Counting Up Troy Tulowitzki's 36 Career Injuries -- and No, That's Not a Typo

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Troy Tulowitzki. Videos and stats aplenty below.
When we heard that Rockies star Troy Tulowitzki would miss the remainder of another lost and humiliating season with a hip injury, we weren't exactly shocked. After all, the All-Star shortstop has a reputation for being oft-injured. But we were surprised by how many times Tulo's been hurt. The Baseball Prospectus website lists a whopping 36 over the course of his career.

Some of the injuries were so minor Tulowtizki didn't miss any days or games. But the others have kept him on the shelf for well over 300 games since breaking into the majors -- and that total is rising. Continue to count up all 36 in a list featuring videos and Baseball Prospectus stats.

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Number 1:

Date on: 2005-08-03

Date off: 2005-09-03

Transaction: Minors

Days: 31

Games: 0

Body Part: Left thigh strain

Severity: Quadriceps

Number 2:

Date on: 2007-03-11

Date off: 2007-03-13

Transaction: Camp

Days: 2

Games: 0

Body Part: Left wrist contusion

Severity: Hit by pitch

Number 3:

Date on: 2007-06-03

Date off: 2007-06-05

Transaction: Day-to-day

Days: 2

Games: 1

Body Part: Right groin strain

Severity: --

Number 4:

Date on: 2007-07-24

Date off: 2007-07-26

Transaction: Day-to-day

Days: 2

Games: 2

Body Part: General medical: gastrointestinal

Severity: GI

Number 5:

Date on: 2008-04-30

Date off: 2008-06-20

Transaction: Fifteen day disabled list

Days: 51

Games: 46

Body Part: Left thigh strain

Severity: Quadriceps tendon

Number 6:

Date on: 2008-07-05

Date off: 2008-07-21

Transaction: Fifteen day disabled list

Days: 16

Games: 13

Body Part: Right thumb laceration

Severity: Thumb

Continue to keep counting up Troy Tulowitzki's 36 career injuries, including more stats and videos.

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I think Tulo needs to move on. The Rocks need to have a player that is durable.

Rockpile Ranter
Rockpile Ranter

The Deuce needs to start thinking about 1st base instead of the Yankees.

Nando Commando
Nando Commando

Why would NY want him? They don't like paying an injured player.

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