Cannabis Time Capsule, 1910: 104-year-old marijuana scare tactics alive and well today

If all of this hysterical talk over the past week about marijuana being a contributing factor in the deaths of two people in Denver seemed familiar to you, dear cannabis historian, it's because it should be. This isn't the first time Colorado news outlets have latched onto the myth that cannabis causes violence.

For some perspective, we're offering up a classic Colorado Cannabis Time Capsule blog post that originally ran in 2013 detailing a 1910 article claiming cannabis brought on great violence and was the root of the word "assassin."

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Cannabis Time Capsule, 1890: "True" tales of marijuana's horrors

We're pretty sure that this story in the Silverton Standard from January of 1890 was meant to scare people.

But as is the case with a lot of these old pieces, they actually do a great job of selling us on the amazing effects of cannabis.

Even if they aren't exactly accurate.

A few things we learned from this informative piece:

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Cannabis Time Capsule, 1922: "Montrose Mexican to be sent to asylum"

We've got a followup to a post last November that spotlighted a 1922 Telluride Daily Journal blurb on Martinez Gonzales, who was arrested after Montrose cops found him growing herb in his front yard. Last we had heard, Gonzales was being held in jail until an evaluation on his sanity could be completed.

Unfortunately, things didn't turn out too well for Mr. Gonzales.

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Cannabis Time Capsule, 1951: Early drug warrior warns of reefer-peddling teens

Former Senator Estes Kefauver, D-Tenn.
In the early 1950s, a U.S. senator from Tennessee named Estes Kefauver wanted to make a name for himself. The guy had high aspirations, after all, and fancied himself presidential material.

And what better way to do that than to scare the living crap out of the American public with tales of gambling and dope addicts, using the relatively new medium of TV news, then turning around and being the guy who fixes everything.

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Cannabis Time Capsule, 1913: Pulp fiction meets hash fables

Ever wonder what fictional American millionaire playboys did for kicks 100 years ago (aside from Gatsby)? Us neither. But cannabis is a funny thing, and once again our digging has dusted off a gem of marijuana writing from Colorado's past about American millionaire Paul Lane and his romantic adventures from the Wet Mountain Tribune.

On tap for Halloween night, 1913? Another wild tale of Paul Lane, this time in far away Delhi for "The Misplaced Dream."

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Cannabis Time Capsule: Ganja growing tips from 1938 -- sort of

While we would love to take credit as the first newspaper in Colorado to actually offer advice on growing and consuming marijuana, it turns out that the Aspen Daily Times had us beat by decades, going all the way back to August 11, 1938. Sort of.

The little brief is tucked away on the second page of what is otherwise a hefty, eight-page paper, alongside items about moths, the colors of the sunset and the height of Mount Mitchell, located in the Black Mountains of North Carolina.

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Cannabis Time Capsule, 1889: Famous boxing match rigged with weed?

Thumbnail image for 800px-Sullivan_-_Kilrain_5.jpg
More photos below.
Could marijuana have played a role in fixing one of the most important American boxing matches in history?

Probably not, but we've uncovered at least one harebrained scheme reported in a Colorado newspaper in1889 that says it could be plausible.

As far as fighters go, John Lawrence Sullivan was one badass dude. During the era of bare-knuckle boxing in the late 1800s, Sullivan was known as the Boston Strong Boy.

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Cannabis Time Capsule, 1909: Marijuana the "deadliest vegetable" known to Texas

Thumbnail image for TimeCapsule-205GreenWeed.jpg
With a headline like "To Farm Insanity Plant," we were hoping to find a grow guide of sorts from 1909. But alas, that wasn't the case.

Instead, this article from the March 5, 1909 Yampa Leader was just more of the usual anti-marijuana propaganda connecting cannabis with the feared brown-skinned Mexicans that gave white America such terrors at the turn of the 1900s.

Who are we kidding? That's still going on.

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Cannabis Time Capsule flashback: "Anti-symbol Hippie Ponders Future in Jail"

Editor's note: We couldn't wait for 4:20 to publish our post about it always being 4:20 at Denver's Union Station. But we didn't want to harsh your buzz at 4:20 today -- so here's a classic post from 2012.

In doing research for our feature on the history of cannabis in Colorado, we came across some amazing old news stories in local papers about marijuana arrests and more. Today's item, from September 17, 1968: "Anti-symbol Hippie Ponders Future in Jail."

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Cannabis Time Capsule, 1937-1949: The Ballad of Steamboat's Frank Valdez
We haven't come upon continuing local coverage of old pot events while going through our stash of musty, vintage Colorado news. At least, none as intriguing as the tale of Frank Valdez as told through the local news briefs section from the Steamboat Pilot from 1937 through 1949.

Basically, what started as a $50 state fine moved on to federal charges (and presumably jail time, if the state went to all that trouble).

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