Did Someone Try to Threaten Colorado Springs TV Station With a Toy Grenade?

The grenade, as seen in a KKTV photo. A video and more below.
KKTV in Colorado Springs didn't have to look far for a story last night. There was one waiting in its parking lot -- specifically what initially looked like an explosive device left in the vicinity of an employee's vehicle. But it turned out to be a lot less incendiary than first suspected.

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Robert Weber, Sex Offender, Accused of Making 3-Year-Old Perform Sex Act at Chuck E. Cheese

Categories: Colorado Crimes
More photos and a video below.
Chuck E. Cheese restaurants are designed to attract kids -- and knowing that, the eatery's security team has designed safety measures intended to keep perverts away. But that apparently didn't stop Robert Weber, a sex offender, from getting inside a local branch and inducing a three-year-old girl to perform a sex act on him in, of all places, an elevated play tube. His strategy: using his own daughter as a beard. Continue for the disturbing details, including photos and a video.

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Arapahoe High Shooter Targeted Several Students, Including My Son, Parent Says
A screen capture from CBS4 coverage of the evacuation of Arapahoe High School last year.
In his preparations for his attack on his school last December, Karl Pierson developed a hit list of specific students he planned to target and even scoped out in advance the locations where his intended victims could be found. Yet those details were omitted from the official report on the shooting released two months ago by the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office, which strongly implies that the eighteen-year-old gunman's primary motive was to avenge himself on a teacher who'd demoted him on the debate team.

"That report has more holes in it than Swiss cheese," says Rebekah Nichols, the mother of one of the students on Pierson's hit list.

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Joseph Valverde's Mother Has a Message for the Cops Who Killed Her Son

Joseph Valverde. Additional photos below.
There's a good reason why most people don't recall the Denver police shooting that killed Joseph Valverde this past July: It took place mere hours before officers killed Ryan Ronquillo at a funeral home staging a memorial service for one of his friends. But even though the Valverde incident was deemed justified (as was the Ronquillo shooting), his mother feels law enforcers could have used less lethal means to subdue her son.

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Chataignier McCaffrey-Pickett, Andrea Bartmess Murder Suspect: "I F*cking Hate My Life"

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Chataignier McCaffrey-Pickett in a photo from her Facebook page. Additional images and more below.
Update: Booking photos have been released for the four people previously arrested in connection with the homicide death of Andrea Bartmess; see our earlier coverage below. In addition, a fifth person, 21-year-old Chataignier D. McCaffrey-Pickett, has also been taken into custody regarding the crime, and while her mug shot was only distributed after this post went live, a number of portraits, including the one above, were viewable on her Facebook page. As for her most recent post, shared days after Bartmess disappeared, it reads, "I fucking hate my life."

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Meghan McKeon One of November's Twenty Most Memorable Mug Shots

A Facebook photo of Meghan McKeon. More images below.
Our most viewed crime post of November involved Meghan McKeon, who was sentenced to 22 years after her toddler died while she spent time with a bottle. Her story is among twenty shared here by way of links to the month's most memorable mug shots. See them all below, and be sure to click on the links to see our original coverage.

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Michael Phillips: Hip-Hop Poet or Dangerous Social Media Stalker?

Categories: Colorado Crimes

A cropped version of Michael Phillips, from one of his Instagram accounts. More images below.
Is Snowmass Village's Michael Phillips a hip-hop poet or a dangerous stalker who used his Instagram account and other online sites to threaten a former girlfriend? Those are among the questions surrounding the arrest of Michael Phillips. See photos and get details of his strange case, which pivots on communication in the social-media age.

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William Chicano, David Felan Charged in Fatal Street Race That Killed Rachel Neiman

David Felan as seen in a photo from his Facebook page. More images below.
Last month, we told you about the death of Rachel Neiman, a Regis University student who was killed after being struck by a suspected street racer. Now, two men, William Chicano and David Felan, have been formally charged in the case -- and Felan, whose Facebook page is filled with photos of restored vehicles, is accused of having been under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash. More photos and details below.

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Jose Alderete-Gomez Charged in at Least Six Assaults Near Abused Girlfriend's Place

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Jose Alderete-Gomez. Additional photos and videos below.
Update: Last week, we reported that Jose Alderete-Gomez had been arrested in conjunction with an attack on a Fort Collins woman -- and speculation was rife that he was responsible for a string of assaults in the area; see our previous coverage below. Now, the charges against Alderete-Gomez have expanded to as many as six of the crimes, not to mention domestic abuse against his girlfriend, who lives near where many of the other offenses took place.

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Denver Police: Cop Justified in Punching Man, Tripping Pregnant Woman
A screen capture from footage obtained by Fox31. More images and a video below.
Last week, we shared allegations against a Denver police officer caught on video punching a suspect six times in the face and tripping a pregnant woman. In addition, officers were accused of deleting the video, which was later said to have been recovered from a cloud-based storage system.

Around the time Fox31 broke the story, the Denver Police Department tweeted about media ethics, prompting us to speculate that the brass was unhappy about the report -- and that's definitely the case. The department has now issued a long response deeming the officer's actions justified, questioning the veracity of the person who recorded the video and blasting the station's actions. Details, photos, videos and the DPD's complete statement below.

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