Twelve Cities With the Highest and Lowest ATM Fees -- and Denver's Poor Performance

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If you thought you were getting screwed on ATM fees, you were right. Bankrate has crunched the numbers for the cities with the lowest and highest ATM fees, and Denver's on the latter roster, with plenty of places that would seem to have higher costs of living offering better deals than here. Below, see photo-illustrated run-downs of the six cities with the lowest ATM fees, followed by the six with the highest, featuring Bankrate data.

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Denver District Attorney: Staffers Can't Live Where Marijuana Is an Income Source

Although the Denver District Attorney's Office only has the power to prosecute local and state laws, its employees are held to a higher standard when it comes to marijuana.

Specifically, they aren't allowed to possess, grow or sell pot, since all of those things are illegal under federal law. But the office has taken its prohibitions a step further than that. In February, it updated its conduct policy to include a provision that prevents employees from benefiting from "income derived from a household member's ownership or financial interest in, or employment by" a marijuana business.

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Photos: Our Twenty Favorite Colorado Pride Items From the I Heart Denver Store
I Heart Denver Store Facebook page
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As posts like this one prove, we have a soft spot for items that display Colorado pride -- and the I Heart Denver Store, located at 500 16th Street, Suite 264, just happens to specialize in them. With the holiday gift-giving season upon us, we picked out twenty favorites from the shop's Facebook page. Check them out below.

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20 U.S. Counties Where Houses are Becoming Less Affordable -- Including Four in Colorado

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Last month, we featured Trulia's list of the least affordable cities for middle class and millennial home buyers -- a roster that included Denver. But Colorado fares even worse in a new analysis by RealtyTrac. Among other things, the site looked at counties in which housing prices of less affordable than historical averages and have rising foreclosure rates, and four from Colorado made the top twenty -- one of only two states (with California) to achieve this dubious distinction.

Count down the photo-illustrated top twenty below, featuring data from RealtyTrac.

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Top Ten Dog The Bounty Hunter Items at the Denver Dog House
Dog and Beth strike a pose in a promo shot for the current season of "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt." More photos below.
One of the most unusual retail outlets in Denver is the Denver Dog House. Located at 2547 Sheridan Boulevard in Edgewater, the shop is devoted to Duane "Dog" Chapman, his wife Beth and the rest of the Dog the Bounty Hunter family currently keeping their reality-TV tradition alive on CMT. And the variety of items on sale is downright astonishing.

We picked out ten favorites. See them below, complete with photos and links to the online store, plus a shop video. Some items may be out of stock, so be sure to check for availability by clicking here -- or just stop by. Because you definitely won't find the Denver Dog House anywhere but here.

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Marijuana Businesses Embrace Black Friday and the Holidays

As William Breathes's lists featuring the best marijuana gifts of 2012 and 2013 demonstrate, Colorado pot shops have embraced the holidays for a while now. But 2014 promises more deals than ever, with a number specifically pegged to Black Friday.

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Least Affordable Cities for Middle Class and Millennial Home Buyers -- Including Denver

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Denver's typically on plenty of positive city lists -- but this one's not among them. Trulia has put together a report entitled "Where Is Homeownership Within Reach of the Middle Class and Millennials?," and according to data compiled by the site, Denver's among the least affordable in the country.

Where did it finish? Find out by counting down our photo-illustrated roster, featuring Trulia data. Also included is a document filled with info about lots of other places, too. For the original post, click here.

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Photos: Five Most Expensive Properties for Sale in Aspen, 2014 Edition

Categories: Business
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It's been more than a year since we checked in on the most expensive properties for sale in Aspen, and a lot's changed since then. Of our top five from last year listed on the indispensable website, only one remains on the market, and its price has dropped by a substantial $8 million. Moreover, it had been the fifth-most expensive property available -- but now, it's tenth! We've included it just for fun.

As for the new top five, rest assured that they're breathtaking. Check them out below, featuring sample photos and text from the site -- and be sure to click on the links to take a longer tour.

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Marijuana: Antique Row Backers Cool to "Green Mile" South Broadway Re-branding Idea
Images courtesy of CBS4. More pics and two videos below.
For years, a large section of South Broadway has been known as Antique Row. Now, however, representatives of some marijuana businesses that are now located along that stretch have floated the idea of re-branding the area as "The Green Mile" -- and, to put it mildly, veteran antique-shop entrepreneurs haven't embraced the notion.

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Did Marijuana Really Play No Role in Record-Setting Tourism Season?
A screen capture from a CBS News report about marijuana tourism in Colorado.
According to the Denver Post, the summer of 2014 will set all-time tourism records -- and stats suggest the year as a whole will do so, as well. However, the Post article makes no mention of the possible part the legalization of limited marijuana sales has played when it comes to such visits.

That's no surprise, since many state and local officials have been either mum on the topic or hostile toward it for months, if not years -- a situation that's puzzling to at least one representative of the cannabis industry.

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