Dan O'Dowd Finally Out as Rockies GM -- But With Dick Monfort as Owner, Will It Matter?

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Dan O'Dowd and Rockies owner Dick Monfort in an item featured on the Colorado Rockies Memes Facebook page.
The Colorado Rockies are a bad joke of a Major League Baseball franchise, yet owner Dick Monfort has been extremely slow to make changes -- maybe because of all the money he's raking in from the new Coors Field party deck. But this morning brings news that general manager Dan O'Dowd, who helped assemble a team that was lucky to go 66-96 this year, has resigned -- and that's not all. Photos, details and early reaction below.

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Counting Up Troy Tulowitzki's 36 Career Injuries -- and No, That's Not a Typo

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Troy Tulowitzki. Videos and stats aplenty below.
When we heard that Rockies star Troy Tulowitzki would miss the remainder of another lost and humiliating season with a hip injury, we weren't exactly shocked. After all, the All-Star shortstop has a reputation for being oft-injured. But we were surprised by how many times Tulo's been hurt. The Baseball Prospectus website lists a whopping 36 over the course of his career.

Some of the injuries were so minor Tulowtizki didn't miss any days or games. But the others have kept him on the shelf for well over 300 games since breaking into the majors -- and that total is rising. Continue to count up all 36 in a list featuring videos and Baseball Prospectus stats.

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Rockies Last in Division, First in Misspelling Names of Team's Players

Can you spot the latest misspelling? More photos below.
This week, the Colorado Rockies lost another player to injury, gave up a game-winning home run to a rookie (the Cubs' Javier Baez) making his major league debut and misspelled another of its star player's names in the latest poorly edited promotional effort.

In other words, it was just another day at Coors Field.

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Photos: Twenty most memorable Colorado Rockies suck memes

Big memes below.
It's the Major League Baseball All-Star break, and that's appropriate, because the Colorado Rockies are broken. The team has gone from better than expected to as horrible as usual over the course of the season to date, with owner Dick Monfort making a bad situation infinitely worse by suggesting to one disgruntled fan that maybe Denver doesn't deserve a team anymore. The line prompted one wit to put the Rockies up for sale in a now-pulled Craigslist ad that we managed to screen-capture before it disappeared.

The Colorado Rockies Memes Facebook page reflects the resulting frustration; nearly every recent post is negative, with Monfort and general manager Dan O'Dowd coming in for the vast majority of (thoroughly deserved) bashing. Continue to check out our picks for the twenty most memorable Colorado Rockies suck memes, with the Craigslist ad included as a special bonus.

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Photos: Colorado Rockies fans celebrate Opening Day in LoDo
Big photos below.
Friday was opening day for the Rockies, which meant LoDo was decked out in purple to celebrate baseball's return -- and the Rockies rewarded fans with a victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Photographer Scott Lentz captured the jubilation of the Rockies' first home win of 2014 with shots of the revelers that flooded Blake Street.

Check out a sampling of his photos below, and click to access the complete Opening Day in LoDo slide show.

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Charlie Monfort, Rockies co-owner, busted for drunk driving: Fans lash out on Facebook

Big photos below.
In February, shortly before the Colorado Rockies' season got underway, first baseman Todd Helton was busted for drunk driving. Helton wound up retiring at the end of the mediocre campaign, and now, Rockies co-owner Charlie Monfort has been taken into custody on suspicion of the same crime.

Monfort and his brother, Dick, have been under heat for allowing the Rockies to linger in lousiness, and fans on Facebook didn't ease up on their criticism in light of Charlie's troubles.

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Video: Colorado Rockies fan catches a foul ball in his beer

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Video below.
The Colorado Rockies may have lost to the San Diego Padres 7-5 last night. But one fan who attended the game definitely left feeling like a winner, even if he got a little wet in the process.

The Rockies' Dexter Fowler hit a foul ball, and the damn thing landed smack dab in the guy's beer cup -- after which he gleefully sucked out enough suds to dislodge it and held up his prize to the crowd's delight.

See the amazing video below.

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Todd Helton pleads guilty to driving while ability impaired

Big photos below.
The mug shot of Colorado Rockies all-star Todd Helton taken after his arrest for DUI in February spoke volumes about the most humiliating moment of his career -- an incident detailed in an arrest report on view below in its entirety.

Now, however, with the Rockies' season underway and going better than anticipated, Helton is taking responsibility for this error in judgment and attempting to put the embarrassment behind him by pleading guilty today to driving while ability impaired.

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Photos: Rockies fans celebrate team in first place -- and not sucking!

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rockies 2013 opening day 205x205.jpg
Big photos below.
We admit it. After taking one look at the pitching staff of the 2013 Colorado Rockies, we thought the team would set records -- for ineptitude. But thus far, we've been happily surprised -- no, thrilled -- by all aspects of the team, which currently has a 5-1 record and sits atop the National League West standings.

The fans captured on opening day by photographer Danielle Lirette never had any doubts. Check out a sampling of her shots below, and click to see our complete "Fans of the Rockies' Opening Day" slide show.

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Todd Helton's DUI police report: Lottery tickets and wine in Igloo cups

Thumbnail image for todd helton mug shot cropped.jpg
Big photos below.
The mug shot of Colorado Rockies all-star Todd Helton taken after his arrest for DUI speaks volumes about the most embarrassing incident of his career. But the police affidavit about the bust adds lots of wacky detail, about everything from chewing tobacco to the chalices from which Helton prefers to sip his wine. Details, the complete report and, of course, a larger version of the mug shot below.

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