated countdown of the Colorado finishers, complete with tuition info, student population figures and their national ranking -- which, for many, isn't especially impressive. Count them down below, and to check out the full methodology, click here.

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Number 13: Colorado Mesa University
Colorado Mesa University Facebook page
Cost: $29,752

Student Population: 9,482

National Rank: 642

Number 12: Metropolitan State University of Denver
Metropolitan State University of Denver Office of the Registrar Facebook page
Cost: $31,093

Student Population: 23,381

National Rank: 638

Continue to keep counting down Colorado's top thirteen colleges according to Forbes.

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Jonah Menzies
Jonah Menzies

Yet, you made an effort to point out their less-than-stellar football program as the sole justification against the building of a stadium as opposed to just simply stating painful truth: college sports is a major league ripoff for everyone involvded -- except of course, the school admins, athletic directors and coaches and their corporate sponsors who make out like bandits.

Lauren Hoff
Lauren Hoff

Correlation does not imply causation, Sir

Jonah Menzies
Jonah Menzies

So if they were "winning" it would be a-okay for the school to place athletics over academics?

Ben Beeby
Ben Beeby

Colorado State University-Global Campus is the 5th best online program in the nation.

Lauren Hoff
Lauren Hoff

CSU is more concerned about building a new stadium for a losing football team than updating the most used building academic building on campus

Tim Tindle
Tim Tindle

Our highest paid university professionals, are damned football coaches!


There are so many lists of the best colleges but do we really need them? I have found funny commercials about useless diploma, It is funny but we should admit that in general it is true. I have met so many people who do some meaningless job for no money and when I get to know what degree they have, I am shocked. I imagine how much money they have paid for education, how hard they worked and how much time they spend for writing their papers (or spend ordering from them ) I cannot even imagine how they feel after that. That`s  probably the reason why we have so many people who are no satisfied with their lives.


Kathryn Irelan
Kathryn Irelan

At least we made some sort of list. MSU Denver!! Woooooot

RobertChase topcommenter

State support for higher education is almost nonexistent.  Because of the loss of academic integrity in public secondary education, Colorado colleges are admitting some students lacking even ninth-grade competence in English, mathematics, or both.  The General Assembly changed the law to permit these institutions to teach remedial courses themselves.

It is hardly surprising that Forbes rates Colorado colleges so poorly.  There are 650 colleges on its list, so Colorado Mesa University, MSU Denver, the University of Northern Colorado, Fort Lewis College, UC Colorado Springs, Western State Colorado University, and UC Denver rank in the bottom quarter.  CSU is in the lower half of Forbes’ ranking, and only the School of Mines, DU, CU Boulder, Colorado College, and the Air Force Academy rank in the upper quarter.  Colorado has only one State college ranked among the top quarter in Forbes' assessment.  There is at least one more State college not ranked by Forbes conferring four-year degrees.  Rather than certifying more schools as four-year institutions, Colorado should seriously consider re-making some as adult high schools; with 40% of incoming freshman who graduated from Colorado high schools enrolling in remedial coursework in State colleges, these institutions are fast becoming such irrespective of all their puffery and pretension to the contrary.

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