Reader: Boulder Is Cool If You Like Rich White People
When we shared Livability's list of the ten best places to live in 2014, we asked Facebook followers if Boulder, which made the cut, deserves to be number one. Responders included Boulder lovers, Boulder haters and folks whose opinions fall in between. Here's one memorable example.

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Reader: Why Are There No White People on My Corner Wanting to Pick Fruit and Clean Toilets?

Our post about the comment barrage that greeted a CBS4 post about 524 non-citizens who were accidentally given the wrong drivers licenses led to a comment barrage on this site, as well. The discussion often touched on issues of race, with this reader making his point with an unusual observation.

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Reader: Denver Rent Gouging Is Out of Control
Denver's finish among the twenty cities with the fastest-rising rent didn't surprise a lot of our readers, who sprinkled stories about jaw-slackening increases with plenty of frustration. Here's a prime example.

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Reader: Colorado Drivers Pulled Over in Other States Should Get Ready for Drug-Sniffing Dogs
A Comment of the Day post in which a reader floated his idea for pranking pot-obsessed Nebraska State Troopers was deemed inspired and hilarious by some readers, stupid and doomed by others. But it also prompted another tale of pot profiling of Colorado drivers in other states -- in this case, Indiana.

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Reader: Ex-Bronco's Alleged Rape Wasn't Worse Than Ray Rice's Fiancee Punching

D-Mac and Alfred Williams, afternoon-drive co-hosts on 104.3 The Fan, recently argued that the actions of ex-Bronco Perrish Cox, who was accused (and later acquitted) of rape after impregnating the women who made the claim, were worse than those of Ray Rice, a Baltimore Ravens running back caught on video punching out his then-fiancee/now-wife. This argument spurred more in our comments section. Here's the view of a Cox defender.

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Reader: Here's How to Drive Nebraska's Pot-Obsessed Troopers Insane

Nebraska State Patrol Facebook page
William Breathes's post about Nebraska law-enforcers calling for stiffer pot penalties as a tactic to reduce the volume of marijuana slipping over the border from Colorado upset lots of readers. But rather than getting mad, this commenter came up with a hilarious plan to get even.

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Reader: Four Things No One From Denver Ever Says -- But They Wish They Could

Our collection of ten things no one from Denver ever says prompted plenty of readers to come up with other examples, including this one, who volunteered four. The photo will give you a clue about one of them: Check out the others below.

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Reader: Someone Carrying a F*cking Gun Could Be the Reason You Walk Out of a Store Alive

Our post about a Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America petition calling for Kroger stores to ban guns inspired a passionate debate about the pros and cons of openly carrying weapons in public places. The following response comes from someone who sees such policies as enhancing safety, not creating danger.

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Reader: Paying Someone $15 an Hour to Take Orders at McDonald's Is Insane
Our post about a protest by fast-food workers that led to three arrests sparked debate among readers about marchers call for a $15 per hour wage. Some found the demand reasonable, while others didn't -- including this commenter.

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Reader: Sorry, but A$$holes in Denver Get More Dates

We love Comment of the Day items that get even more people talking -- and this was definitely the case with a post inspired by an artist's tongue-in-cheek reasons not to move to Denver. In it, a reader suggested that Denver men who complain about not getting dates may simply be assholes -- a take that spawned a wide variety of responses, including this defense of assholery.

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