Keith Rohracker Ripped by Judge for "Living Off Your Mom's Money While She Festered"

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A MySpace photo of Keith Rohracker. More images below.
Following Keith Rohracker's conviction for neglecting his elderly mother on an epic scale, a judge told him he would receive one year less than the maximum sentence -- but only because his mom didn't die.

It was touch-and-go for a while. When Rohracker was finally taken to medical professionals to treat a life-threatening malady, her clothes were reportedly fused to her skin with human waste.

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Marquise Lewis and Lonnie White: 40 Years Each for Shotgunning 13-Year-Old on Bike

A Facebook photo of the late Reysean Abram. More images plus videos below.
Last year, we reported about the tragic murder of Reysean Abram, a thirteen-year-old who was reportedly shotgunned to death while riding a bike. Now, two men -- Lonnie White, who was seventeen at the time of the killing but was tried as an adult, and Marquise Lewis, now 21 -- have each pleaded guilty to the crime and face forty-year sentences. Continue for photos, videos and details.

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Update: Clifton Ray Williams, Convicted Taser-Aided Kidnapper, Reportedly Kills Himself

Clifton Ray Williams. More photos and a video below.
Update:Last week, we told you about the search for Clifton Ray Williams, who walked out of his trial for allegedly kidnapping a woman at taser point for sexual purposes; see our previous coverage below. Williams was convicted by a jury in absentia -- and then, over the weekend, he reportedly took his own life as police moved in to capture him. Photos, video and details below.

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Bob Autobee: Parents of Murdered Officer Protest Prison Policies

Bob Autobee protesting outside the Douglas County courthouse in February.
This weekend marks a grim anniversary in the Autobee household. It was twelve years ago -- October 18, 2002 -- that Eric Autobee, a 23-year-old correctional officer, was murdered in the kitchen of the Limon Correctional Facility. His killer, Edward Montour, was a mentally ill inmate who was off his meds, trying to get a cell move after being denounced as a snitch, and may have been wrongfully convicted of the crime for which he was already serving a life sentence: inflicting fatal injuries on his infant daughter.

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Kaylana Fief, Animal Behavior Student: Child Abuse Beef, Feces-Filled House Condemned

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Kaylana Fief in a Facebook photo. More images below.
Update incorporated into original text and on view below: Kaylana Fief's Facebook page is filled with photos highlighting two passions: her adorable daughter and cute critters of the sort she studies as an animal behavior student. But the way she allegedly combined the two has gotten Fief in trouble with the law. She's been cited with child abuse and a house where she'd been staying has been condemned, reportedly due to filth and feces associated with twenty animals found living there. More photos and details below.

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See Cops Tasering 60-Something Shoplifter at Walmart: Did They Do the Right Thing?

Categories: Colorado Crimes
A screen capture of the video from CBS4 coverage. Additional photos and clips below.
Did Lakeside police officers who tased an alleged Walmart shoplifter said to be around sixty years of age go too far? That's a question raised by a video of the incident that circulated on social media before finding its way into mainstream media coverage. Continue to see that video and others, as well as to get details and the police response.

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Sheldon Chrysler, Tom Martino Nemesis Left Homeless, on Witnessing Krameria Shooting

Categories: Colorado Crimes
Sheldon Chrysler in a CBS4 interview. Additional photos, a video and more below.
Update: Denver police are still looking for a suspect who critically injured a man in a shooting near 14th and Krameria early yesterday morning; see our previous coverage below. But even without an arrest, the case has already generated a strange twist. The incident was witnessed, in a manner of speaking, by Sheldon Chrysler, whose failed lawsuits against self-proclaimed radio Troubleshooter Tom Martino (who called him a "waste of skin") were covered extensively in this space. Chrysler is now homeless and was just drifting off to sleep in his car, where he now lives, when gunfire rang out mere feet away.

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Sir Mario Owens: False Evidence in Death-Penalty Case a "New Low," Defense Claims

Sir Mario Owens.
Determined to demonstrate just how far he believed Arapahoe County prosecutors had strayed over the line in the effort to obtain the death penalty against his client, defense attorney Jim Castle resorted to a visual aid. During a hearing late Friday, he presented District Judge Gerald Rafferty with a wheeled cart piled with documents that he said prosecutors were obligated to turn over to the defense before trial but failed to do so -- a transgression of due-process rights known as a Brady violation.

"There are so many violations in this case, I can't cover them all," Castle said. "How did this happen? This shouldn't happen. If it's allowed, we will accept a new low for justice in Colorado."

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Stephany Bauderer Busted After Kidnapping by Man She Loves and Loathes on Facebook

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A Facebook photo of Stephany Bauderer. More images below.
First, Stephany Bauderer was reported as having been kidnapped. Next, word went out that she'd been found safe as law enforcers continued to search for her alleged abductor. And then, reports surfaced that police had arrested her on unrelated warrants.

That's a lot of ups and downs -- but judging by Bauderer's Facebook postings about Montoya, their relationship has been a similar kind of roller coaster for quite a while. Photos and details below.

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Commerce City Violence: Murder-Suicide With Juvenile Present, Officer-Involved Shooting (15)
A photo from the murder-suicide location, as seen in 7News coverage. Additional images and more below.
It was a tragic and violent weekend in Commerce City. Two people are dead in a murder-suicide called in by a young girl present at the home during the gunfire, while two more are in custody following an officer-involved shooting prompted by the search for another murder suspect. Photos, details and more below.

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