Reader: After you ban alcohol from Wash Park, please ban volleyball -- and overweight people

Our post about Denver City Councilman Chris Nevitt's suggested booze ban at Washington Park (which only allows 3.2 percent alcohol as it is) didn't receive a lot of popular support in our comments section. But there was some easy-to-detect sarcasm, as seen in this memorable post.

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Readers: Colorado pot profiling is out of control across the country
When we shared our latest post about alleged pot profiling, keyed to a lawsuit against the Idaho State Patrol by a man who says he was pulled over because of his Colorado license plates, we asked readers if they'd experienced anything similar. The response was huge and the stories were many. Here are five examples.

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Reader: Most so-called hipsters are amazing and here's why

A recent Denver Blogs post featured a Cafe Society reader comment railing against restaurants beloved by "hipster douchebags." The term definitely raised the hackles of many readers, both positively and negatively. Here's one take that decries the pejorative use of this particular H-word.

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Reader: Being stoned makes people in Colorado seem hotter
Readers had a lot of theories about why Colorado placed so high in a list of the ten most sexually active U.S. cities.

Most of them were highly complimentary, but there were exceptions, including the one that follows -- although its author displays a definite sense of humor.

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Reader: The number of shirts featuring the Colorado state flag show how great it is

Thumbnail image for colorado.state.flag.list.205x205.jpg
Following our post about a list of the best state flags, in which Colorado's finished a mediocre twelfth, we shared a post from a commenter who objected to the design being spammed everywhere. This reader has the opposite point of view.

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Reader: I'd be dead of old age before craft-weed is sold commercially

To mark Colorado Craft Beer week, Governor John Hickenlooper hosted a celebration of the $826 million craft-beer industry at the Governor's Mansion last Friday, where he also displayed the building's new beer taps -- paid for by the Colorado Brewers Guild -- while Mason Tvert, father of Amendment 64, protested the governor's hypocritical stance on pot outside the manse that he accused Hickenlooper of turning into Animal House.

But will Colorado's cannabis industry get the chance to mirror Colorado's craft-beer industry?

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Reader: With Shanahan, we would have won a couple more Super Bowls by now...

Movoto, the "real estate made easy" site that also makes it really easy to hype its lists, recently revealed "10 Things Only People From Denver Will Understand." But many people from Denver didn't understand a number of inclusions: "I'm native Denver, I don't own fleece, smoke weed or snowboard. I like Coors, Jim Beam and Rock and Roll. Screw this list!!," wrote one. And others didn't understand why Westword was so quick to jump at the bait and create its own post on Movoto's list: "This article is stupid!," says a reader.

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Reader: Pot advocates sound like the pushers in an '80s "Just Say No" PSA

Yes, that was Amendment 64's author Mason Tvert -- not John Belushi -- standing outside the Governor's Mansion last Friday in a bedsheet toga, complaining that John Hickenlooper was turning the place into an Animal House knock-off by installing a draft system that dispenses Colorado craft beers, liquid assets from what's become an $826 million a year industry in this state. But the staged brewhaha seemed to miss an important point: If Hick is celebrating beers, doesn't that make him a prime candidate for Delta Tau Chi -- and Tvert the party pooper?

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Reader: You may not be from Colorado, but Colorado loves you anyway

While Colorado fans have been waving the flag -- which only ranked twelfth in a national list of the best state flags, we've been buried in producing the Best of Denver, our annual celebration of everything we love about living in this state. Our thirtieth anniversary issue will hit the streets (and the web) late tomorrow.

One of the things we love about living in Colorado? Smart readers, who take the time to really consider issues and then send clever comments like this one from Matt:

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Reader: Let Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church lie

Our post on the death of notorious Westboro Baptist Church leader and funeral protester Fred Phelps stirred up a lot of emotions in readers -- no surprise there.

But among all the voices bidding him good riddance, more than a few people argued that the best way to bury the memory of Fred Phelps was to rise above his hatemongering.

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