Hellooooo, Ladies!: Sexy Facebook Poser Keith Gardner Busted for Stripping at Police Station

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The larger and even more beguiling version of Keith Gardner's Facebook profile pic is among the photos below.
Keith Gardner is very comfortable showing off his physique, as is clear from his Facebook profile pic, seen here and in wider angle, maybe-safe-for-work-but-maybe-not version below. But Colorado Springs cops say he went a little too far yesterday -- by stripping down in a police station. And the story doesn't end there.

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A Google Maps look at the Colorado Springs Police Operations Center.
According to the Colorado Springs blotter, the incident took place around 8 p.m. last night at the Police Operations Center, located at 705 South Nevada Avenue.

At that time, an officer assigned to the center called for backup when a man later identified as Gardener, 38, walked into the building's lobby and took his pants off.

He did the same thing in his aforementioned Facebook photo:

This time around, however, he allegedly decided to ditch his briefs, as well.

The blotter notes that after the man exposed himself, he quickly split on foot.

Officers followed, and they didn't have to look far. They found him running naked on the 800 block of South Nevada.

As you can see in the following Google Maps screen capture, this stretch of roadway includes a convenient bail-bonds business:

Moments later, Gardner was "contacted" and taken into custody on suspicion (a strong suspension, apparently) of indecent exposure.

Shortly thereafter, Gardner got the chance to pose for another photo -- but the folks at the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center clothed him first and aimed the camera above the shoulders. Sorry, ladies. Here's a look at his mug shots.

Keith Gardner.

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Jill Tiller
Jill Tiller

Thought that was Crazy Eyes from OITNB

Daniel Shalik
Daniel Shalik

Sounds like he needed free room and board and a meal.

Che Weller
Che Weller

Smh...cant a man just shake wang every now and then.

RobertChase topcommenter

"... on suspicion (a strong suspension, apparently) ..." -- running frantic this morning, Michael?  What with your strenuous efforts to court fb users and recycle stories from the previous day, it is understandable that WW doesn't get out to cover the news much -- like the hearing about rules proposed by the MED (and the cartel) to compel most cannabis to be grown indoors under lights powered by electricity generated by burning coal, instead of in greenhouses, under natural light.  The DP didn't manage to get a reporter (two blocks) to the Capitol either; Kristen Wyatt of the AP instead wrote an article (which the Post buried, after giving it the very misleading headline:  "Colorado struggles to adjust marijuana supply"), which did not attempt to discern the purpose of the proposed rules, allowing the fallacious interpretation cast on it by the Post).

DonkeyHotay topcommenter


Outlaw ALL INDOOR Grows that use Incandescent Lighting! -- Stop Raping the Environment for Greedy Commercial Pot Pigs!

From the DP: Industry lobbyists -- Greedy Big $$ Dispensary Cartel Shills -- helped craft the proposed rules and supported them in the Tuesday hearing.

“Colorado is responsible for making sure marijuana doesn’t go out of state. That’s a big responsibility,” said that lowlife scumbag Mike Elliott, head of the Marijuana Industry Group, which represents about 30 closely held Greedy Dispensary Pig marijuana businesses.

But smaller pot growers lined up to complain that the rules amount to state-sanctioned protections for industry veterans.

A major chafing point is a proposal to allow indoor warehouses to grow twice as many plants as greenhouses, 3,600 versus 1,800.

Colorado’s medical pot growers were required to use energy-intense closed warehouses using grow lights. Now the state allows greenhouses and even limited outdoor growing, depending on local zoning. 

Many argued the state should be encouraging marijuana production that uses less energy. Large marijuana warehouses sometimes have five-figure monthly power bills.

“This is a plant. We need to take it away from being inside under lights,” said Greg Duran, who owns a greenhouse-consulting firm.

Smaller growers also complained that the lower caps for greenhouses are simply intended to help older warehouse growers.

“The only person who is going to benefit is either the power companies, people who are renting warehouses or people who have built huge growing warehouses,” said Thomas Killeen, a would-be greenhouse pot grower from Colorado Springs.

BOYCOTT ALL MMIG Pig Dispensaries!

RobertChase topcommenter

@DonkeyHotay Since producing the best cannabis may require eighteen hours of illumination per day, some use of electric lights is appropriate -- arbitrary strictures that reward the cartel and Xcel manifestly are not!  The proposed rule would apply across the industry, affecting not just the retail market being used to fund Prohibition, but patients' medicine as well.

P.S.  That should be "BOYCOTT ALL MIG Pig Dispensaries!" -- the organization changed its name (and there is no good reason to boycott medical dispensaries).

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@RobertChase "Since producing the best cannabis may require eighteen hours of illumination per day"

You really have no idea what you're yammering about, do you?

@RobertChase "there is no good reason to boycott medical dispensaries"

Bullshit! ... shut the ENTIRE GREEDY COMMERCIAL RETAIL industry DOWN!

Boycott ALL Greedy Big $$ Dispensary Cartels -- ESPECIALLY the Mike Elliot MIG Pigs!

RobertChase topcommenter

@DonkeyHotay At least you may now use the correct name for the organization we both hate rather than an historical reference.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@RobertChase ... a Greedy Pig by any other name would still be deserving of slaughter.

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