Lisa Marie Lesyshen Ditches Insanity Bid, Pleads Guilty to Killing Son Asher, Nine

Lisa Marie Lesyshen in court earlier this year. Photos, videos and more below.
In February, Lisa Marie Lesyshen pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in the killing of her nine-year-old son Asher -- an act that was followed by a suicide bid that left her paralyzed.

Now, however, she's reversed course, admitting to second-degree murder in an arrangement that netted her a forty-year prison sentence. Continue for more about the tragic events that led to Asher's death and the court drama that followed, including photos, videos and an original document.

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Leah Dyer Blames Media in Abuse Case: 7-Year-Old Weighed 37 Pounds, Couldn't Walk

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Leah Dyer in a 7News photo. Additional images and more below.
"You've destroyed my family," Leah Dyer told members of the media at the 8th Judicial District courthouse in Fort Collins yesterday. But prosecutors believe Dyer and her husband, Douglas, did a pretty good job of that all by themselves. The Dyers are accused of neglecting their daughter, who, when she was taken from their home at age seven, couldn't walk, talk or hold up her head, wasn't toilet trained and weighed just 37 pounds. Continue for photos and details from a police report included below.

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Cops Shot Dog After Wanted Teen Ordered It to Attack, Denver Police Say
Photos from the scene courtesy of 7News. Additional images, plus a video and more below.
"Many tears were shed tonight...."

Those are the first words in an account from photographer Riley Ralmuto about an incident that took place near 9th and Sheridan last night: Denver police officers shot the dog of a wanted teen after cops say he ordered it to attack. Continue for the rest of Ralmuto's piece, plus additional images, a video and more below.

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Andre Jackson Found Guilty in Brutal Cold Case Rape and Murder

Andre Jackson. Additional photos and more below.
Last year, we told you about three arrests in a cold case from one of our periodic posts about unsolved murders: the horrific rape and murder of Jacqueline Gallegos. We also spoke with Gallegos's son, Anthony, who called for the killers to receive the death penalty.

In the end, prosecutors didn't pursue the death penalty against the trio charged: Andre Jackson, Samuel Sims and Jackie McConnell. But Jackson has now been convicted and faces life without the possibility of parole -- and the fate of the other two men should be determined soon. Details below.

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Photos: Pikes Peak Area's 28 Most Wanted for July and August (So Far)

For what alleged crime is Misty Dawn Masterson wanted? Find out below.
Pikes Peak Area Crime Stoppers updates its most wanted list on a weekly basis. The technique seems to be working: A recent visit to the site showed six recent arrests. But that still leaves 28 men and women on the roster for July and August -- so far.

The good news: Most of the suspects are being sought for relatively minor offenses, such as providing false information to a pawn broker. But there are some serious crimes listed as well. See photos and information about the great 28 below. If you have information about their whereabouts, you're encouraged to phone 719-634-STOP (7867) -- and there may be a reward if your tip pays off.

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Man in Critical Condition After Being Stabbed at Montbello Rec Center

Categories: Colorado Crimes
A Twitpic from the scene courtesy of 9News. Additional photos and more below.
The Montbello Recreation Center isn't frequently a hot Twitter subject -- but that changed last night. Among the tweets on the topic was this one: "WTF.... Someone got stabbed at the Montbello rec? Wow."

Also tweeting on the topic was the Denver Police Department, which shared details of a crime that left one man in critical condition and two others in custody. Here's the latest.

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Aaron Lopez, Brianna Ortiz Charged in Boogie Down Shooting, Christopher Uvalle Surrenders

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Christopher Uvalle. Additional photos below.
Update: Last week, we told you about a shooting at the Boogie Down Bar & Grill; see our previous coverage below.

No suspect information was available in the immediate aftermath of the gunplay. But yesterday, the Denver Police Department released the name of a suspect: Christopher Uvalle, age 22. Here's a closer look at Uvalle, who turned himself in to authorities within hours of the DPD alert -- plus (update number two) pics and information about Brianna Ortiz and Aaron Lopez, who are being charged in the case.

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Michael McGinley Busted for Threats in DA "Mr. F*cking Mitch Morrissey's Office"

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Michael McGinley. Additional photos and more below.
It's never a good idea for you to make profanity-filled death threats to anyone -- and particularly to the woman who was your spouse for three decades. But even stupider is doing so when the victim is in the district attorney's office making a complaint against you. Because one of the prosecutors might just record what you're saying about his boss, Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey.

Or, as Michael McGinley allegedly referred to him: "Mr. fucking Mitch Morrissey."

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Sixth Murder at Sterling Triggers Investigation of Troubled Prison

A Facebook photo of Cody Gray.
The recent murder of an inmate at the Sterling Correctional Facility -- the sixth homicide at the state's largest prison since 2010 -- has prompted Colorado Department of Corrections executive director Rick Raemisch to promise an "intensive" investigation into the circumstances of the death. The killing comes in the wake of claims that prison staff at Sterling have repeatedly placed at-risk prisoners, particularly sex offenders, in life-threatening situations.

"This is our house," Raemisch said in an interview with Westword yesterday morning. "These people are our responsibility."

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Photos: Platinum 84 Strip Club Early Morning Shooting Hurts Two, One Possibly Critical

Categories: Colorado Crimes

A cropped version of an NSFW photo on view in its entirety below, along with additional crime-scene images.
Update: Early Thursday morning, Eray Wilson, a suspect in the Platinum 84 shooting, surrendered to Federal Heights authorities, who are also keeping their eye on two thus-far-unnamed individuals. Our original post follows.

A short time ago, in a post about a bicyclist hurt in a drive-by shooting near 31st and Stout, we noted that Denver has lately been stricken with regular incidents of late-night/early morning violence. Another example: gunplay outside Platinum 84, a Federal Heights strip club. Two people were injured, with one possibly in critical condition, toward the end of an evening touted on the venue's Facebook page with the photo on view here (see the full-sized NSFW version below) and the promise that the action would be "smoking hot."

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