Reader: Why Should Zen Magnets Be Banned If They're Not Going to Be Around Kids?

Melanie Asmar's feature article about Zen Magnets highlighted the Denver company's fight against a government ban of its product -- powerful BB-sized magnets marketed as adult toys that can create serious injuries or worse if a child swallows them. Readers are split about whether such a prohibition is warranted. Here are the views of a person who's against such a ban.

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Reader: Does Denver Driver's Ed Teach You to Merge 20 MPH Slower Than Everyone's Going?

Our post offering ten theories on why Front Range drivers are terrible triggered a huge response from commenters. Some felt local drivers were better, or at least no worse, than those in many other metro areas around the country, while others added to the criticism of locals behind the wheel. Here's an example of the latter.

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Reader: James Holmes Should Be on Trial, Not His Victims' Emotions
Andy Cross/Denver Post
James Holmes and defense attorney Daniel King in court in June 2013.
Attorneys for Aurora theater shooter James Holmes have asked the judge in the case to instruct victims that if they become too emotional, they won't be allowed to testify. This approach incensed many of our readers, including this one.

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Reader: Why Are People in Denver Against Anyone Else Moving Here?

Comments continue to accumulate on our post highlighting one website's nine reasons people should move to Denver, with many locals expressing their disinterest in more newcomers relocating here. The opinion leaves this reader puzzled.

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Reader: If Pot Haters Don't Like Freedom, They Should F*cking Move

In a recent Comment of the Day, a reader announced that it's time to end the nightmare that is legal dope. To put it mildly, loads o' commenters passionately disagreed with him, including this one.

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Reader: Should a Wine Company Say "We're Weeding Out the Alcoholics"?

Olivia Mannix and Jennifer DeFalco in a photo they provided to Westword.
Our post about Cannabrand founders Oliva Mannix and Jennifer DeFalco, a PR firm that found its way into a PR mess after Mannix was quoted as saying "We're weeding out the stoners" in the New York Times, spurred a strong reaction from many readers. Here's the take of a person who draws a comparison between marketing marijuana and alcohol.

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Reader: It's Time to End the Nightmare That Is Legal Dope
A photo taken during a local DEA drug raid.
Our interview with NORML executive director Allen St. Pierre about Governor John Hickenlooper saying Colorado voter's were reckless when they legalized marijuana generated lots of vitriol aimed at Hick. But this reader apparently feels the guv's choice of words could have been a lot stronger.

See also: NORML Head Rips John Hickenlooper for Calling Colorado's Pot Legalization "Reckless"

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Reader: Don't Whitewash History -- Because It's Already Been Whitewashed Plenty
Our post about the Jefferson County School Board's decision to approve a controversial history curriculum committee despite vocal public outcry inspired readers with a wide variety of viewpoints to weigh in on the move. This one uses a vivid phrase to make her point.

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Reader: Lewis & Floorwax Are the Reason I'm Happily Married

The outpouring of affection continues for Michael Floorwax, who has announced that he won't be returning to 103.5 The Fox, where he starred as a morning-drive host for more than 24 years, due to health issues. As proof, we offer the following essay, in which a superfan offers a highly detailed history of the Lewis & Floorwax show and reveals that he met his wife listening to the duo. Check out his sometimes wacky, always heartfelt tribute below.

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Reader: Humiliating Your Kid on Social Media Isn't Good Parenting

Jeannie Crutchfield and Rickilee Durrant in an image shared by 7News.
We recently shared a video showing mom Jeannie Crutchfield following her allegedly truant daughter into school and threatening to sit beside her in class -- a clip she shared on Facebook as a way of shaming the teen straight, as it were. When we asked if this was an example of good parenting, a majority of readers answered in the affirmative. But not everyone agreed....

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