Reader: If Black Market Could Talk to Pot-Edible-Ban Official, It'd Say "Thanks F*ckhead"

Our post about a Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment official's recommendation that almost all marijuana edibles be banned revved up our readers -- and also caused the department's head to walk back the suggestion to some degree. So today, we've got a Comment of the Day bonus: several of the sharpest barbs from those who posted, followed by a clarifying press release from the CDPHE. Enjoy.

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Reader: Media and Government Are Using ISIS and Ebola to Keep People Scared and Stupid
The plane taken out of service by Frontier, as seen in a 7News image.
Our coverage of Frontier Airlines' response to its planes having been used by a woman subsequently diagnosed with Ebola continues to spur sharp commentary. Here's a post by a reader who feels the media and the government are frightening the public with stories about Ebola and terrorism in a very calculated way.

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Reader: Now Black People Can't Say the N-Word But White People Can Say It to Them?

We've been critical of the NFL's policy for fining players like the Broncos' Terrance "Pot Roast" Knighton for use of the N-word during games, and plenty of our readers agreed. Here's a particularly sharp take.

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Reader: Does Ebola Scare Mean It's Time to Put a Quarantine Wall Around Texas?

Our post about the Frontier plane taken by an Ebola-stricken healthcare worker winding up in Denver was a definite conversation-starter, with some people arguing that the media is overplaying the story and others genuinely alarmed by the prospect of the virus spreading. And then there was this reader, who uses the current situation to reference other hot-button issues.

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Reader: Why Should Zen Magnets Be Banned If They're Not Going to Be Around Kids?

Melanie Asmar's feature article about Zen Magnets highlighted the Denver company's fight against a government ban of its product -- powerful BB-sized magnets marketed as adult toys that can create serious injuries or worse if a child swallows them. Readers are split about whether such a prohibition is warranted. Here are the views of a person who's against such a ban.

See also: Denver's Zen Magnets Is Fighting the Federal Government Over Its Ban of Tiny Magnet Balls

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Reader: Does Denver Driver's Ed Teach You to Merge 20 MPH Slower Than Everyone's Going?

Our post offering ten theories on why Front Range drivers are terrible triggered a huge response from commenters. Some felt local drivers were better, or at least no worse, than those in many other metro areas around the country, while others added to the criticism of locals behind the wheel. Here's an example of the latter.

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Reader: James Holmes Should Be on Trial, Not His Victims' Emotions
Andy Cross/Denver Post
James Holmes and defense attorney Daniel King in court in June 2013.
Attorneys for Aurora theater shooter James Holmes have asked the judge in the case to instruct victims that if they become too emotional, they won't be allowed to testify. This approach incensed many of our readers, including this one.

See also: James Holmes's Attorneys: Victims Should Be Told to Control Emotions While Testifying

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Reader: Why Are People in Denver Against Anyone Else Moving Here?

Comments continue to accumulate on our post highlighting one website's nine reasons people should move to Denver, with many locals expressing their disinterest in more newcomers relocating here. The opinion leaves this reader puzzled.

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Reader: If Pot Haters Don't Like Freedom, They Should F*cking Move

In a recent Comment of the Day, a reader announced that it's time to end the nightmare that is legal dope. To put it mildly, loads o' commenters passionately disagreed with him, including this one.

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Reader: Should a Wine Company Say "We're Weeding Out the Alcoholics"?

Olivia Mannix and Jennifer DeFalco in a photo they provided to Westword.
Our post about Cannabrand founders Oliva Mannix and Jennifer DeFalco, a PR firm that found its way into a PR mess after Mannix was quoted as saying "We're weeding out the stoners" in the New York Times, spurred a strong reaction from many readers. Here's the take of a person who draws a comparison between marketing marijuana and alcohol.

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