Abigayle Wietharn, Fourteen, Found Safe After Disappearing Under "Suspicious Circumstances"

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Abigayle Wietharn. A larger image and more below.
Update: Abigayle Wietharn, a fourteen-year-old from Olathe who disappeared on September 1 under what the Colorado Bureau of Investigation described as "suspicious circumstances," has been found safe with two boys whose names appear in our original post below -- and those circumstances apparently weren't so suspicious after all. Always nice to pass along some good news. See our previous coverage below.

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Original post, 5:56 a.m. September 4: Abigayle Wietharn, fourteen, has been missing since Monday -- and she may be more than a runaway.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigations has issued an alert about the teen, whose disappearance is described as possibly suspicious.

Abigaye was last seen at around 11 p.m. on Labor Day, September 1, at 205 Allison in Olathe, a location captured in the following interactive graphic. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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Investigators believe she could be in the company of two fellow teens: Julian Zeferino-Mechor, thirteen, and Billy Mundell, seventeen. Unlike Abigayle, both the boys have Facebook pages, but the material on them can be described as typical. Julian's features multiple photos of him throwing gangsta signs while wearing a bandanna over his face (hardly abnormal behavior for a thirteen-year-old), while Billy's sports sensitive posts about his feelings, including one in which he thanks his mom for letting him invite friends over.

The Montrose Press cites a Delta Police Department Facebook post noting that Abigayle may be "traveling in a 1995 green Pontiac Grand Am, Colorado license plate 350TEA." No word about which direction she (and presumably the boys) could be heading.

Anyone with information about Abigayle's whereabouts is encouraged to contact Detective Sergeant Greg Birely of the Delta Police Department at 970-874-7676, Delta Dispatch at 970-874-2015 or the Olathe Police at 970-323-4357. Here's a larger look at Abigayle's photo.

Abigayle Wietharn.

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they already found her, idiots

RobertChase topcommenter

I will not delve into the statutes to discern exactly how serious the criminal charges which might be made as a result of an inferred relationship between the older teenagers, but thanks to Fascist (Republican) Party swine former State Sen. Norma Anderson, Colorado ratcheted up penalties for sex offenses broadly, aping other states' draconian laws.  In Fascist Florida, where I am from, teenagers under the age of eighteen at the time of their alleged offense have been sent to prison for natural human sexual conduct.  The supposed "land of the free" imprisons more people than any other on the planet.  End American Fascism Now!


I knew a girl like Abigayle Wietharn back in my freshman year of high school.  Her name was Stephanie.  Like Abigayle Wietharn, she had blond hair and she was very beautiful.  Like Abigayle, she also had a nice figure and that dimple-in-her-chin thing going for her.  She and I were both 14 years old when we first met, and Stephanie was like a dream girl to me who was perfect in every way in my eyes.  She never paid any mind to me except when she was teasing me.  However, I even thought she was cute when she was sassing off.  Sometimes she could be annoying, but in a fun sort of way.  I never had a shot with Stephanie.  All throughout high school, she only seemed to date the class hunks and I was short for my age.  However, in my last year of high school, I noticed that she wasn't around anywhere at school.  Then one day I overheard a girl named Dana in my class, talking about her and saying that Stephanie had dropped out of school after she became pregnant.  Dana said that she had asked Stephanie if she was going to marry the father of her unborn baby, and she said no.  Dana and her friends seemed to be making fun of Stephanie's predicament.  However, I would never have wished her situation on her or any teenage girl.  Anyone who is reading this post, I ask that you not pass judgment on Abigayle.  She is likely a very nice girl who has taken a few wrong turns on the path of life.  Someday she'll be someone's wife and someone's mother.  Even teenagers with issues can and do turn out good in the long run.


My son Billy Mundell had contacted me at 1:51 Pm. I had then contacted the Delta PD as well as the police in Nevada. I received another call from Billy again at 3:05. He asked me "Mom what should I do? I told him to contact the police and turn yourselves in as more harm is being done then good and he said ok. I in turn called back the Delta PD and told the officer that Billy had contacted me again. He asked if they were back at the location I gave them. I said yes. At 3:05 they were picked up. The Officer called me back and told me that were picked up and they are all safe and ok just scared. So everyone knows they are safe. And now us mommies can breath again til they come back to us and our waiting arms. I know personaly it has been a trial after hearing how everyone was labeling my son. Saying he was a gang member, that he was a very bad kid. Yes my son has made some bad choices in his teenage life. Sadly from what I have seen have been thru myself, these small towns offer no fun, safe and free stuff for kids to do so they do things that normaly they would not.I am NOT Justifying my son, I am just stating a fact. My son will face this head on and suffer the concequences for his actions. He I am sure, already knows this. I will be also having a very long talk with him after hes back here safe and .as well as a hug and kiss from me. This has been a trial for all of us. 


@RobertChase With every word you write, I am more convinced you are an ignorant liberal idiot.


@tara.mundell1 I don't want to speculate.  However,if your son, Billy, is 17 years old and Abigayle is 14 years old and they're a couple, then I suspect that your son probably looks young for his age and sees Abigayle as the teenage girlfriend he wished he had back when he himself was 14 years old.  Abigayle also probably likes the attention that an older boy like your son gives her, and she doesn't care much for boys her own age because of their lack of maturity.  Mother Nature can be a much stronger force than society itself.  If this is the case, it doesn't mean that your son is immature.  It just means at worst that he may be misunderstood.  Especially, by Abigayle's parents.  In any event, give him all the maternal guidance you can.  There were a lot of teen pregnancies in my high school when I was still going there, and your son doesn't want to be worrying about when his girlfriend is going to go into labor while he is getting ready to go to college.  When he turns 18 and goes off to college and she's 15 years old, it'll likely get more complicated for both of them.  Putting off parenthood is the biggest challenge they now face in these critical years.  When she's 22 and he's 25, life won't seem so difficult for both of them.


@SubliminalPortal @tara.mundell1 Its much bigger than that. Sadly my son has had some run ins with the law. As a young bow when we lived in Maine he was a bright smart kid. He was in baseball for 4 years and loved to play outside. A year after we moved here my 2 oldest out of 4 sadly started getting into small trouble here n there and before I knew it it escalated. Things of not been easy on us for the past few years. Im saying most of this because things I know will get out of hand before we know it. 

      During this whole thing my family have been kept out of the picture. No one came to tell us anything. I only found out things by way of  facebook. Not even the school was kept up to date. I had to sit here by myself, crying everyday for the kids. I kept imagining some horrible things. With the help of 2 others (Staff at the the school) and support from Billys friends, and support from my sister was I able to get thru this. Thats why I stated n still say I know  my boy did some bad things in the last few years. The main reason is there is nothing in this small town for kids to do and that causes them to think up stupid things. Im not making excuses for him. I just know that, that is part of it. The other is Billy holds things in. He has expierienced things that other kids do not until they are adults. The 1 person he idolized had died unexpectedly. That was my mom while they were visiting my grandma in G.A. My mom n Billy were very close. Theres other things as well. I am not justifying him as he knows what he did was not a smart thing to do. 

I was very upset with how this all turned out. Billy and Jullian were portrayed as 2 very bad kids from being in gangs to having criminal history and more. This is the ONLY site that put them in a differant light and saw them as who they realy are. Yeas my son has had run ins with the law and is paying for that. BUT he is not in any gangs. Like a statement a friend had made. Our country kids dont even know what real gamgs are. They just go by what they see on the tv. They both have feelings. 

My 2 youngest kids including Billy's girlfriend had to deal with some major bullying at school. My husband has to listen to this at work with people comming in saying bad stuff about our son. 

But yet I never recieved a thank you or anything for letting everyone know that they were found safe. Aside from the staff at school being they were not being kept informed.... 

  I had a choice to make when my boy called me not once but twice. And my choice was to talk to Billy and have him tell Jullian and Abigayle to turn themselves in. Thats when they were picked up. I do not know if they willingly did it or was spotted. All I care about is that they were safe. 

  I know Billy and Jullian will get alot of heat when they come back. After all the mean stuff that was said about them. I am now afraid for thier safety when they do come back.

  My understanding was that Jullian and Abigayle were the 2 that wanted to get married. 


@tara.mundell1 @SubliminalPortal Reading between the lines, if you're not living under a rock, you have no idea of what your son or sons are up too.  YOU are their mother, YOU should make it your business to know.  Had your son been involved in a shooting event, you would be saying the exact same things, 'I didn't know, no one told me'  My gosh lady, you are the mother, all the 'scrapes' they've gotten into, the 'run-in's' with the police, you're SUPPOSED to know, find out.  'my husband has to deal with people saying 'bad stuff' about my son'  Really?  How about getting to the bottom of the 'bad stuff' lady?  Fix it.

You expect to be rewarded because you 'did the right thing' and turned them into police, hoorah for you, 'mother of the year', NOT.


@gofastgo, dude, you are an idiot.  Have kids?  Doubt it.  I'll assist you in removing your head from your rectum, this lady is on here giving her thoughts and opinions and telling the public what happened.  I for one appreicate the back story since Colorado's news outlets are piss poor.  Who are you to attack?  I'm sure if we looked into your "closet" you call a life, there would be many opportunities for everyone to point fingers and accuse you of being a bonehead idiot.  Get a life and crawl back under the rock from which you came and stop being a babbling Moron.

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