USA Pro Challenge 2014: Everything You Need to Know About All Seven Stages
Additional photos and more below.
A lot's changed with the USA Pro Challenge bike race since it was announced in August 2010. For one thing, it was initially called the Quiznos Pro Challenge. For another, the two people at center stage for the big unveil were Bill Ritter, who's no longer Colorado's governor, and Lance Armstrong, currently known as the biggest liar on the planet.

Nonetheless, the 2014 version of the USA Pro Challenge, beginning today and running through August 24, looks to be the biggest and best race in the series thus far. Below, we've got photo-illustrated details about all seven stages, including maps and a profile showing the incredible elevation changes from the kickoff in the Aspen area to the grand finale in Boulder and Denver. Check them out below -- and for even more information, click here.

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Monday, August 18th • 61 Miles/98 Kilometers

USA Pro Challenge 2014 Stage 1 Map

USA Pro Challenge 2014 Stage 1 Profile

Continue to learn about the next stage of the USA Pro Challenge 2014, including maps and photos.


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