Scot Copher Accused of Trying to Put Hit on Teen He Allegedly Molested for Years

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Scot Copher. More images below.
Earlier this year, we told you about the prosecution of a man accused of trying to hire a hitman while behind bars at the Arapahoe County Detention Center. Now, there's another case in which an inmate is facing similar charges. He's Scot Coper, and law enforcers believe his intended target was a teenager who he molested for years beginning when the victim was elementary-school age. Details and more below.

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Linda Kochman's Gunshot Death: Manslaughter or Terrible, Drunken Accident?

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A Facebook photo of Linda Kochman. More images below.
Linda Kochman, 43, was shot to death over the weekend in an incident that's been ruled a homicide, and Erik Dlouhy, 25, has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter. In an arrest report, however, Dlouhy portrays what happened as a tragic accident, albeit one that was allegedly fueled by a large volume of alcohol. Additional photos and details below.

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Animal Beheadings in Wheat Ridge the Work of Satanists?

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Anderson Park in Wheat Ridge is a popular destination for active locals of all ages, including dog owners who enjoy walking along the paths in the area. But Sunday brought a discovery capable of making any pet lover shudder: several animals, including a goat, that had been beheaded. Continue for the gruesome details and one person's assertion that the sacrifices were part of a Satanic ritual.

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Jordan Hancock, Denver Mayor's Son, Allegedly in SUV When Teen Shot in the Head

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Photo by Stephen Cummings
Jordan Hancock at his father's post-inauguration party in 2011.
In the 2011 photo above, Jordan Hancock can be seen whooping it up following the inauguration of Michael Hancock, his father, as Denver's mayor. But there's no celebration in regard to his latest moment in the spotlight. The nineteen-year-old was allegedly in an SUV in Fort Collins when a companion, Jalen Marquise Robinson, was shot in the back of the head. Continue for details and a statement from the mayor's office.

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Videos: CSU Bottle-Tossing House Party Break-up Follows Playboy Party School Top Ten
Party scene images from 7News coverage. More photos plus multiple videos below.
Once upon a time, CU Boulder was a staple on the Playboy top party schools list. This year, however, the Buffs were skipped over in favor of CSU, which has made headlines for lotsa out-of-control bashes in recent years. The latest took place Saturday night, with law enforcers saying attendees at a house party tossed bottles in their direction, prompting aggressive action -- and possibly tear gas -- to help shut things down. Photos, videos and details below.

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Gwen Devilbiss Stands By Man Just Sentenced to 169 Years for Wild Chase
Gwen and Clifford "CJ" Galley in a Facebook photo. Additional pics and more below.
"This is the most hansome, amazing, sweet, loving and caring man in the entire world. And I am lucky enough to be his wife, through better or worse till death do us part."

The person being praised in this Facebook post by Gwen Devilbiss is Clifford Galley, aka CJ, who certainly knows something about the "worse" part of the sentence above. He was just sentenced to 169 years for a February 2013 police chase during which Devilbiss was shot. She subsequently did time in the wake of the incident -- but she also married Galley, and their love seems strong despite his conviction for actions prosecutors say could easily have resulted in death. Photos, a video and details below.

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Cameron Washington Guilty of Burglary, Sex Crime, Creating City's Most Dangerous Block

Cameron Washington. See additional photos and more below.
In late 2012, we told you about what was then the most dangerous block in Aurora -- an area near the intersection of South Chambers Road and East Ohio Avenue in which three alleged sex crimes and burglaries took place over just a little more than a week.

Now, Cameron Washington, has pleaded guilty to essentially causing a one-man crime wave -- an admission that will earn him decades behind bars. Photos, details and more below.

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Leydy Trejo's Mercy Plea for Stepdad Who Shot Her, Killed Her Boyfriend Goes Unanswered

A Facebook photo of Leydy Trejo. Additional pics plus a video and more below.
Earlier this year, we told you about a hearing in western Colorado at which Leydy Trejo reluctantly admitted that her stepfather, Fredy Cabrera, had shot her and killed her boyfriend, Douglas Menjivar. Now, Cabrera, a successful restauranteur, has been given a hefty sentence for the crimes despite Trejo's plea for mercy. Continue for details, additional photos, a video and more.

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Donna Gregory Masterminded Home Invasion in Which Her Grandfather Was Assaulted?

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Donna Gregory. Additional photos and more below.
Donna Gregory is just eighteen, but she's already being called a mastermind, albeit of a crime that injured her own grandfather.

Continue for details about the home invasion that led to Gregory's arrest, as well as pending charges against her and three older cohorts who are said to be members of a "break-in group."

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Macyo January Found Guilty of Killing Pregnant Newlyweds Whitney Butler and David Dunlap

A family photo of Whitney Butler and David Dunlap. More images and a video below.
Macyo January was four months shy of eighteen when he allegedly murdered David Dunlap and Whitney Butler; she'd recently married the Fort Carson soldier and was pregnant.

Prosecutors ultimately decided to try January as an adult for the shocking crime -- and now a jury has found him guilty on all counts. Details, additional photos and more below.

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