Reader: Jeffco's Julie Williams Using Texas as a History Curriculum Role Model is Frightning
Jefferson County School Board member Julie Williams in a photo tweeted by 9News.
In our coverage of the controversy over a proposed Jefferson County Schools history curriculum committee tasked with emphasizing patriotism and downplaying civil disorder, we shared school board member Julie Williams's press release citing the Texas State Board of Education's actions along similar lines. This suggestion didn't thrill a number of our readers, including this one.

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Reader: I Let My Red Card Expire Because Medical Marijuana Didn't Work for Me

Recent data suggests that more medical marijuana patients are dropping off the state registry. One reader wasn't surprised, since he considers the MMJ system to be bullshit, albeit a necessary step toward broader legalization. In response, we heard from someone with another possible reason why red cards aren't being renewed.

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Reader: The Medical Marijuana System is Bullsh*t -- But It Was Necessary
In a recent post, William Breathes speculated that as many as 19,000 patients may have dropped off the state medical marijuana registry from January to July of this year. This figure was analyzed, critiqued and debated by our readers, with this one suggesting that the registry concept may be outdated.

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Reader: F*ck Your "I'm a Native" Douchebaggery
Photo by Brandon Marshall
In yet another case of a comment begetting more comments, our post highlighting a reader's view that marijuana legalization has caused a lot of shitty people to move to Colorado (inspired by an item about conflicting polls regarding legalization opinions) got even more people talking. Among the provocative takes was this one, in which a longtime resident takes umbrage at those who tout their status as Colorado natives.

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Reader: There's No Way to Put a Positive Spin on Slavery and Segregation

Our assorted posts about a teacher sickout and student protests against the Jefferson County School Board have gotten our readers talking in a big way. Some have spoken in favor of a merit-based pay system that the teachers' union dislikes, but most ripped any attempt to make history instruction more patriotism-friendly by downplaying negative events from America's past. Here's an example of the latter.

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Reader: Marijuana Legalization Has Caused a Lot of Sh*tty People to Move to Colorado

Our post about anti-pot activists embracing a poll suggesting dissatisfaction with marijuana legalization (and ignoring the ones that don't) encouraged debate about the pros and cons of the policy. Some readers argue that legal pot has had many negative side effects, others believe precisely the opposite, while this one splits the difference.

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Reader: Butthurt Broncos Fans Need to Shut Up About Moral Victories

When we shared our collection of top tweets about the Broncos' overtime loss to the Seahawks on Sunday, we asked if the close defeat -- a sharp contrast to the Super Bowl blowout in February -- constituted a moral victory. There definitely wasn't a consensus among our responses from either Broncos lovers or loathers. Here's the take of a reader who seems to fit in the latter category.

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Reader's Picks for Five NFL Broadcasters That Suck Harder Than Phil Simms

Phil Simms.
Our post about a petition signed by more than 40,000 people demanding that Phil Simms be banned from broadcasting Broncos games didn't generate a lot of commentary love for Simms from our readers. However, this person thinks there are plenty of other NFL game callers who are more irritating than the man who was back at the microphone for the Broncos' loss to the Seahawks yesterday.

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Reader: Living With Anyone 24/7 Could Make You Want to Throat-Punch Them

Brandon Marshall.
Our post about attorney Gloria Allred decrying the NFL's response to domestic violence allegations against Brandon Marshall against the backdrop of the Ray Rice controversy prompted a slew of impassioned posts. This one definitely qualifies as provocative.

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Reader: Boulder Is Cool If You Like Rich White People
When we shared Livability's list of the ten best places to live in 2014, we asked Facebook followers if Boulder, which made the cut, deserves to be number one. Responders included Boulder lovers, Boulder haters and folks whose opinions fall in between. Here's one memorable example.

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