Photos: Tour Five of the Most Expensive Homes for Sale in Colorado

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Either the economy's finally improving or folks selling homes think it is -- because the number of eight-figure Colorado homes for sale is definitely on the rise. Whereas the priciest property on our winter roster of the most expensive homes for sale in Denver was going for a mere $9.2 million, our latest list of gorgeous abodes available over a larger swath of Colorado via the good folks at The Home Cart features five that start at more than $15 million. Check them out below, complete with multiple photos and Home Cart text -- and be sure to click on the links if you want to see more.

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Number 5: 6438 W Dakan Street, Sedalia: $16 million
The Historic Wildflower Ranch encompasses 1,438 acres of rolling hills running alongside Perry Park Road and Dakan Road in the heart of Sedalia, Colorado. Nestled among rock outcroppings and natural springs, this lush Ranch is one of the only homesteads that embodies both the rustic beauty of true Colorado farmland and the sophistication of a modern horse facility.Expansive Views, Incredible Horse Facility, Barn, Workshop, Heated Garage, Fenced Pastures, Outdoor Runs, Indoor Arena. Wildflower Ranch has 3 Large Cabins 1 formal bedroom in the main cabin, cabin two has three bedrooms, and cabin three has two bedrooms.
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Natalie Blyth
Natalie Blyth

And now you are going to move before I even get a foot in the door....sad. Xx

Shannon Johnson Bortolotto
Shannon Johnson Bortolotto

My sister & I would always joke, where could the house from Dynasty have been in Denver...? Maybe house # 5??!! Haha.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Homes for more than $15 million?

... from Wasteword who panders to the impoverished demographic that only has $10 to spend on weekend entertainment?


davebarnes topcommenter

I have been inside #1 in Lakewood

It was the home of Vernon (Moose) and Ann Taylor.

It sits on a 1/4 section of land with enough room to land/park multiple helicopters.

Bill Clinton visited during the G8

Prince Phillip visited.

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