Reader: Sorry, but A$$holes in Denver Get More Dates

We love Comment of the Day items that get even more people talking -- and this was definitely the case with a post inspired by an artist's tongue-in-cheek reasons not to move to Denver. In it, a reader suggested that Denver men who complain about not getting dates may simply be assholes -- a take that spawned a wide variety of responses, including this defense of assholery.

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Reader: Attending Broncos Games is the Worst Thing to Do in Denver
Our post featuring our ten least favorite places in Denver inspired lotsa readers to share the local spots to which they give a big thumbs-down. Among the nominations was a place that thousands of people are eager to visit this weekend.

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Reader: Maybe Denver Men Who Complain About Not Getting Dates Are Just A$$holes
Our item spotlighting one poster maker's twenty reasons why Denver sucks and you shouldn't move here made it clear that the items come from a place of love, not hate, for the Mile High City. But some people still had a problem with a number of the entries. Take this reader, who points out contradictions in a way that's both funny and pointed.

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Reader: I Think Aurora Sucks -- and Here are Three Reasons Why

Our post featuring ten things only people from Aurora understand offered plenty of reasons why the often-maligned community is actually a great place to live, and quite a few of our commenters added more. But others weren't convinced, including this one, who supplemented the top ten with three additional picks that aren't nearly as positive.

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Reader: Pot Profilers in Nebraska Don't Need a Reason to Pull Over Colorado Cars

A Nebraska highway checkpoint.
In our post about the arrest of two Coloradans in Nebraska for transporting 99.6 pounds of marijuana, we noted previous reports about pot profiling in which folks driving cars with Colorado plates were pulled over for extremely minor infractions. In response, one reader tells the tale of a traffic stop with even less of a pretext.

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Readers Debate Whether Anti-Pot Rat Cages Are Racist or Just Stupid
Someone smoking in a re-messaged rat cage near the Denver Skatepark earlier this month.
We always appreciate it when interview subjects get involved with readers in comment sections -- and that's definitely been the case with our post about Boulder's rejection of human-sized rat cages used in the state's "Don't Be a Lab Rat" campaign -- one intended to dissuade teens from smoking pot. Marijuana lobbyist Shawn Coleman told us he believes the cages send a racist message and then eloquently and passionately defended his position, often at great length. Click here to read all of them -- but here's a representative exchange.

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Reader: If I Punched a Disrespectful Cop, Would the DA Drop Charges Against Me?

The Denver District Attorney's decision not to charge Deputy Thomas Ford for slugging an inmate was based in part on reports that the punchee had been verbally abusive and threatening. This rationale fired up many of the commenters who weighed in on our post about the development. Here's one memorable take.

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Reader: NFL Thinks Domestic Violence Isn't as Important as Matt Prater Drinking Two Beers
Matt Prater.
Broncos kicker Matt Prater was suspended for four games after failing a test mandated by the NFL as part of his membership in an alcohol-abuse program he entered after a 2011 DUI; his attorney says he drank a couple of beers at home while on vacation. Our post on the topic riled up many of our readers, including this one, who points out that Prater's punishment is twice the length of the one doled out to Baltimore running back Ray Rice after allegedly beating up his then-girlfriend/now-wife.

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Reader: Police Brutality Isn't More Important Than Getting Monsters Off Our Streets
Alex Landau in 2009 after being beaten by police.
A Patricia Calhoun post about 2009 Denver police beating victim Alex Landau's story going national in the wake of unrest in Ferguson, Missouri inspired many of our readers to weigh in on issues of police, race and excessive force. The following commenter believes those obsessed with brutality are losing focus on what's most important.

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Reader: Thank Goodness We Live In a Place Where Cops Are Held to Lawful Standards

Mark Beluscak.
When we shared a post about the arrest of police officer Mark Beluscak, who's at least the eighth Denver cop to get in trouble during 2014, we asked folks on Facebook why they thought this kind of thing keeps happening. A wide variety of responses followed, with this one viewing the busts form a positive perspective.

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