Top Ten State Economies According to MSN Money -- and Colorado's Big Finish

Memes and more below.
Plenty of folks in these parts continue to complain about the rough economy -- but according to MSN Money, such gripes have reached their expiration date. The site has just ranked the fifty state economies from worst to first, and Colorado is solidly ensconced in the top ten. But where did it finish? Count down the meme-illustrated list below, complete with excerpts from MSN Money text -- and to see the original post, which features even more facts and figures, click here.

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Number 10: Massachusetts
MSN Money excerpt: "Massachusetts, powered by its many prestigious colleges and universities, has a robust service economy, anchored by creative industries, financial services, information technology and the life sciences...."

Sample fact: "Massachusetts saw a drop in unemployment in the past year, from 7.1 percent in June 2013 to 5.5 percent in June 2014...."

Number 9: Nevada
MSN Money excerpt: "Nevada was hit extremely hard by the implosion of the 2000's housing bubble, but its economy, including its housing market, is getting back on its feet...."

Sample fact: "The unemployment rate dropped 2.3 percent from 10.0 percent in June 2013 to 7.7 percent in June 2014, the second-best improvement in the country...."

Continue to keep counting down the ten best state economies according to MSN Money.

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Sorola J. Palmer Jr.
Sorola J. Palmer Jr.

The rich r getting richer and the homeless increase daily in Denver...I never thought I would ever see young white folks digging in the trash for food or dancing in the streets for change...On the other hand Elways and Panzanos and 1515 steakhouse is always packed with affluent people...I have never seen so any white people on food stamps n my entire Louisiana even the poorest white trash folks have a boat to go fishing on the Bayou and too much white pride to be begging or dancing on the streets for bread...nonetheless the economy is booming out here and jobs are everywhere for people that wanna work

Jessica Hazel
Jessica Hazel

No... but the pot revenues were going to help schools, which they should. I don't have kids, so I wasn't expecting to see any of it myself anyway.

Riley Nolan
Riley Nolan

We have a very diverse economy and not everyone can/will benefit from it. With that said, there is a reason why lots of people's jobs are having them move here. We have everything from weapon development, to oil and gas, to high tech, to tourism. I think Colorado is on the forefront, as long as our current state government doesn't ruin that, I believe within ten years we could be a staple for the U.S economy.

Alex Ziolkowski
Alex Ziolkowski

If that was the case, employers would pay much more in the state instead of expecting maximum productivity for ridiculous minimal pay! Cheap ass state"

Jame Koopman
Jame Koopman

No. I'm making what I was making in 1984 and I have to work two jobs

Bruce Nunnally
Bruce Nunnally

Now that I actuall hear that I did well, I feel ALOT better!

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