Marijuana Businesses Embrace Black Friday and the Holidays

As William Breathes's lists featuring the best marijuana gifts of 2012 and 2013 demonstrate, Colorado pot shops have embraced the holidays for a while now. But 2014 promises more deals than ever, with a number specifically pegged to Black Friday.

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Least Affordable Cities for Middle Class and Millennial Home Buyers -- Including Denver

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Denver's typically on plenty of positive city lists -- but this one's not among them. Trulia has put together a report entitled "Where Is Homeownership Within Reach of the Middle Class and Millennials?," and according to data compiled by the site, Denver's among the least affordable in the country.

Where did it finish? Find out by counting down our photo-illustrated roster, featuring Trulia data. Also included is a document filled with info about lots of other places, too. For the original post, click here.

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Photos: Five Most Expensive Properties for Sale in Aspen, 2014 Edition

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More photos below.
It's been more than a year since we checked in on the most expensive properties for sale in Aspen, and a lot's changed since then. Of our top five from last year listed on the indispensable website, only one remains on the market, and its price has dropped by a substantial $8 million. Moreover, it had been the fifth-most expensive property available -- but now, it's tenth! We've included it just for fun.

As for the new top five, rest assured that they're breathtaking. Check them out below, featuring sample photos and text from the site -- and be sure to click on the links to take a longer tour.

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Marijuana: Antique Row Backers Cool to "Green Mile" South Broadway Re-branding Idea
Images courtesy of CBS4. More pics and two videos below.
For years, a large section of South Broadway has been known as Antique Row. Now, however, representatives of some marijuana businesses that are now located along that stretch have floated the idea of re-branding the area as "The Green Mile" -- and, to put it mildly, veteran antique-shop entrepreneurs haven't embraced the notion.

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Did Marijuana Really Play No Role in Record-Setting Tourism Season?
A screen capture from a CBS News report about marijuana tourism in Colorado.
According to the Denver Post, the summer of 2014 will set all-time tourism records -- and stats suggest the year as a whole will do so, as well. However, the Post article makes no mention of the possible part the legalization of limited marijuana sales has played when it comes to such visits.

That's no surprise, since many state and local officials have been either mum on the topic or hostile toward it for months, if not years -- a situation that's puzzling to at least one representative of the cannabis industry.

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DU Tagged for $695,000 Verdict in Battle With Fraternity

Creative Commons User: CW221
The University of Denver's stately University Hall.
Update below: Late last Friday afternoon, a Denver jury returned a $695,000 verdict against the University of Denver in a long, involved dispute with the local chapter of the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity. On the surface, the five-day trial was mostly about how property is valued in an area of town sizzling with new apartment complexes and redevelopment -- but it was also a triumph of frat spirit over the bean-counters, party poopers and Dean Wormers of the university.

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Marvel Characters Suit: Walt Disney Company Faces Colorado Firm Asking for Billions

Stan Lee as seen in a Geekscape TV interview earlier this year.
As any comic-book fan knows, superheroes that seem dead can later come back to life -- and something similar has happened with a superhero-centric lawsuit filed by Colorado-based Stan Lee Media, Incorporated (SLMI). The complaint seemingly died last year, but an appeal revived it, leading to a hearing held in Denver yesterday. Continue for background, details and the original suit below.

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"Family Friendly" DIA Plans to Ban Marijuana-Related Souvenirs

This Exit 420 shirt was on display in a DIA store on October 7.
You can't possess pot inside Denver International Airport. You can't eat it, smoke it, grow it or give it to a friend, and soon, vendors there may not be able to sell pot-themed merchandise, either. "We have started the process to restrict marijuana promotional merchandise at Denver International Airport and will be following the public hearing process to amend the airport rule to reflect that," airport spokesman Heath Montgomery told Westword this week. (Update below.)

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Update: Other Frontier Plane Taken By Symptomatic Ebola Patient Still Flying

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The first Frontier plane that carried Amber Vinson landed in Denver again last night. Photos from 7News coverage.
It's yet another day bringing contradictions in previous reports about Ebola patient Amber Joy Vinson and her flights on Denver-based Frontier Airlines; see our earlier coverage below. At first, we were told she wasn't symptomatic on a return flight she took from Cleveland to Texas; then, after the aircraft on which she'd flown was taken out of service and warehoused in Denver for intensive cleaning, word arrived that she may have been exhibiting symptoms. And now, officials think symptoms could have been cropping up on her initial Frontier flight from Texas to Cleveland, as well -- and that plane is still in service, having flown in and out of Denver twenty-plus times over the past week. Meanwhile, Frontier is contacting as many as 750 passengers from additional flights in relation to Vinson's travels. Photos, video and details below.

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Chatfield Reservoir: Lawsuit Claims "Massive Environmental Damage" From Project

Chatfield State Park.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is bullish on the idea of increasing water storage at Chatfield Reservoir, plunging ahead with a reallocation project that its planners believe will help meet future water needs across the metro area without diverting more supplies from the Western Slope. But a lawsuit filed this week by the Audubon Society of Greater Denver claims that the project will not only have a devastating impact on wildlife and recreation at Chatfield State Park but will fail to reliably provide additional water -- and that many of the water providers who initially backed the scheme have since dropped out.

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