John David Martinez allegedly robs bank wearing shirt with his name on it

Categories: Colorado Crimes

John David Martinez. More photos below.
Had we not already designated police-car swiper Dustin Guinn as our latest Schmuck of the Week earlier today, John David Martinez would seemingly have qualified. After all, he's accused of robbing a bank while wearing a shirt with his name on it.

But a closer look at the police report prepared for the case, seen below in its entirety, puts a sadder spin on the incident, as the 68-year-old Martinez appears to have been driven by financial desperation and eager to confess what he'd done.

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Brandon Kapperman, apparent murder-suicide victim: I don't think I've ever felt so miserable

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Brandon Kapperman in a photo from his Facebook page. More images below.
Details remain sketchy regarding two deaths yesterday afternoon in Fort Collins. But preliminary information suggests that Gene Kapperman, 73, killed his grandson, 26-year-old Brandon Kapperman, before shooting himself to death.

No information about the subtext of this tragedy has surfaced at this writing. But Brandon's final Facebook post before his death, shared on July 5, reads, "I don't think I've ever felt like this, so empty and miserable. So incomplete. So.... blah."

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Steve Jackson, ex-Westword staffer, threatened in crime spree: "Drop the f*cking phone"

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Steve Jackson in an image from 9News. More photos and images below.
Steve Jackson is singularly qualified to recap at least part of a crazy Jefferson County crime spree involving a couple busted on charges including robbery, vehicle theft, burglary and attempted murder. A former Westword staff writer (here's his author page), Jackson is a crime-book author of national renown -- and his account of what happened, shared on his Facebook page, is as vivid and exciting as expected. See it along with photos, video and details below.

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Photos: Most wanted DEA fugitives in Denver, part two

Additional photos and more below.
Last week, we shared part one of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration's most wanted fugitives list for its Denver office -- a roster from Colorado and several neighboring states that includes 51 men and women wanted for narco-crimes typically involving heroin, meth, cocaine and marijuana. As you'll notice, the vast majority of them are from Mexico -- although there's at least one Slovenian.

Continue to see the 26 additional fugitives on the roster, featuring photos, descriptions and details about their alleged crimes.

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Ryan Nuanez allegedly on drugs when he crashed into building -- but which ones?

Ryan Nuanez. More photos plus a video and an original document below.
Does Ryan Nuanez, who allegedly crashed into an optical store and critically injured the owner, demonstrate the dangers of driving under the influence of marijuana repeatedly raised by pot critics following Amendment 64's passage? Or was he impaired by a completely different substance, or a combination of several? We don't know yet. But at least this time around, law enforcement has avoided turning him into a stoned-driving poster child before all the facts are in, as critics accused the Colorado State Patrol of doing in another notorious case.

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Photos: Nathan Finneman faces fifteen years in jail for aiming laser pointer at police helicopter

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Nathan Finneman defies gravity in a photo from his Facebook page.
Nathan Finneman is an adventurer who loves to fly -- and he doesn't shy away from the spotlight, having been featured in stories by at least two TV stations in recent years.

Now, however, he's getting the kind of attention he undoubtedly would have preferred to avoid. He's been charged by federal prosecutors with aiming a laser pointer at a Denver police helicopter -- an act that could net him up to fifteen years behind bars. Details, photos and videos below.

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Norman Wheatley bust in quadruple stabbing (and pit bull attack) linked to Rainbow Family

Norman Wheatley. More images and video below.
The Rainbow Family portrays itself as a benign group populated by people who resemble throwbacks to the hippie era. But is it actually a dangerous amalgam of humanity stocked with criminals, petty and otherwise?

The latter description reflects the view of the Larimer County Sheriff's Office following the arrest of Norman Wheatley in a quadruple stabbing -- and there's also a Rainbow Family connection to this week's high profile pit bull attack on a toddler in Commerce City.

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Maria Alvarado-Gomez charged for feeding daughters rat-poison smoothies

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Maria Alvarado-Gomez. More images and a video below.
Maria Alvarado-Gomez, 32, was arrested after allegedly putting rat poison in smoothies she then gave to her young daughters; she also ingested some of the substance in an attempt to end her life.

A resident of Carbondale, Alvarado-Gomez is said to suffer from mental-health issues, calling into question what charges might be pressed against her. Now, we have the answer: She's been formally accused of attempted first-degree murder and child abuse. Details, photos and a video below.

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Sterling prison murders blamed on staff indifference, misconduct

James Bergman beat a child killer to death the first day they were put in a cell together. Additional photos below.
Court records and testimony prompted by a wave of inmate homicides at the Sterling Correctional Facility claim that SCF officers have repeatedly placed at-risk prisoners, particularly sex offenders, in life-threatening situations -- and that some staff have even celled deadly enemies together to "teach a lesson," fully expecting one inmate to attack another.

The result has been mayhem on a grand scale: Five inmate murders at Sterling in a two-
year period that ended in 2012. An internal investigation, with findings never made public, was ordered by prison chief Tom Clements before his own murder last year. A lawsuit was recently filed by one victim's family, with possibly more to come.

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"I just wanted him to die": Inside jealousy-fueled steak-knife murder of Nicholas Potts

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Photo courtesy of the Grand Junction Police Department. More images below.
We're learning more about the early Sunday stabbing death of Nicholas Potts just outside of Grand Junction -- a horrific crime witnessed by neighbors awakened by the desperate victim. Lee McDonald has been arrested in the case, and according to a just-released arrest affidavit, the motivation appears to jealousy taken to a bloody extreme.

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