Reader: There's Something Beautiful About Turning a Prison Into a Marijuana Farm
A proposal to transform a shuttered women's prison into a marijuana grow was embraced by many of our readers -- particularly those who recall the days when smoking a joint could get someone tossed into a cell lickety-split. Here's an example.

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Reader: Don't Believe Any More Lies About Pot!

Tom Gorman, director of the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area.
While a number of recent reports and surveys have suggested that marijuana legalization hasn't had a major negative impact on Colorado society, a new report from the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area shares a slew of troubling statistics -- including the assertion that pot-impaired driving fatalities increased 100 percent from 2007 to 2012. Given that the RMHIDTA is anti-cannabis, many of our readers had trouble accepting the study's findings. Here's one example.

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Reader: Pot Edibles Placebo Theory's Laughable Because I Ended Up in the Hospital

Jordan Coombs in a photo from his Facebook page.
A recent Comment of the Day prompted by Jordan Coombs's lawsuit, filed after he says he was sickened by a pot edible at the Denver County Fair, suggested that the assorted illnesses mentioned in the post could have arisen as a result of a placebo effect. After its appearance, we heard from Coombs, who utterly rejects this notion.

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Reader: Does the Government Believe All Marijuana Users Belong in Cages?
We got a wide range of responses to our post about "Don't Be a Lab Rat," a new anti-pot campaign aimed at teens and featuring giant rat-cage installations to be placed at various locations around the city. This reader saw the cages in a way that presumably the folks behind the concept didn't intend.

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Readers: Colorado Springs Has Become a Hellhole

According to the Brookings Institution, Colorado Springs topped the list of ten cities with the greatest growth in poor neighborhoods -- an unhappy distinction to be sure, and one that plenty of our readers equated to the community's fiscal conservatism, among other factors. Here are three examples.

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Reader: Could Placebo Effect Explain Pot Edibles Illnesses at Denver County Fair?

Jordan Coombs during an interview with Fox31.
We received a big response to Thomas Mitchell's report about a class-action lawsuit filed by Jordan Coombs, who says he was sickened after consuming a pot edible at the Denver County Fair that wasn't supposed to contain any THC. Plenty of readers had questions about the stories told by Coombs and others claiming to have suffered similar effects. Witness this post from someone who also tasted a Full Melt sample from the LivWell booth.

See also: Pot Edibles Lawsuit Filed as More People Say They Were Sickened at Denver County Fair

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Reader: Feds Have Turned Pot Shops Into a Target for Idiots

When we shared William Breathes's post about David Lopez's alleged armed robbery of a marijuana dispensary in Pueblo, we asked why criminals continue to target such shops, which are among the most security-heavy businesses in the state. We collected a slew of theories, with the following one being among the most provocative.

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Reader: Boulder Can't Be America's Happiest City, Because Progressives Hate Themselves

Our post about a list of America's happiest mid-size cities noted that Boulder didn't make the cut even though it had landed atop previous rosters for happiest cities of any size. Our commenters responded with a variety of views about the town, including this particularly harsh one.

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Reader: Glamorizing Guns Turns Them Into a Toy -- Like a Barbie
Our post about a toddler who was shot by another child, age five, noted that the nine-year-old who gave the gun to the kid who pulled the trigger told investigators he learned how to ready a weapon from playing Black Ops. We asked folks on Facebook if it was fair to blame a video game for what happened. Many pointed instead to parents, adults or guardians, but a number of readers spread the responsibility around -- including this one.

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Reader: Big Marijuana is the Next Big Tobacco
Our post about an anti-pot legalization ad that many viewers may see as being in favor of pot legalization went viral, with plenty of folks weighing in about it. And while most saw the situation through a humorous lens, this reader isn't laughing due to fear that the marijuana industry could turn into the sort of mega-biz many people despise.

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