Donna Gregory Masterminded Home Invasion in Which Her Grandfather Was Assaulted?

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Donna Gregory. Additional photos and more below.
Donna Gregory is just eighteen, but she's already being called a mastermind, albeit of a crime that injured her own grandfather.

Continue for details about the home invasion that led to Gregory's arrest, as well as pending charges against her and three older cohorts who are said to be members of a "break-in group."

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Macyo January Found Guilty of Killing Pregnant Newlyweds Whitney Butler and David Dunlap

A family photo of Whitney Butler and David Dunlap. More images and a video below.
Macyo January was four months shy of eighteen when he allegedly murdered David Dunlap and Whitney Butler; she'd recently married the Fort Carson soldier and was pregnant.

Prosecutors ultimately decided to try January as an adult for the shocking crime -- and now a jury has found him guilty on all counts. Details, additional photos and more below.

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Sir Mario Owens: Defense Claims Government Misconduct in Death-Penalty Case

Sir Mario Owens.
Dexter Harris has provided the police with information on so many murders committed by other people that it's hard to keep it all straight. Yesterday morning, grilled in great detail in Arapahoe County District Court about his role as a confidential informant and key witness in the 2008 death sentences doled out to Robert Ray and Sir Mario Owens, Harris pleaded a bad memory -- and conceded that he was "probably high" on cocaine during at least some of his previous court appearances in the convoluted case.

"It's been a long time, man," Harris grumbled on the stand, after complaining that defense attorneys had "placed my life in danger repeatedly" by forcing him to testify about his jailhouse snitching.

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Update: Derick Tappe Accused of Door-to-Door Attack on Boulder Woman, $100K Bond Set

Categories: Colorado Crimes

A photo from Derick Tappe's Facebook page. Additional pics and more below.
Update: Last week, we told you about an alleged attack on a Boulder woman by a man who presented himself as a door-to-door solicitor; see our previous coverage below. Now, Derick Tappe, who says he's part of a magazine-sales crew, has been arrested on suspicion of attempted sexual assault and more -- and he's currently being held on a $100,000 bond. Continue for details, including more photos.

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Platinum 84 Strip Club Back in Spotlight: Cop Hurt After Attack on Night of 2 Live Crew Show

Categories: Colorado Crimes
A cropped photo from Platinum 84's Facebook page. More images below.
Just last month, Platinum 84, a Federal Heights strip club, made headlines due to a high-profile shooting that injured two people. Now, the venue's back in the news for another crime: an attack that caused a police officer to be hospitalized. We've got the details on the latest incident, as well as an update about the first one. Warning: Some of the photos are NSFW.

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Calvin Nagy, Colorado's Most Wanted Sex Offender, Busted in Mexico

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Calvin Nagy. Additional photos below.
Last week, we shared an updated list of Colorado's 100 most wanted sex offenders, sixteen of whom had recently been taken into custody. And number one on that roster was Vail resident Calvin Nagy, who's been at large since February.

Now, however, Nagy's been found -- in Mexico. Continue for details, including a veritable mug-shot timeline of his troubles with the law.

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Photos: Help Solve Ten Cold Cases on National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims

Categories: Colorado Crimes
Stephanie Bauman is one of the victims whose murder remains unsolved. Additional photos and more below.
Today is the National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims, and as part of its efforts to find killers who have not yet been brought to justice, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation has launched a new, easier-to-use Cold Case Database. The website features photos and details about literally hundreds of unsolved homicides and other crimes. To highlight this mission, we've assembled listings for ten victims. Learn more about them below, and if you have any information that could finally crack these cases, contact the specified law-enforcement agency. To visit the new database, click here.

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Sydney White's Child While She Was Shaking Baby Who Later Died: "Mommy, Stop It"

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Sydney White. Additional photos, a video and more below.
Twenty-year-old Sydney White is behind bars in Mesa County, accused in the death of Angel Lane Place, an eleven-month-old girl for whom she was acting as a foster mother. White told investigators she accidentally dropped Angel, then shook her so violently one of her two biological kids told her to stop. In addition, a new report has surfaced in regard to a child abuse report against White from July. Photos, details and the complete arrest warrant below.

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Guard Michael Arnold's Sex Assault of Prisoner Who'd Just Given Birth Prompts Lawsuit

Michael Arnold. Additional images and more below.
There's no doubt that private security guard Michael Arnold sexually assaulted a female prisoner shortly after she gave birth in 2012: He pleaded guilty to the crime and has been sentenced, albeit to no time in jail. However, a just-filed lawsuit maintains that blame for this horrible act goes beyond Arnold to the firm for which he worked, as well as Arapahoe County Sheriff David Walcher, whose office was responsible for the victim's safety. Photos, details and the complete document below.

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Dale Stetina, Ex-Pro Cyclist, Still Recovering as Careless Driver Pleads in 2013 Accident

Dale Stetna in one of several photos seen here from his page. More photos below.
Anyone who's ever doubted the concept of a careless moment changing a life forever should check out the story of Dale Stetina. Once among Colorado's most elite cyclists, he was injured while avoiding a car near Boulder in August 2013. More than a year later, the person who caused the accident -- Longmont's Ryan Dowd -- has entered a guilty plea. But that hardly ends the tale, since Stetina is still grappling with the effects of the incident, which nearly killed him. Photos and details below.

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