Reader: Judging Someone for Being a Juggalo Is Like Being Racist

Nicholas Damon.
Our post about a search for alleged cop assaulter Nicholas Damon generated plenty of comments, many of them about his self-identification as a Juggalo -- a fan of the group Insane Clown Posse. Here's one person who warns against what she sees as a form of prejudice.

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Reader: Making Companies Pay for Contraception Care is a Bad Idea
Our post about a ruling that will allow three Colorado companies to opt out of Obamacare's contraceptive care mandate because their owner is an evangelical Christian prompted a strongly divided debate about the pros and cons of the decision. Here's a post by someone who feels the mandate is dubious for all firms, no matter the beliefs of their owners.

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Reader: Here's a Polite Way of Telling the Neighbors to Stop Having Such Loud Sex
Plenty of readers related to a post highlighting seven hilarious "Stop Having Loud Sex" notes as featured on the website Condomania. Here's one suggested message probably inspired by actual experience.

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Reader: Wyoming's Pot Lawsuit Threat Meant to Impress Bible-Thumping Backwoods Hicks

Wyoming State Patrol Facebook page
Plenty of readers were exorcised by William Breathes's post about Wyoming's possible lawsuit against the federal government for failing to stop Colorado's pot laws. Here's one particularly memorable example.

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Reader: Too Many Denver Men Just Want to Get Drunk and F*ck or They're About to Move

We recently published a Comment of the Day in which one reader described why she thinks Denver men suck -- and seconds later, comments began to accumulate in a big way. Some folks agreed, others didn't, and this writer divided dudes up into a handful of categories, not all of them flattering.

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Readers' Comment About Sexual Assault Stirs Controversy

See editor's note below: Online conversations can morph in unexpected ways. A case in point can be found among the comments on a post that asked the question, "Would Higher Beer Taxes and Legalizing Pot Cut Down on Campus Rapes?" Before long, readers began debating whether the way young women dress is a factor in sex assaults. Here are several comments on both sides of this debate.

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Reader: Anti-Pot Counties Are Sore Losers Who Just Want a Piece of the Action
Baca County Sheriff's Office Facebook page
The Baca County Sheriff's Office.
Our post about a proposed grant program to help Colorado counties offset the cost of legal marijuana's impact inspired a big response from our readers. The majority strongly opposed the idea, with this post laying out many of the arguments against giving such funding to places that have outlawed retail cannabis sales.

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Reader: Denver Men Suck, and Here's Why
Giakita via Thinkstock
In response to a recent post about Colorado's high divorce rate (it's in the national top ten), one reader offered some reasons why matches in the state's capitol may not last. And sorry, dudes, but according to her, it's your fault.

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Reader: Love Colorado or Get the F*ck Out

Rocky Mountain National Park Facebook page
Colorado pride takes different forms -- like, for instance, this reader's response to posts on a Comment of the Day arguing that Colorado drivers suck. Continue to see what we mean.

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Reader: High Rent Will Stop People Moving to Denver and Turning It Into a Sh#thole

Denver's rising rent prices continues to be a major topic of conversation among our readers, as is demonstrated by the number of posts that have collected on a recent Comment of the Day on the topic. What follows is an example of the passions stirred by the increase, if only due to the number of exclamation points used.

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