Reader: Saying Denver Men Are Boys Because They Smoke Pot Is Ignorant
Talk about one comment spawning more: A Comment of the Day in which a reader argued that too many Denver men are still boys living the full-blown stoner life resulted in hundreds of responses. Some of those weighing in agreed, others didn't -- and some offered a defense against the charge. Here's an example of the latter.

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Reader: Road Repairs Are Always Being Made in the Wrong Places
When we shared our item breaking down a poster showing what all fifty states are worst at, we asked what readers see as Colorado's biggest problem area -- and the response was passionate. Here's the take of a person who sees disparities on the roads...and that's not all.

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Reader: Too Many Denver Men Are Still Boys Living the Full-Blown Stoner Life

A recent survey listed Denver among the top fifteen cities for single women -- and when we shared our post about it, we asked if the idea that Denver is actually "Menver" qualifies as reality or hype. We received a wide variety of interesting responses, including this one.

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Reader: Landlords Will Need to Feel the Pain Before Rent Prices Come Down
Ana McKenzie's post about high rent prices in Denver and what $1,000 per month will get you continued a conversation that's been among the most popular of late on the Latest Word. Here's a post from a reader who thinks it's time to spread the pain.

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Reader: Coloradans Stay in Great Shape From Random, Unprotected Sex

A new report shows that Colorado is America's least obese state but doesn't do as well in a number of other health categories, including rates of chlamydia and binge drinking. Several of our readers had fun making connections between these results. Here are four examples.

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Reader: Fast-Food Workers Who Want $15 Per Hour Are Clueless About Costs
Photo by Bryan MacCormack/Left In Focus courtesy of SEIU Local 105
Our recent post about rallies by Denver fast-food workers calling for a $15 per-hour wage spurred both support and opposition to this demand. Here's a post by someone who thinks the economics simply don't work.

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Reader: A Lot of Colorado Newcomers Get Nasty and Possessive Once They're Here
A reader comment about what many people see as the rising cost of living in Colorado triggered an explosion of responses, both pro and con. Here's the take of someone who thinks many non-natives undergo a not-always-pleasant change upon their arrival.

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Reader: F*ck the War on Drugs, How About a War on Drunk Drivers?

Denny Lovern.
Denny Lovern has been busted for DUI sixteen times -- so often that he's at the center of our first-ever one-man mug shot gallery. When we shared it, we asked if his example suggested a problem with Colorado's drunk-driving laws, and readers responded in a wide variety of ways. Here's one who wants tougher policies, especially in comparison with rules pertaining to other substances.

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Reader: I Can Barely Afford to Live in Colorado Anymore
Many of our readers weren't surprised when four Colorado counties showed up on a list of twenty U.S. counties where houses are becoming less affordable -- a number matched only by California. Here are several comments about rising housing prices here.

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Reader: Why Do High School Kids Have to Broadcast Every Sexual Experience?
Our post featuring twenty ColoradoSexConfess tweets that could give parents nightmares stirred a series of debates among readers. This one questions the tendency of many high schoolers (like the ones said to be behind the explicit tweets) to over-share in a big way.

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