Reader: Colorado Drivers Really Do Suck

Do Colorado drivers suck? With today's icy weather, you won't have to be on the streets for long in other to make your determination. Or you can just stay inside where it's nice and warm, and consider this comment:

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Reader: Denver Rent Prices Only Seem High Now Because They Used to Be So Low
Have you been getting sticker shock?
Patricia Calhoun's post about rising Denver rent prices (and the Confluence project) renewed what has been one of the hottest conversations among our readership in recent months. This commenter acknowledges that costs have climbed, but believes they need to be put into context.

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Reader: My Picks for the Most Annoying People to Share a Ski Lift With
No, he didn't ride with Larry David.
When we shared our post about attempted sex assaults against two teenage girls at Monarch Mountain ski area, we asked Facebook friends if they'd ever been forced to share a ski lift with anyone especially creepy. This reader's experiences were irritating in a different way.

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Reader: A$$holes Like Christopher Loncarich Are Why I Have to Defend Why I Hunt

Nicholaus Rogers, Christopher Loncarich and his daughters Andie and Caitlin (left to right) with an unidentified hunter and mountain lion.
Alan Prendergast's story about Christopher Loncarich, a hunting guide who received a 27-month sentence for "going to absurd lengths to insure that the slaughter of mountain lions and bobcats in Utah and Colorado," prompted a vigorous conversation, with many hunters taking care to distance themselves from Loncarich's behavior. Here's an example.

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Reader: Denver Drivers Are Too Stupid to Know What a Turn Signal Means

The comments are still accumulating on our post about what Colorado and all 50 states are worst at -- and driving is by far the most frequent nominee. Here's the story of one reader to illustrate why.

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Reader: Happy Goo Year! Maybe That "Jelly-Like Mass" Is Gentrification...

Visit Denver
Denver 2015: We're still here!
Over the years many people have predicted the destruction of Denver -- and we're not just talking about prudey-pants amateurs who argued that same-sex marriage signaled the end of the world, or that Amendment 64 equaled Armageddon. No, some professional prognosticators have also warned that Denver would be wiped off the map: Monte Kim Miller, founder of Concerned Christians, for example, and the Amazing Criswell, who saw this city dissolving into goo. Somehow, Denver survived. Or did it?

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Reader: Denver Will Always Be Home to Many of Us Living in Nebraska

Oklahoma! Where the cops come rushing cross the plains...
Earlier this month, Oklahoma and Nebraska filed suit against against Colorado's Amendment 64 in the U.S. Supreme Court, and Kansas is considering joining in. The move set off a border war, a war of the words between residents of those states to the East and the Coloradans who've been pulled over when they've tried to drive through, or say they know someone who's been pulled over, or....

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Reader: I'm Ready to Rent Refrigerator Boxes Under the Freeway -- Just $100 a Month

We knew rents were soaring here in Denver, but this is ridiculous: Last week word came that the Nichols Partnership is turning the old VC Hotel (which started life by Mile High Stadium as a Holiday Inn) into micro-apartments, where you'll be able to lease a 330-square-foot studio for around $900. (No charge for the weird story about the Concerned Christians cult that once holed up there.) The project will be called Turntable Studios and no, the building will not turn. But the project has certainly gotten conversation going.

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Reader: The Divide Between Colorado and States to the East Is Like the Berlin Wall

Nebraska highway checkpoint.
Even before the sale of recreational marijuana started in Colorado on January 1, law-enforcement officers in Nebraska and other states to the east were pulling over Colorado drivers for not much more than having those green-and-white plates. But earlier this month, Nebraska and Oklahoma took their anti-cannabis campaign a step further, when the attorneys general of both states filed suit in the U.S. Supreme Court, asking that Amendment 64 be overturned.

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Reader: If Protesters Had Used Blankets, Would They Have Been Arrested for Camping?
Jamie Swinnerton
Die-in at Cherry Creek Shopping Center.
The Cherry Creek Shopping Center was already packed with holiday shoppers when protesters convened there on Monday night for a demonstration against police brutality. Even though the "die-in" took up valuable floor space, mall officials decided to take a hands-off approach. "I am really happy to see how well it went," says flash-mob participant Jamie Laurie, better known as Jonny 5 of the alternative hip-hop band Flobots. "It was so encouraging to see how many supporters we had. It felt important for us to raise our voices publicly on this issue. We reject the idea that excessive violence by our own paid public servants is inevitable or acceptable, and we want to start the process of transformation here in Denver. " But while the protest was peaceful, plenty of commenters are still sounding off on the subject.

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