Cannabis Time Capsule 1933: Meet the father of American Prohibition

Richard Pearson Hobson.
Today in Cannabis Time Capsule, we'd like to introduce you to the Father of American Prohibition, Richard Pearson Hobson. You can thank him for such things as marijuana prohibition, the war on drugs and America's failed attempt at making alcohol illegal in the 1920s.

In this 1933 article from the Steamboat Pilot, Hobson outlines his plan for ridding the nation of dope by 1963. That plan failed, which seemed to be the story of his life.

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Cannabis Time Capsule 1921: American Legion goes to war on drugs

The American Legion convention in New Orleans in 1922.
These days, we think of the American Legion as a conservative lobbying arm for veterans. But back in 1923, legionnaires were a force to be reckoned with -- or at least they wanted to be seen that way.

Their war on drugs in the early 1920s was just one way the organization enforced what members saw as American ideals. Like, you know, baseless xenophobia framed as facts. Read on for more.

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Cannabis Time Capsule 1920: Cops fire on unarmed people during Denver narcotics bust

Western History and Genealogy.
Denver Police in the 1920s.
This week, we've dug up a tale about Denver police and one of the largest dope-ring raids of 1920s, featuring the often colorful language of the Douglas County Record Journal.

And by colorful, we mean borderline racist and xenophobic. Not to mention the matter-of-fact descriptions of cops completely overextending their power and using lethal force despite there being no real justification for it.

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Cannabis Time Capsule 1920: "Kill the Dope Peddlers"

No, not this kind of dope peddler.
Talk about overzealousness. The headline alone from this September 1920 front page story in the Aspen Democrat-Times is salacious enough. But the idea of "dope peddlers" hanging outside of VA hospitals "fleecing" vets out of their money for drugs was probably enough to boil the blood of all the good Americans who happened to read the story itself.

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Cannabis Time Capsule 1923: "Mexican Dope Ring Operating in Denver"
The headline pretty much says it all in this November 24, 1923 article off the front pages of the Aspen Democrat-Times.

Despite the fact that he was likely an American, Tony -- the man in question -- happens to have a Hispanic surname (though, honestly, we can't figure out exactly what it is due to the smudgy print). Therefore: Mexican. Not only was he a Mexican, but he was selling to boys and girls in school! No evidence of that is presented, but whatever. The fearmongering was way more important.

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Cannabis Time Capsule 1929: Colorado makes selling and growing pot a felony

Editor's note: William Breathes is off today. In his absence, we bring you a classic installment of Colorado Cannabis Time Capsule that's even more intriguing than it was upon its original publication in 2012.

The Colorado legislature had passed laws making marijuana a misdemeanor in 1917, with fines up to $100 and a possible month in the pokey. But with what was seen as a growing menace on their hands, Colorado lawmakers again took up criminalizing marijuana possession in 1929 -- writing laws that would pretty much stick with the state to this day with a few minor alterations to penalties along the way.

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Cannabis Time Capsule 1909: Wyoming is full of "coke heads"

Cheyenne, Wyoming, 1908.
Over the years, Colorado Cannabis Time Capsule has focused on the state's colorful history with herb. But what about our neighboring states? Yes, we know that Coloradans are getting profiled in states like Nebraska and Wyoming because we're all supposedly pot-heads -- and sometimes we think of our neighbors as backwards flyover states with antiquated outlooks on drug reform.

But that wasn't always the case. According to this August 18 article in the Aspen Democrat-Times, Wyoming was once known for the white. And we aren't talking about the snow on the peaks of Jackson Hole.

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Cannabis Time Capsule, 1888: Medical-pot candy predicted 126 years ago?

Leadville, 1880s.
Leadville in the 1880s was a tough town populated by mining tycoons, the poor miners that made those tycoons rich and the businesses that supported the industry. Okay, there were also a bunch of bunch of thieves, cheats, hookers, gamblers, drunks, visiting opera singers and (apparently) drug addicts around, too.

Our story this week finds us at the intersection of two such groups almost 126 years ago to the day, with a pharmacy at the center of the action.

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Cannabis Time Capsule 1901: Pig-kissing pot heads selling cigars in Aspen?

Thumbnail image for ctc-aspen1901-1.jpg
Based on the above ad from the September 18, 1901 Aspen Daily Times, cigars sold anywhere other than the Brick Saloon in town were filled with weed -- which, apparently, they thought led people to make out with pigs. And people say the marijuana shop competition is tough these days.

The wonderfully hypocritical part (in hindsight, of course) is that the ad is for the Brick Saloon, now much better known as the Red Onion.

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Cannabis Time Capsule, 1897: Was the Aspen Times' manager hopped up on "hasheesh"?

B. Clark Wheeler.
Aspen might be a small town, but the battle for news readership has always been a fierce one -- though the insults have probably toned down (in print, at least) since 1897, when this screed from the editors of the Aspen Tribune ran bashing the editors and, more directly, the manager of the Aspen Daily Times.

But what's hash got to do with it?

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