"I just wanted him to die": Inside jealousy-fueled steak-knife murder of Nicholas Potts

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Photo courtesy of the Grand Junction Police Department. More images below.
We're learning more about the early Sunday stabbing death of Nicholas Potts just outside of Grand Junction -- a horrific crime witnessed by neighbors awakened by the desperate victim. Lee McDonald has been arrested in the case, and according to a just-released arrest affidavit, the motivation appears to jealousy taken to a bloody extreme.

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Midnight stabbing at 4th and Fox, two people hurt

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An image tweeted by 9News reporter Noel Brennan. Another image and an interactive graphic below.
The Denver Police Department has released little information thus far about a double stabbing that took place around the stroke of midnight in central Denver. Here's what we know thus far about this still-developing story.

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Jeremy Yachik, ex-cop: No jail time after beating daughter for eating carrots

Jeremy Yachik's booking photo. Additional images, videos and documents below.
Last October, we shared with you the story of Jeremy Yachik, a Bertoud police officer under investigation by cops in Loveland over alleged child abuse caught on video. Yachik was charged with multiple child abuse counts -- and an arrest affidavit alleged punishment of his teenage daughter that included binding her hands with zip ties, locking her in the laundry room and force-feeding her hot sauce for sins such as eating carrots stored in the family refrigerator.

Now, Yachik has been sentenced after pleading guilty to a single abuse count -- and he won't be spending any time behind bars as a result of his sentence. Details, photos, videos and documents below.

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Photos: Most wanted DEA fugitives in Denver, part one

Additional photos and more below.
The federal Drug Enforcement Administration maintains lists of the most wanted fugitives at each of its major offices, including the Denver branch, which covers Colorado as well as several neighboring states. The current roster features 51 people -- most of them men, with a majority originally hailing from Mexico and other spots south of the border. Their favored substances for sale include heroin, meth, cocaine and, yes, marijuana.

Look below to see the first 25, complete with photos, descriptions and information about their alleged offenses.

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Photos: Meet Michael Miller, accused dating-website sex assaulter now free on bond

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A Michael Miller photo from his OKCupid dating profile. Additional images, a video and more below.
When accused sexual assaulter Michael Miller was released on bond yesterday, the judge in his case ordered him not to access the Internet. However, the dating profile that allegedly connected him to at least one victim remains online at this writing, offering a stark contrast with the behavior described in an arrest affidavit on view below.

The document outlines the reasons for a felony charge against Miller and suggests that he may have acted similarly toward others in the past.

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William Amaya busted for murder of his aunt and uncle

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William Amaya. Interactive graphics and more below.
For the past six months or so, the Eagle County Sheriff's Office says William Amaya was renting a room from his aunt and uncle, Mayra Lorena Lopez, 40, and Eliseo Lopez, 42. But now, both of them are dead, leaving their teenage sons orphans -- and Amaya is being held in relation to the crime. Here's what we know so far.

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James Holmes case: Death penalty foe Bob Autobee's letter to victims stirs controversy

Bob Autobee facing reporters after Edward Montour's guilty plea.
Does the father of a victim in one death-penalty case have the right to contact family members in another capital case? And, under Colorado law, do prosecutors have any obligation to facilitate that conversation -- even if the discussion isn't going to help their cause?

The questions are key to a new controversy in the case of accused Aurora theater shooter James Holmes.

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JonBenet case: Fleet White sues for release of grand jury documents accusing girl's parents

JonBenet Ramsey. Additional photos below.
A prominent Boulder couple, former close friends of John and Patsy Ramsey, have filed a lawsuit seeking the full release of long-suppressed documents drafted by a grand jury investigating the 1996 murder of the Ramseys' six-year-old daughter, JonBenet. Last fall a judge released four redacted pages from eighteen pages of "official action" documents prepared by the grand jury, indicating that the panel had sought to indict JonBenet's parents for felony child abuse resulting in death and on an accessory charge -- but Fleet and Priscilla White contend that the remaining documents may also contain information the public is entitled to know.

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Danielle Cordova charged in hash oil explosion she blames on mystery cook

Danielle Cordova. Additional photos and more below.
Were Danielle Cordova, Matt Ackerman and Paul Mannaioni responsible for a hash-oil explosion that seriously burned all three of them? Or were they merely bystanders who were too badly hurt to escape along with several others seen fleeing from the fiery scene?

The Denver District Attorney's Office has charged the trio in the blast. But in an arrest affidavit, Cordova repeatedly insists the person actually responsible got away -- and she doesn't know who he is. Details, photos and the police report below.

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Is Michael Clasen first-person charged under new revenge porn law?

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Michael Clasen. Additional images and more below.
There are often advantages to doing something before anyone else -- but being first isn't always a good thing. Just ask Michael Clasen, who appears to be the first person charged under Colorado's new revenge porn law owing to "intimate" images of an ex-girlfriend he allegedly posted on the day the measure went into effect. And that's not the only accusation against him.

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