Trina Chavez-Hutchins's Allegedly Schmucky Plan to Get Her Grandkids to Help Shoplift

Trina Chavez-Hutchins. More photos and a video below.
We tend to think of grandmothers as passing along wisdom to their grandkids -- and 43-year-old Trina Chavez-Hutchins appears to have been doing just that a few days back.

In this particular case, however, the knowledge she was sharing allegedly involved helping her shoplift. Get the not-quite-heartwarming details below.

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According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, the location for this particular family outing was a Sportsmans Warehouse at 555 North Chelton Road, in the Citadel Mall.

The target -- which, in this case, isn't a Target.
On Sunday, August 3, Chavez-Hutchins reportedly stopped by the outlet in the company of her ten-year-old grandson and seven-year-old granddaughter.

Their goal, investigators believe, was to pick up some nifty items and split without paying for them.

The CSPD maintains that Chavez-Hutchins and her granddaughter can be seen on surveillance video "selecting items and placing them into a basket." A short time later, a witness told security about seeing Chavez-Hutchins hurrying out the door and yelling to her grandkids to "run, hurry, get in the car."

Another look at the Sportsmans Warehouse, from CBS4 coverage.
They followed instructions and made their getaway -- but the witness saw the vehicle's license plate number. With the assistance of those digits, police traced the ride to Chavez-Hutchins's residence, on the 4800 block of Live Oak Drive. There, they found "approximately half of the $360 in items that were stolen," the CSPD reveals.

Shortly thereafter, Chavez-Hutchins, who's said to boast a lengthy criminal record, was busted on suspicion of theft and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Clearly, the police have no respect for alternative education -- or at least the kind Chavez-Hutchins seems to have practiced.

Look below to see a Chavez-Hutchins's double mug shot, followed by a CBS4 report.

Trina Chavez-Hutchins.

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I always wonder how many of these thefts went undetected and unpunished?  With her 'long criminal record' does anyone wonder that our 'justice' system does not work.  These types do crime over and over and over and get plea bargains, because of their families and being the sole support (via government checks) of these grandkids and kids of her own.  I'd wager the whole family are thieves and criminals. do some checking and that's what you'll find out.  No more plea bargains, jail time, a lesson on bad behavior, not a free lawyer and a kick out the back door of the court house.


 "who's said to boast a lengthy criminal record,"

How lengthy?


What happened to "DonkeyHotay"? Are you having some personality disorder issues?

fishingblues topcommenter


The donkey has AIDS and changed his name in an effort to go out with a flair.  Unfortunately, given his new handle and its penile discharge, it looks more like a flair-up.  


@fishingblues "it looks more like a flair-up. [sic]"

Still dumber than a frozen turd, eh shiteater?

Does your granddaughter know you're an illiterate ignoramus?


Eff off, Donkey fanboy. You're no better the way you PATHETICALLY follow the guy around, needlessly trying to out-douche an internet stranger. Go back to looking at photos of naked toddlers.

fishingblues topcommenter


And yet I  am still about 40 points and three standard deviations ahead of you sluggo.

You pathetic little shit-stain.  


Truth hurts, huh?


@fishingblues @Feef This is NOT your personal blog, write something about the story or don't write anything at all, you and yours are what ruins sites, personal attacks and personal comments that do nothing but show your ineptitude. 

fishingblues topcommenter


I'll write whatever the hell I feel like writing.

Smug, self-important assholes like you "are what ruins sites".  

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