Reader: Why Do High School Kids Have to Broadcast Every Sexual Experience?
Our post featuring twenty ColoradoSexConfess tweets that could give parents nightmares stirred a series of debates among readers. This one questions the tendency of many high schoolers (like the ones said to be behind the explicit tweets) to over-share in a big way.

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Reader: The Media Should Stop Reporting About Suicides

A collage of images featuring Ty Folsom, who took his own life last month.
Our post remembering Ty Folsom, one of three Frederick High School students to commit suicide over a two-week period, generated a great many poignant and heartfelt responses, as well as many suggestions about how to improve the situation. This one puts some of the blame on the media.

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Reader: Ferguson Rallies Are an Excuse to Skip Class, Miss Work, Terrorize People

A screen capture from a Boulder Daily Camera video documenting the #StandUpWalkOut rally at CU Boulder.
Our coverage of the #HandsUpWalkOut rallies at CU Boulder and CSU, one of many demonstrations nationwide prompted by a Ferguson, Missouri grand jury's decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown earlier this year, spurred a gusher of impassioned commentary by readers on all sides of the issue. Here's an example from someone who questions the need for the protests.

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Reader: I've Never Seen a Peaceful Protest That Was Really Peaceful

Photo by Bree Davies
Protesters on Colfax last week.
Last week's Denver protests over the no-indictment decision by a Ferguson, Missouri grand jury were intended to be peaceful but ended in four arrests. A subsequent Comment of the Day about whether violence can bring peace inspired even more conversation -- including this provocative take.

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Reader: Everyone in Denver's Lesbian Community Has Dated One Another
When we shared our post asking whether anyone actually enjoys dating in Denver, we posed that very question on Facebook and received a wide variety of answers in response. Here's one about the challenges of finding a special someone in a very specific segment of the Mile High City's singles community.

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Reader Says: Denver Doesn't Have to Do Garish, Tasteless and Riotous

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And that means that people will be heading downtown to look at all the lights; the city will switch on the annual extravaganza at 6 p.m. today, and it will continue downtown through the new year -- and at the Denver City and County Building through the end of January, until the National Western Stock Show leaves town. This year's display is the culmination of a trend that began a century ago, when the first illuminated outdoor Christmas tree was created in Denver. But traditional doesn't equal tasteful.

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Reader: I've Never Heard of Violence Bringing Peace

Bree Davies
Protesters on Colfax Monday night.
For two nights now, demonstrators have gathered in Denver to protest the decision of a grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in connection with the death of Michael Brown. Last night's gathering was much bigger than Monday's, and four of the protesters were arrested. Another gathering is planned for tonight.

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Reader: I Was Homeless, But Now I Wouldn't Let Most of the Homeless I Met in My House
Photo by Britt Chester
Kristin Pazulski's coverage of a homeless Solutions Center planned for the Athmar neighborhood prompted many responses about the project itself. But this reader talks about her own experiences with homelessness and the people she encountered.

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Reader: People Whining About Denver's High Rent Should Get Out There and Hustle

Our post about a woman who says her family has been made homeless by Denver's high rent prices prompted an avalanche of commentary. Many of those who weighed in agreed that the cost of rent is outrageous. But this reader offers a different perspective and suggests that complaining isn't productive.

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Reader: Admit It, Colorado -- Many Tourists Come Here to Smoke Pot

Photo by Joshua Duplechian
Our post about the 471 percent increase in public-pot-smoking tickets over the first three-quarters of 2014 inspired many of our readers to debate whether cannabis clubs should be allowed. Here's someone who puts his response in the context of officials' continuing reluctance to acknowledge marijuana tourism.

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